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Glossy Pink Rose Handmade Vase


Glossy Pink Rose Handmade Vase for an Artsy Home Decorating Theme

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Bring a sparkling taste of art to your living space with this Glossy Pink Rose Handmade Vase. A hand painted vase perfect for an artsy or chic home decorating theme. Made with a blend of quality paints and fine recycled glass. Our flower vase was designed with the best material to complement bouquets, not too sensitive to markings and easy to clean.

  • Adds a touch of color and glam
  • Great for Spring and Summer decorating
  • Ideal for an artistic home décor theme
  • Makes a lovely gift for the home



13 inches (height) x 4 inches (width)



Made with recycled glass bottle

Hand painted with a blend of artistic paints

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