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Charisma Home Decor Beautiful Floret Large Decorative Pillow Set –
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Beautiful Floret Large Decorative Pillow Set

Beautiful Floret Large Decorative Pillow Set


Adorable Gray Large Decorative Pillow Set for Your Residence

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Transform any room in your house into an intimate atmosphere when you style with this large decorative pillow set. Triple the elegance and quality. Our sensual, floral print pillow set was created to represent class, affection and charisma. Decorating your home is very important to you. It’s a reflection of who you are. It brings out your greatest qualities. Why not add a custom accent that says all the amazing things about yourself. With the perfect blend of gray, cream and yellow these large decorative pillows scream grace and poise.


-Can be decorated interchangeably between Fall and Spring seasons due to elegant flower print

-Extra large pillows for couch and sofa decoration

-Large decorative pillow set that can also be used to as a bed pillow set

-Fluffy and full pillow set for cozy, intimate atmosphere

-Perfect square throw pillows making set easy to rearrange and versatile


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