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Triple Raspberry Mini Flower Pot Set of 3

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Triple Raspberry Mini Flower Pot Set of 3 for Indoor or Outdoor Decorating

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Bring a touch of art and style to your living space with this adorable Triple Raspberry Mini Flower Pot Set of 3. These stairstep mini flower pots are great for interior and outdoor decorating.  It’s also better in some instances to grow your plants in a pot as small as these. Mini flower pots fits around the roots of your plants better, which protects them from being over watered. They also make it easier to keep the soil in your plants moist.

  • Adds an amazing pop of color
  • Ideal for planting pansies, begonias and other short flowers
  • Perfect for starting a mini veggie garden
  • Great for planting beginners



Largest flower pot: 2.5 (height) x 1.5 inches (width)

Medium flower pot: 2.25 (height) x 1.5 inches (width)

Smallest flower pot: 2 (height) x 1.35 (width)



Ceramic flower pot

Hand painted with a blend of artistic paints

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