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Charisma Home Decor Artisan Rosewood Decorative Table Vase Set –
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Artisan Rosewood Decorative Table Vase Set

Artisan Rosewood Decorative Table Vase Set


Lovely Pink Glazed Decorative Table Vase Set for Your Home 

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Polish any room in your home when you style with our pink, decorative table vase set. Now you can double the class and style with our custom vase set. These twin beauties aren’t like any other vase set you’ll ever see. This decorative table vase set has been created with delicacy, charm and poise. It will instantly give any room in your home an intimate feeling. Embrace the artisan style and grace of this vase set when you add it to your home.


-Beautiful vase set perfect for your living room or dining room table

-Twin vase set great for placing as a centerpiece on each end of your favorite table

-Glossy rosewood pink tone giving vases vibrant and joyful feeling throughout home

-Elegant selection to be added to your coffee table, fireplace or mantel

-Easy, accessible home accents for a quick renovating or decorating project


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