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Artisan Midnight Blue Unique Picture Frame

Artisan Midnight Blue Unique Picture Frame


Gorgeous Square Unique Picture Frame for Your Favorite Portrait

Frame size: 16.50×13.50
Photo size: 13.50×10.50


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Decorate any room in your home with a once in a lifetime unique picture frame. Place your most prized family portrait inside this artisan style beauty. Then witness this elegant gift come to life. A unique picture frame like this midnight blue treasure possess modern, artistic and antique appeal all at once. It was delicately designed to fit into any decorating theme. Standard picture frames you may like but this but this picture frame is one of a kind.


-Large size making frame the perfect wall decoration for your living room

-Versatile unique picture frame that can be styled on your tables or walls

-Elegant color blend making frame a great choice as a wall accent decoration

-Amazing artisan picture frame for art and crafts lovers

-Great for framing other treasures such as certificates, awards, diplomas and more


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