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Why Southern Home Decor is Perfect for Spring Design

Simple Yet Lovely Reasons for Styling with Southern Home Decor

With the world of home decor now at an all-time high, different decorating styles are more popular than ever before. You have elegant home decor lovers. You have modern home decor fans. You even have rustic and artistic home decor admirers. However, one of the most celebrated themes that always seem to remain is southern home decor styling. Southern home decor is one of the most loved and desired decorating themes amongst home owners and interior designers. You can see this type of decorating style being celebrated on major platforms such as HGTV, Houzz, Etsy and many more. It’s known for it’s charm and class. But those aren’t the only factors that make many fall in love with it. Find out why people are so in love with southern home decor and what makes it perfect for the Spring.

1. Creates an Elegant Atmosphere

One of the tops reasons southern home decor is sought after by many is due to its elegance. Southern style interior design naturally possess a sophisticated, elegant appeal that admirers are guaranteed to fall in love with. Many popular southern home decor accents are created around the essence of elegant styling. When you think of southern charm or what it means to be a “southern belle”, you think of elegant design. This is especially easy to accomplish during the Spring season due to the fact that many southern style themes typically have a warm, Spring vibe. If you’re interested in creating a southern home decor theme just in time for the Spring try adding soft tones such as baby blue, eggshell cream, soft pink, lavender and all white. You can also add soft fabrics to your design theme such as lace, sheer and thin cotton.

A beautiful, elegant living room layout designed with a southern home decor vibe.

2. Refreshing Design

Another reason southern home decor is such a popular design theme is because it creates such a refreshing look. During the Spring season people want their home to be pretty, cool and inviting. They want their home to be an environment where their guests and themselves can relax. Nothing should seem stressed or forced. A natural, cool southern inspired theme is a great way to accomplish this. Many southern home decor living rooms are simple yet beautiful. There’s not an overload of accessories or southern home accents. There aren’t any forced accents that look like they don’t belong. Everything is nice and neat. This helps keep the refreshing, cool vibe. An easy yet great way to resonate your fresh look with your southern home decor theme is to simply pull your living room curtains back. Let the natural sunlight shine through. This trick will really create major results the larger and more clutter free your room is.

3. Spacious Home Decor Design

A large, spacious southern home decor living room design perfect for a beautiful Spring theme.

Southern home decor is such a loved design style because it creates a lovely, spacious environment. During the warmer seasons many home decorators strive to go for a more spacious, clearer area throughout the home. A lot of southern home decor designs tend to have a spacious vibe to them. The living rooms are large. The home decor accents are placed nice and neat in throughout the room. The windows are large and grand allowing plenty of sun to beam in. This creates a stunning, welcoming southern layout. One that just about anyone can fall in love with. To achieve your own design try this southern living decorating idea where you simply space your furniture items out apart from each other. This way if you don’t naturally have a big living room you can give illusion you do. Another way to create a spacious southern layout is to pull your window curtains back and be sure to let the light of the Spring season shine in. Also add raised sofas and chairs to the rooms in your home. This is a traditional home decor trick that helps give the illusion you have a larger room than you really have.

4. Family Oriented Design

One of the most amazing reasons many love southern home decor styling is because it’s very family oriented. The warm breeze flowing throughout the home. The intimate portraits placed on the coffee table. The large, grand paintings to display elegant, southern wall decor. All of these attributes and more gives a family oriented aura to any southern home decor style theme. Many home decorators have a family. Of course there are some that don’t but many do or at least intend to have a family. So why not bring the essence of family life into your home by choosing one of the most popular themes that represent it, which is southern home decor. The average southern style living room design alone is perfect for any family to fall in love with.

5. Perfect Modern and Antique Blend

If you’re a fan of decorating then you know all modern design versus old-fashioned flare. However, what if you can’t choose between the two? What if you love both equally? Many home designers actually do. This is exactly why many home designers are crazy about southern home decor. With a lovely, southern home decor theme you can blend your love of modern design with antique accessories. Southern home decor is notorious for combining a mixture of the old with the new. Many traditional southern decorating accents are antiques such as:

A stunning example of how antique items go great with southern home decor styling.
  • Wooden tables
  • Treasure boxes
  • Recycled glass vases
  • Hand painted portraits

What if you want to add a splash of gorgeous, contemporary design to these antiques? That’s the best thing about southern style decorating, you absolutely can. Add a modern living room sofa set to the same room as your antique table. Add a brand new wall paper design above your classic, hand painted portrait you design to hang. The ending results of these two styles are simply amazing.

6. Nostalgia Vibe

One of the most beautiful things about southern home decor is its nostalgia vibe. Southern home decor possess an intimate, special aura that resonates memories and sentiments. With a loving, welcoming southern home decor theme it’s easy to create precious memories you’ll always treasure. The more intimate and welcoming your home is, the more comforting the memories are. Precious nostalgia, memories can be created with any type of home decor style. However, southern home decor design and it’s accents are synonymous with heartwarming, timeless memories. Some of these southern home accents that help create this atmosphere are:

7. Beautiful Outdoor Area

One of the best things about southern home decor designing is its amazing outdoor decorating features.

Another great feature southern home decor have is the ability to blend outdoor and indoor decorating. Home designers want to be able to accessorize every area of their house. Their should be no limits to styling the place you call your home. With southern style decorating you can literally transform every angle of your home including the indoor and outdoors. This is extremely important especially in the Spring time. You want to be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the Spring season. This is why southern homes are often admired. The outdoor area is not only larger but more decorated and intimate. Whether the southern home is located in Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Virginia, etc., the outdoor area tends to have a larger than life, welcoming appeal to it. But also keep in mind you can create the same gorgeous, outdoor southern effect with smaller homes as well.

The last but not least great thing about southern home decor styling is its universal appeal and endless possibilities. These 7 reasons why many love southern style decorating are only the beginning. There are many reasons why home owners and designers can’t get enough of southern homes and their stunning aura. Also be sure to check out these amazing magazines that specialize in giving southern living home decor tips.

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