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Silky Lace Violet Elegant Decorative Pillow

Silky Lace Violet Elegant Decorative Pillow


Luxury Laced Elegant Decorative Pillow for Your Residence. 

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A sophisticated, elegant decorative pillow such as this beauty belongs in your home. Whether your place of residence is a huge castle, small house, southern style country home or apartment this luxury accent belongs with you. Small enough in size to fit in any area of your home. Yet striking in design to make any room in your house pop. The perfect blend of silk like fabric and lace makes this a beautiful, elegant decorative pillow for the sofa. Not only is this beauty great for the sofa. It can decorated on your bed, love seat, patio bench and more.


-Extra soft pillow with silk like fabric providing comfort and warmth to your home

-Adorable square size  great for styling pillow on the couch and sofa

-Elegant lace design that compliments a modern, romantic, southern or sophisticated decor theme

-Blend of classy and modern making pillow great for living, dining or bedroom

-Handcrafted with fine material and created with delicacy and care


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