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Grand Harmonic Music Note Large Sofa Pillow

Grand Harmonic Music Note Large Sofa Pillow


Music Theme Large Sofa Pillow for Your Home.

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Celebrate life, love, laughter and music with our large sofa pillow. When you decorate your home it should be a reflection of you and your glory. What better way to groom your home in the spirit of happiness than to add a music theme accent. Nothing says enjoy life quite like music. Now here is the perfect combination of designing the home and dancing to the beat of life. With this extra large pillow you will have the power jazz up your home in a matter of moments. 


-Perfect pillow for music lovers of all genres and styles

-Large enough in size to be styled as a huge pillow for the bed or couch

-Solid hue of tan with some black making pillow easy to go with many color schemes

-Created with soft cotton material making large sofa pillow comfortable and cozy

-Perfect perimeter to be designed as large square floor pillow


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