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Charisma Home Decor Majestic Sunset Painted Glass Cylinder Vase –
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Majestic Sunset Painted Glass Cylinder Vase

Majestic Sunset Painted Glass Cylinder Vase


Charming Speckled Glass Cylinder Vase the Perfect Home Accent


Now you can design your home to say more than just a few words when you style with our dazzling glass cylinder vase. Your home is your personal sanctuary. It’s a reflection of your hopes, dreams, aspirations and character. The accents you collect in your home should echo charm and character just like you. An amazing way to accomplish this is with our rare, elegant sunset inspired glass cylinder vase. It truly is the perfect home decor accent. Its versatility, rare color blend and texture makes easy for every decor lover to adore.


– Perfect size to fit into a spacious or smaller area

– Can go great as an outdoor garden vase or interior glass vase

– Has unique color scheme that will make any home its styled in stand out

– Excellent accent that can be placed on the window seal, mantel, fireplace or dining room table

– Goes great as a centerpiece or main attraction in your favorite room.


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