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Styling the Apartment on Chic Home Decor Budget

Hey, everyone!

I am thrilled to guest post for Charisma Home Décor! Only recently did I discover my love for design and decorating my home. I’ve always been a go-with-the-flow girl, so I was never too picky with my décor choices. However, as I prepare to move into my first place, I find myself pouring over design magazines and Pinterest.

Here are some things I’m doing to assure that I make good investments in my new apartment:

Buy staple pieces

I love Charisma Home Décor because they offer staple pieces that can easily be transitioned from place to place. Investing in a few quality pieces is a way of making sure that your money will last a long way. While the trend pieces are always tempting, splurging on pieces that will last you through a variety of transitions is a must for any people looking to move out on their own.

Pick solid colors versus busy patterns

When you’re building up furniture and chic home decor pieces, stay away from trend patterns and colors and opt for a more classic color or design. This allows you to make your apartment pieces more versatile and make more use of the products you invest in. So while that latest trendy print is to die for, save it for your wardrobe, not your home!

Check out garage sales to fill the gaps

No sense in putting yourself in debt over pieces you may outgrow! Hit up garage sales, moving sales and yes, even Craigslist to fill the gaps in any of your missing pieces. Allow yourself to splurge on some staple pieces while saving some money on others. No shame in thrifting, either!

love Charisma because they have so many amazing pieces that will be staples into any home or apartment! If you want to read more about how I am preparing to style my apartment, feel free to check out my lifestyle blog, The Glitter Diaries, or follow me on Twitter at @RebeccaElenaPR

Guest Post-Chic Home Decor

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