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10 Stylish Summer Home Décor Trends for 2024

Easy Summer Home Décor Trends for 2024 to Make Your Living Space More Glamorous and Chic

With the beautiful breeze, sunny days and blooming flowers. We think it’s safe to say the summer season is officially here. Now that one of the most beloved seasons has approached, many home owner “how can I decorate my house in the summer.” The answer to that is simple. There are a variety of ways to decorate your house for the summer. However, if you want your home to be styled for the summer, in tune with the latest trends and look glamorous while doing it. Then these 10 stylish summer home décor trends for 2024 are perfect for you.

Summer home décor living room

1. Bold and Bright Colors

One of the most popular trends for summer 2024 is to decorate with bold and bright colors. Nothing says “summertime” like a beautiful, vibrant shade. Bright colors help bring personality and a positive vibe into your home. While their boldness gives your living space creativity and chic. If you’re wondering where to start with adding these colors, the possibilities are endless. You can add bold colors to your kitchen by having colorful décor such as hand towels, oven mitts and utensils. You can also go for a dominant area in the home to add bold colors to like your living room. A bright sofa or curtain set is a great way to add a large amount of color to your home. This is ideal for chic and glamorous home décor lovers. To go for a modern or elegant home décor look while adding bold colors. Try adding a smaller yet bright accent to your home such as a hand painted vase, wall painting or decorative bowl. Some popular bright colors that are trending for 2024 summer home décor are:

  • Pink (All Shades)
  • Sunshine Yellow
  • Beige
  • Sky Blue
  • Cherry Red
Bright color decorated summer living room
A gorgeous example of adding bold colors to your home for summer home décor styling.

2. Mixed Textures

During the summer season of course we all want light texture material. Most home decorators don’t want anything too heavy that can make them hot. The summer season calls for warm and breezy materials. However, there’s still a way to mix and match your cooler textures. Another summer home décor 2024 trend is mixing textures. One of the best ways to accomplish this trend is with fancy throw pillows. Blend a variety of soft texture throw pillows such as satin, sheer, lace and even some cotton together. Place this bundle of pillows on your sofa and watch it instantly bring style and character. Use an odd number of throw pillows such as 3,5 or a 7 count throw pillow set. Odd numbers of throw pillows are visually more attractive and gives your home a more professionally designed look.

Mixed texture throw pillows
A lovely example of how to mix the textures of your throw pillows. A popular summer home décor trend for 2024.

3. Different Shades of Tan

Tan Latte Floral Print Pretty Throw Pillow
Our tan cream and latte pretty throw pillows is a great example of how to add tan to your living space with smaller accents.

As we stated earlier, one of the most popular colors when decorating for the summer of 2024 are different shades of tan. This includes beige, cream and latte. Nothing says “summer is here” quite like a beautiful shade of yellow or one of its related tones. Tan and all its variety of shades will be very popular this summer due to their amazing coordination with yellow. Their ability to complement floral print. Also because they make great undertones for dominant colors such as yellow and brown. Some easy summer home décor ways to add tan into your design are:

  • Large home décor accents such as curtains, interior tables, large floor vases
  • Smaller home décor accents such as decorative throw pillows, table picture frames, clock

4. Earth Tones

Another popular summer home décor 2024 shade will be earth tones. Colors such as brown, gray and green will be highly used this summer season to lavish the home. A great way to bring the essence of summer into your house is to go for an earthy look. Embracing the natural accessories of nature that comes with the summer season such as twigs, flowers, greenery and stones is a fun and creative way to decorate. It allows your residence to stay in tune with the season, look elegant and regal, while also admiring the beauty of nature. Below are a list of the best ways to add earth tones to your home.

  • Neutral tone sofa with floral print throw pillows added
  • Interior plants
  • Decorative glass vases
  • Indoor water fountains
Decorative indoor water fountain
Indoor water fountains are one of the best accessories to accomplish an earthy look for summer decorating

5. Plants

House plants in living room
A stunning example of how using summer home décor trend of adding plants to your residence can bring your home to life.

According to HGTV interior designer Nicole Curtis and other industry experts, plants and outdoor décor will be very popular for summer decorating this year. It’s all about bringing the outside to the inside of the home and making it stylish. This is an easy tip that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Simply incorporate house plants into your summer design. You can go for one large interior plant that sits in the center of your living room table. You can also go for two huge interior plants placed in large flower pot that sits on floor. Placed on each side of your doorway entry or main sofa. To go for a glamorous, upscale look decorate with a variety of smaller plants and place them as a collection in a particular area. You can also add greenery to a collection of decorative vases to complete this summer look. This can be placed at your kitchen window seal, in your living room or sunroom. Make sure these plants are in glass or ceramic, decorative flower pots. Both of these materials help to create a sophisticated yet chic finish.

Beautiful greenery in unique glass vases
Fresh greenery placed in unique glass vases are perfect for adding plants and nature to the home this summer.

6. Incorporating Smart Tech

With modern technology constantly advancing, a very popular summer home décor trend for 2024 is the incorporating of smart tech into the home. According to home décor and technology industry experts, styling your living quarters to be more relaxing as you enjoy the many features of smart tech is the way to go. This includes installing smart doorbells, setting up smart air purifiers and keeping up with your home’s smart entertainment center. Perhaps the best way to bring smart tech into your interior design is to create an office space. Since working from home is at an all-time high. Having a home office area is one of the easiest ways to make your house stylish and comfortable. The great thing about creating a home office space is that there’s no limits to have extravagant you can design it, and its easy to make it a reflection of you.

Work from home living room
Making your living space cozy and welcoming with the rise of working from home will be very popular for summer home décor design this year.

7. Fancy Tiles

Fancy Kitchen Tiles
Geometric pattern tiles are another popular summer home décor trend for 2024. This is great to incorporate in your kitchen.

Fancy tiles with bold designs are huge this year for summer decorating. A lot of interior designers and home owners no longer wants to play it safe. You’ll see exotic and colorful tiles styled throughout the home. This applies to tiles in the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Some of the popular prints making a comeback this summer for tiles are geometric patterns, zig zags, polka dots and more. These fun and bold tiles are perfect for adding a pop of color to your home that many desire to do during the summer. They’re also great for anyone who desires to create a 70s interior design theme, which is another home décor trend that’s making a comeback.

8. Wall Mirrors

Another summer home décor trend that’s buzzing for 2024 are wall mirrors. To some wall mirrors have always been a must-have when interior decorating. This is true for many decorators and designers. However, according to home décor experts, they’ll really be a need for them this summer. Wall mirrors have always had a way of adding a touch of elegance and charm to your home. You can go for a modern, old-fashioned, glamorous or Victorian theme with the many types of wall mirrors available. To keep it simple and contemporary, add one large wall mirror to your living or dining room. To go for a chic and stylish home décor look add a handful of wall mirrors and design them as a trio or quartet.

Wall mirrors for summer decorating
Another summer home décor trend for 2024 will be adding wall mirrors to your living quarters.

9. Curved Furniture

Curved furniture such as sofas, love seats or coffee tables will also be popular for decorating this summer. If you already happen to own any type of curved furniture this trend will be very easy for you to accomplish. If you don’t own any curved furniture you can always start with something rather simple like a side table. Or even a curved home décor accent like a unique glass vase. Furniture that has curves and arches in them always had a way of making the home appear upscale and stylish. Its something in their shape and structure that exhibits sophistication. If you’re wondering how to make your home look upscale yet on a budget. Simply adding one piece of curved furniture to it is the trick. Utilize this tip this summer and witness the amazing difference for yourself.

Curved sofa in living room
Curved furniture such as sofas and other large pieces will be highly sought after this summer for decorating

10. Rugs

Summer living room with rug
Lightweight rugs are another popular summer home décor trend for 2024

Another summer home décor trend for 2024 are decorating with rugs. Rugs have always appeared to be a staple when styling the home. However, they’ll be in even higher demand this approaching summer. One of the main reasons rugs are a hot accessory this year is due to their ability to instantly make any room in the home look complete. Add an area rug under a table or in the center of the floor and notice how your home comes to life. Rugs also help to make your home welcoming and defines particularly spaces throughout the home. For a warm season like the summer, be sure to add lightweight rugs that are made with thinner material like silk or satin. This will give your home the inviting tone you’re looking for while also keeping it cool and in season.

These 10 fun, easy and stylish summer home décor trends are just the beginning. Yes these fabulous tips will give your home the beautiful and cool finish you’re looking for. However, the ideas, themes and creativity are truly endless. That’s one of the best things about decorating during any season. You can blend trends, tips and decorating do’s with your personality and passion for design. Apply these summer trends and more to your interior design theme to effortlessly make your home glamorous and welcoming.

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