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Unique Home Decor Accents for Spring Design

Beautiful and Unique Home Decor Items for the Spring

One of the most things home decorators look forward to when styling his or her home is its creativity. Most designers want their home to be original, fresh and of course unique. This is because you want your home to be a true reflection of you. You may have a certain style or theme in mind. However, you want your residence to also have a custom vibe that reflects your essence as a person. This is why what you add to your design finish is extremely important. It’s more than just adding furniture to your home or restyling your living room. It’s the entire layout of your living quarters. A great way to accomplish this goal is to decorate with unique home decor accents especially for this Spring season. Here are 7 gorgeous and unique home decor items or accents that can be created into a custom design.

1. Decorative Ornaments

Decorative ornaments are a great choice for styling your residence with unique home decor accents. Ornaments are adorable, classy items that are small but holds a lot of beauty and quality in them. The perfect ornament can help transform your house into a stunning home. It can be the key accent to any room throughout your home. The great thing about ornaments is the fact that they are unique in style and structure. Sure, home decorators have heard of ornaments before. However, it’s not one of the most popular decorating accents. This is what makes styling with them fun, original and unique. Instead of going for more common, larger items, find an unique way to let your home pop by focusing on decorative ornaments. Ornaments are considered uncommon goods but if your vision as a home owner is to add creativity and a shabby chic vibe into your residence they’re the perfect choice. Another great thing about ornaments are their many varieties. You can go with a wooden ornament, a birdhouse ornament, a hanging ornament and many more options.

elegant wooden ornament
Adorable decorative ornament great for creating an unique home decor design this Spring

2. Wind Chimes

Gorgeous, unique wind chimes perfect for creating a custom Spring atmosphere in your home.

This Spring season add a few wind chimes to the outdoor area of your home. If you’re looking to style with unique home decor items that helps give your residence a beautiful finish, wind chimes are a great choice. It’s a great way to add character to the outdoor area of your home while remaining unique. Wind chimes are also great for handcrafted home decor lovers and diy fans. If you’re looking to style your home this Spring with a modern vintage vibe wind chimes will do the job. They’re modern enough to give your home a splash of contemporary style. Yet exotic and uncommon enough to give your home a fun, unique tone. Wind chimes are another unique home decor item that can be styled in many varieties and different ways.

3. Wall Decor

Decorating the walls in your house may seem common. However, how you decorate them is what can create an unique home decor design for you. There are plenty of non-traditional ways to lavish the walls in your home and create a beautiful finish. Instead of going for the standard, contemporary home design with your walls feel free to jazz it up. One of the best ways to create unique home decor with your wall designs are by using collages. Wall collages are perfect for giving your home a gorgeous yet unique and creative vibe. One of the best things about wall collages are the many options you have with them. No matter what type of home decorating style you want to go for there’s always a particular wall collage that can compliment that look. Below are a list of various wall collages you can create to give an unique home decor design this Spring.

unique home decor
A stunning, artistic inspired wall collage great for creating an unique home decor theme in your residence.
  • Mosaic style wall collage
  • Stone and pebbles wall collage
  • Artful picture frames wall collage
  • Book shelf themed wall collage
  • Spring wall decal collage
An artistic inspired decorative wall picture frame another great way to add unique accessories to your home.

4. Decorative Throw Pillows

decorative luxury throw pillow
Stylish, cylinder shaped decorative throw pillow great for blending modern and unique home decor together.

Although decorative throw pillows are not considered uncommon goods for the home, they can still be used to create an unique home decor atmosphere and here’s why. Decorative throw pillows are typically considered modern home decor accents. When many think of them they think of modern home decor pillows available at Wayfair, Pottery Barn, Target and many more places. However, throw pillow comes in so many different styles. There are countless throw pillow ideas. Depending on which throw pillows you decide to decorate with is what can make them an unique home decor accent or not. It’s not the throw pillow itself that’s considered unique. It’s how you accessorize your throw pillow that can transform it into a creative accent. Below are some amazing ideas to create unique throw pillows:

  • Geometric shaped throw pillows
  • Artistic style throw pillows
  • Accessories added to throw pillows (buttons, beads, ribbons, pins, etc.)
  • Embroidered throw pillows

5. Candle Holders

Candle holders are another great way to design your residence with unique home decor. Candle holders may be considered a common home accent but once again it’s how you style it that can give it an uncommon look and unique presence. Candle holders are one of those home decor accents that can come in many styles and forms. To complete your unique home decor look make sure you go for exotic shaped candle holders. The key is to focus on unusual home accents or to take a contemporary home accents and give it the illusion that it’s unusual. The best way to obtain your unique candle holder is to look in places that carry antique home decor items. Another great way to decorate with unusual candle holders are to simply design them yourself. You can always create handcrafted candle holders that are guaranteed to bring the true essence of unique home decor into your living quarters.

An adorable, stylish, Spring toned unique candle holder.

6. Centerpiece

Another beautiful way to style your home with an unique home decor design is to focus on centerpieces. A centerpiece can not only light up your table but can add character and charm to the entire room. Many centerpieces are common and modern, but this doesn’t mean you can’t obtain an unique, one of a kind centerpiece. Instead of going for modern centerpieces why not use uncommon items as you centerpiece for your table. Go against the grain and use accents that aren’t traditionally considered centerpieces to be the new centerpiece for your table. It’ll give your home a bold statement. It’ll certainly make whatever room you decide to do this in stand out. Most importantly it’ll show your original style and creative ideas. Some items that can be used as table centerpieces are:

Instead of using traditional centerpieces to style your tables jazz it up and add an hourglass or another unique home decor accent.
  • Hour glass
  • Table clock
  • Knick knacks
  • Hand painted decorative bowls for the coffee table

7. Decorative Vases

Gorgeous, decorative vase perfect for adding elegance and unique design to your home this Spring season

Another common home decor item that can transformed into a stunning, unique accent are decorative vases. Decorative vases are arguably the most desired home decor accent around. They exhibit elegance and style in a way many accents don’t. The amazing thing about vases are their naturally ability to add beauty and class to your home. However, don’t think you can only use vases for a modern or sophisticated home decor theme. You can certainly add decorative vases to your list of unique home decor items. The great thing about vases are their versatility. No matter how unique or exotic your vase may be it can blend well with contemporary furniture, antique accents, modern occasional chairs and many more accessories. The best results when searching for unique vases are to focus on hand painted vases, handcrafted art vases and exotic shaped vases. Most of these type of vases will be found on chic, stylish outlets such as Etsy, boutique shops and art shows. You can also create unique home decor vases yourself. There are plenty of diy tips and projects. Another way to make sure your vases fit well with your unique, decorative design is explore different color options. Don’t try to play it safe.

After reading these unique home decor tips I’m sure you see how easy it is to style your residence for a custom layout. It doesn’t have to be a tedious, difficult task. It doesn’t even have to be time consuming. All you have to do is be willing to explore and have fun with your decorating tasks. Add these easy yet amazing style tips to your home next time you want to go for a beautiful Spring, creative design.

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