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Sky Blue Twirl Tassel Drop Earrings


Sky Blue Twirl Tassel Drop Earrings to Bring Elegant Style to a Variety of Looks

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Add a touch of modern elegance to your outfit in these Sky Blue Twirl Tassel Drop Earrings. A pretty light blue pair of earrings with a swivel of white and navy blue. One of the best features about these tassel earrings is their universal appeal. They complement all facial types. Due to their linear, drop shape they also help to make you look younger because their vertical lines makes your face appear slimmer.

  • Brings confidence and beauty
  • Easy to style with any look
  • Great to wear with jeans, a jumpsuit or a maxi dress
  • Light in weight


Measurements: 3.87 inches (length)

Material: Jewelry beads, Large glass bead, Blue tassels, Nickel free iron hooks – Silver in color

Type: Fish hook

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