Aurora Pink Decorative Glass Vase Set

Aurora Pink Decorative Glass Vase Set


Antique Style Decorative Glass Vase Set to Add Charm to your Living Room


Your quest for the perfect decorative glass vase has come to an end now that you’ve discovered our magnificent, crackle glass vase set. Add the ultimate combination of intimacy, design and artistic expression to your residence with our decorative glass vase twin set. You can bring more into your home than a simple, standard look. You can dazzle and savor every area of your living quarters with this custom accessory.


– Unique glass vase set perfect for interior home decorators who appreciate fine art

– Great size to style each piece as a decorative floor vase accessory

– Adds versatility into your home and will go great in any room of your choice

– Bright, welcoming shade of pink that will allow larger accents in your home to stand out

– Lightweight yet sturdy making glass vases mobile and easy to move around


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