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Unique Home Decor Ideas for Winter Styling

Gorgeous, Unique Home Decor Ideas and Themes for the Winter

Unique home decor ideas and styling shouldn’t stop at accessories. You shouldn’t have to simply place an item here and there throughout your home. You should be able to design your entire residence based on unique home decor ideas and accents. You want your home to have structure. You want your decorating theme to be properly coordinated. The best way to accomplish this is to have a design theme. Here are 5 amazing decorating themes you can create this winter with unique home decor accessories.

1) Modern Home Decor

Gorgeous winter, modern design theme with unique home decor accents

One of the most celebrate decorating themes is a modern home decor theme. Many home owners don’t want an “over the top” look. Many home decorators want a modern, contemporary, classy vibe in his or her home. This is very understandable. The great thing about unique home decor accessories are the many layers. Just because you style with unique home decor items doesn’t mean you can’t still be modern. Your home can still have a traditional tone to it with unique home decor accents. You can go the standard route and purchase accents from Wayfair, Overstock, etc. Or you can other routes such as DIY, yard sale and more. The key to achieving a modern home decor look with unique accessories is the tone you set. Start by decorating with solid colors. Decorating with solid colors will always be one of the best ways to display a modern home decor theme. Some of these solid winter tones are black, tan, white and gray. Another way to create a modern home decor for the winter is to focus on popular items. Luxury home accents such as throw pillows and drapes are great for modern, winter home decorating.

2) Elegant Home Decor

Stunning, elegant home decor layout with a blend of modern and unique home accents.

An amazing winter theme you can create with unique home decor accents is an elegant home decor theme. This is another favorite design theme for home owners. You want your home to be a reflection of you. It want it to reflect your personality, dreams and aspirations. Choosing an elegant home decor theme is the perfect way to achieve this goal. If you want your your residence to reflect sophistication and class, go for an elegant home decor style theme. A great way to design an elegant home decor theme is to focus on your accents. Focus on large furniture pieces such as your sofa, console and living room table being a solid color. Then add smaller home accents to your larger accents. However, make sure your smaller accents aren’t solid colors. Make sure your smaller accents have a print or design on them. Your smaller accents should have unique decorations on them that guarantees any room in your home will pop. Other unique home decor accessories and design that will help add elegance are:

  • Lace fabric material
  • Animal print/ animal inspired home decor
  • Silk material
  • Large paintings

3) Southern Home Decor

Styling your living quarters for a southern home decor theme is a great idea during the winter. When many think of southern home decor, they think of the spring and summer. However, there are many ways to add a southern home decor theme for the winter. The best way to create a southern home decor vibe is to style with large furniture pieces. You can get your items from online furniture stores, flea markets or simply work with the furniture you already have. Furniture items to help create a gorgeous southern home decor vibe are large, grand pieces. Focus on victorian inspired tables. Add furniture pieces with arches in them. Decorate with arched swivel chairs. Style with french country furniture accents. This will instantly give your residence a marvelous, southern home decor theme. The great thing about this decorating theme is the ability to blend your love of unique home decor accessories with elegant design. To make sure your southern home decor theme still have the essence of winter make sure to decorate with colors such as:

Gorgeous swivel, victorian chair, great for southern home decor styling
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Gray

4) Romantic Home Decor

Romantic home decor is another style theme perfect for the winter. You can transform your living quarters into a beautiful romantic theme with unique home decor accessories. The great thing about this style theme is it has winter written all over it. To create a romantic style theme with unique home decor for the winter focus on a mixture of colors and smaller accents. The colors and undertones you decide to go with will automatically make or break your romantic theme. However, it doesn’t stop with your colors. Your romantic home decor theme also depends on your accents. To go for a upscale romantic home bring your attention to living room decor and furniture. Your living room will be your most important room for a romantic theme. Decorate with sensual, affectionate colors such as red, pink, lavender, black and white. Then add flowers or floral print to your layout. As cliche as it may seem, flowers make the perfect romantic home decor theme. This can be floral print wall paper, throw pillows, lamp shade, etc. Then add grand home decor accents to your living quarters. Make sure to add them in areas where they’re guaranteed to stand out. These unique home decor accents include:

  • Large centerpiece vases/ flower bouquets
  • Large decorative throw pillows
  • Large area rugs
  • Wall decal/ wall decor
Simple yet unique home decor accessories helped create this gorgeous romantic design theme

5) Artistic Home Decor

Handcrafted throw pillows like this unique home decor set helps create the perfect artistic design theme.

If you’re a fan of art and crafts then styling with an artistic home decor theme would be perfect. This is another theme that many assume should only be designed during the spring and summer. However, an artistic home decor layout can flourish during the winter time. The best way to accomplish an artistic home decor theme is to focus on creative, unique accents. You want to decorate with handcrafted home decor and engage in DIY projects. Instead of searching for the right home decor accent, create your own. Some handcrafted home decor products that will provide a marvelous artistic home decor design are handcrafted throw pillows, artistic vases, wall art, candles, interior baskets and more.

Lavish your home with 1 of these 5 brilliant winter style themes. No matter what theme you decide to go with you’ll be adding elegance, charm and radiance into your home. The best thing about these winter style things is creating them with unique home decor accessories.

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