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Charisma Home Decor Mahogany Earth Blend Decorative Table Vase –
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Mahogany Earth Blend Decorative Table Vase

Mahogany Earth Blend Decorative Table Vase


Earth Tone Brown and Gray Decorative Table Vase for the Family.

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Tap into your inner goddess and style your home with our amazing, decorative table vase accent. Delicately handcrafted with a stunning blend of mahogany brown and earth gray. This unique art piece was created just for you. When you design your home you want it to reflect your taste of elegance, style and creativity. Now you can also add in your love of nature. Our sensual decorative table vase will accomplish these goals for you. Add it to your home collection and witness your living quarters shine like never before. 

-Gorgeous earth tone blend of colors making vase great for nature lovers

-Perfect accent to decorate the living or dining room table with flowers

-Stand size decorative table vase making accent easily accessible and convenient

-Handcrafted with elegance and delicacy making vase a true precious charm

-Versatile in look and style making vase perfect for every season


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