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Charisma Home Decor Polished Orchid Modern Art Vase Accent –
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Polished Orchid Modern Art Vase Accent

Polished Orchid Modern Art Vase Accent


Dazzling Modern Art Vase to Add Elegance and Character to Your Home


Feeling the love, elegance and sensuality simply by gazing at this orchid modern art vase. Handcrafted with sophistication and delicate care, this warm vase accent was created to accommodate you. Your home is special to you. Decorating it with poise and unique gifts are essential. Our glossy purple modern art vase will give you the quality you’ve always wanted. Its beautiful shade of purple. As well as its petite, sultry shape is enough to light up any room in your home its placed in.


– Great choice to place as kitchen table centerpiece while enjoying dinner

– Elegant, soft look making it a great selection as a home welcoming gift

– Small in size and light in weight which makes it accessible and simple to lift

– Perfect size and height to be used as a flower bouquet vase

– Gorgeous shade of purple which makes it stand out and pop in a large room or spacious area


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