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Rose Pink Belle Crackled Glass Vase

Rose Pink Belle Crackled Glass Vase


Adorable Rose Pink Crackled Glass Vase for Interior Design

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Blend the perfect combination of artisan design and modern style with our pink crackled glass vase. This petite, adorable vase accent is guarantee to light up any area in your home. It’s sweet and small in size. Yet possess a powerful and striking presence. If you’re looking for an elegant home decor item to lavish your home this is the vase for you. Fall in love with decorating your home all over again once you get your hands on this crackled glass vase.


-Perfect crackled glass vase for art and crafts lovers

-Gorgeous shade of pink with marvelous undertones making vase stand out

-A great choice as house warming or home gift

-Small in size, light in weight making easy and accessible to carry

-Vase designed with universal appeal that goes well with multiple looks and themes


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