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How To Design Small Spaces with Luxury Home Accents

Amazing Tips for Decorating Small Spaces with Luxury Home Accents

As time consuming as decorating a large area can be. The reality is decorating a small space can be just as much work. Sometimes working with a small space can be a lot more tedious and difficult. A lot of home decorators simply don’t know how to style a small space. You may think you don’t have enough room. You may think you can’t add much furniture. However, this is far from the truth. There are amazing tips and tricks to styling a small space. Here are 10 tips on how to design small spaces with luxury home accents.

1. Natural Lighting

One of the simplest and most effective ways to make your residence look more spacious is to utilize natural lighting. If you have a small space but desire to style it with luxury home accents natural lighting is the perfect place to start. Simply opening up your curtains and letting sunlight in gives your home the illusion of being larger than it actually is. Lighting allows the rooms in your home to open up. It’s also a great option for small home decorating on a budget. If you long to make your home look more spacious but don’t have the money to decorate, use natural resources. This is where utilizing natural lighting comes in perfectly.

luxury home accents
A great way to style a small room to look more spacious is to let natural lighting shine in.

2. Mirrors

Like natural lighting, mirrors are another great way to make your home appear spacious. Hanging mirrors on the wall are classic, elegant home decor examples of how to make the interiors of your house look larger. This is due to the fact that mirrors create reflections. With reflections you as the home designer can give the illusion that your home has longer measurements. Mirrors are also another source of natural lighting. Remember natural lighting allows your home to look larger in space. If you’re going for the upscale, classy home decor look, this is another reason to decorate with mirrors. Mirrors instantly give your home a sophisticated, classy presence. These are the perfect luxury home accents to complete an elegant home design and jazz up small living quarters.

elegant home decor
An elegant and classy way to make your residence appear more spacious is to add luxury home accents such as mirrors.

3. Storage Bins

If you have a small living area, but want it to look large, invest in storage bins. Storage bins are lifesavers for creating more space in your home and having less clutter. Put away items in your home that you won’t be using often. Or you can put away items that are out of season. Store them in your storage bin and witness how much more space your home now has. The great thing about storage bins are their ability to store items, but also look like luxury home accent themselves. You can use your storage bins as a stand, sitting stool, mini book shelf and much more. This helps condense any extra clutter in your home, while also allowing your home to appear more grand.

fancy home decor items
Storage bins are adorable luxury home accents for creating more space in the house

4. Geometric Prints

Decorative throw pillows with geometric print fabric are great luxury home accents that can be added to make your room look grand and large in size.

Another home design idea for making a small home look bigger is adding geometric prints. As surprising as it may sound geometric prints and pattern are perfect for creating a spacious environment. It helps give the illusion that rooms in your home are larger than what they are. It also adds a lot of character and fun into your residence. The key to decorating with geometric prints is to either focus on larger items or smaller luxury home accents. You can’t do both. If you do it’ll be over the top and actually defeat your purpose. To make your home appear spacious in a modern and luxurious way, style larger accents with geometric print. Add geometric print and patterns to your sofa, wall paper, living room chair, etc. To make your home appear spacious in a fancy, shabby chic home decor manner go with smaller accents. Style your home with decorative throw pillows, table vases, candy jars, chinaware and other small items.

5. Open Furniture

Adding furniture that has openings and compartments is a great way to create space. This is because you can put items inside the different compartments the furniture item contains. This is also great for storing out of season items. It’s also great for layering accents in your home. For example, if you have a coffee table that has a shelf on the bottom you can at least 1-5 home decor accents to the bottom of that table. If you have an ottoman to accompany your living room set, you can add several out of season accents to it. You can even add office supplies to your furniture item that has a compartment area to it. This always for you to condense clutter in your home. Clearing clutter is single-handedly one of the best ways to bring more space into your home. Below are a list of furniture pieces that can be used to store items and create room in your home.

decorative home decor
Decorating with furniture items that have openings and compartments are a great way to add space to your home and get rid of clutter
  • Book shelf
  • China closet
  • Living room console
  • Entertainment set

6. Larger Rugs

Placing a large rug in the center of your room creates an amazing illusion of your home being larger than it actually is

Another trick to decorating a small space is to simply add larger rugs. Adding a large rug instantly gives the impression that your home is larger than it really is. The best way to accomplish this decorating tip is to place the rug under a larger item in your home and make sure that item is centered. This could be your living room table, sofa or coffee table. But placing a large rug under a centered luxury home accent is a tremendous way to make your home pop and appear broad. It’s all about creating an illusion and tricking the eye. According to home decor expert Barbara Barran, “rugs help define a space.” Allow the space in your home to be defined in a grand and spacious manner.

7. Pull Furniture Away From Walls

One of the most effective ways to style a small space is to revamp the furniture you already have in your home. The key to achieving this is to pull your furniture away from your walls. This doesn’t have to be done in a drastic measure. You don’t want your furniture too close together. You should only pull your furniture away from the walls 1-2 inches. This is a traditional and powerful way to transform a small room into a large one. You don’t want your furniture pressed up against the walls in your home. It comes off as your home not having enough space. It makes you look desperate for space as a home decorator. This is why slightly pulling the furniture away from your walls is the perfect balance to make it look more larger in size.

One of the best home decorating tips for styling a small room is to pull furniture items off of the walls.

8. Add a Loveseat

The average living room in a home has a sofa as its furniture. However, if you have a small home or small room in your home, you can do without a sofa. Sofa tends to be large and take up a lot of space. A great way to still have a sitting area in your home yet still have space is to decorate with a loveseat. A loveseat is the perfect substitute for a sofa because it’s smaller, but still possess the same beauty and comfort. If you’re wondering how to decorate a small space all you have to do is replace your sofa with a loveseat. It still provides the same amount of comfort, charm and style to the home.

Substitute a traditional sofa for a small, dazzling loveseat to add more space into your home.

9. Floor Length Curtains

Decorating with floor length curtains is another great trick to make your home appear more larger in size than it actually is

A very elegant and sensual way to create more space in your home is to decorate with floor length curtains. Curtains are gorgeous, luxury home accents that automatically represent style and class. If you want to make your home look more spacious in a fancy way add floor length curtains. Make sure the curtains are floor length. The reason they should be floor length is because it makes your windows and room look taller. It’s a great way to create the perfect illusion. To the naked eye one would think, if you have long window curtains, you must have a long, tall area. It makes the height measurements of your home look taller, which helps to make your home look spacious. It also makes your ceiling look taller.

10. The Color White

As traditional as this home decorating tip is it still work like a charm every time. Decorating with the color white and other lighter colors is a great way to make a small space look bigger. It’s an universal home decor tip. White has a way of making the home look roomy and broad. It also has a way of making your accents looked spaced out and not so closed in together. This is also a great tip for home owners who desire to go for an upscale home decor or modern, elegant home decor look. The best way to apply this interior design tip is with larger luxury home accents such as curtains, your walls, sofa, etc.

elegant home decor
Styling with the color white and other lighter tones can instantly make a small room appear more spacious and grand

Next time you feel defeated about not being able to create more space in your home just apply these tips. Remember in the world of decorating and interior designing anything is possible. Any dilemma can be solved. Yes you can decorate a small area and make it appear more spacious. The great thing about these tips is the fact that this issue can be solved in no time with little to no money. You don’t have to take a lot of time to do this. You don’t have to spend money on high end home decor brands. You can simply work with what you already have and give your living quarters space in no time.

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