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Charisma Home Decor Modish Wine Recycled Glass Vase Set –
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Modish Wine Recycled Glass Vase Set

Modish Wine Recycled Glass Vase Set


Lovely Modish Style Recycled Glass Vase Set 


Add elegance and royalty into the favorite room of your home when you style with our fine, modish wine recycled glass vase set. This grand luxury home accent set has the power to transform your place into a stunning sanctuary. When you decorate your home you want it echo your personality, spirit and charm. Our shimmery purple recycled glass vases are the perfect centerpieces to do the trick. With their striking presence our radiant vase set will satisfy all your interior decorating needs. Double the elegance. Double the style and quality.


– Elegant recycled glass vase set combines the perfect mixture of modern style and antique design

– Great for any home decorating theme, look or layout

– Goes well as a centerpiece, floor vase, indoor or outdoor vase set

– Standard size vase set making it versatile and flexible

– Handcrafted with quality safe paint 


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