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Charisma Home Decor Grand Persian Unique Flower Vase –
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Grand Persian Unique Flower Vase

Grand Persian Unique Flower Vase


Persian Blue Unique Flower Vase to Add Style to Your Residence


Have every guest that enters your house gaze in amazement at your Persian unique flower vase. Add this stylish vase to your collection and witness your home come to life. With its excellent shade of misty blue. Its antique inspired style, our unique flower vase is simply a masterpiece. It was designed to go well in your living room, dining room and even the bedroom. Once placed in your area of choice you will fall in love with the sophistication this flower vase provides. 


– Handcrafted to provide luxury, elegance and poise into every home its placed in

– Topped with an unique crackle finish touch that protects outer layer of vase

– Radiant shade of blue guarantee to make large areas of home stand out

– Decorated with a touch of gloss and glitter great for artistic design lovers

– A great decor selection that goes well with small or large furniture pieces


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