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How To Beautifully Style Luxury Home Decor On a Budget

10 Fabulous Tips on Creating Winter Luxury Home Decor on a Budget

One of the best ways we feel our home is complete is with an elegant finish. Most home owners would love to have a lavish, upscale designed home. It’s arguably the greatest desire. Who wouldn’t want their living quarters to look classy and luxurious? However, the reality is that sometimes can be expensive. Not everyone has an A-list, multi-millionaire dollar interior designer available to them. This can lead many decorators feeling discouraged about creating an expensive residence. The great thing about this dilemma is that it can be fixed. You can create a stunning, elegant home without the pricey bill attached. Here are 10 tips on how to beautifully style luxury home decor on a budget for this winter season.

1. The Color Black

luxury home decor
The color black is a great way to create a luxury home decor design while on a budget. It instantly gives your home an elegant, poise and stylish appeal.

The color black will always be synonymous with elegance and luxurious styling. Not only with high-end home decor brands. This also applies to fashion, runway and more. Black exhibits elegance, style, poise and confidence. It can instantly transform your home into a sensual, mature and sophisticated atmosphere. The great thing about decorating with the color black for an inexpensive, luxury home decor design is it’s easily accessibility. Just about any home decor accent can be found in black. The items don’t have to be expensive. You also more than likely already have black home accents in your residence. A great way to accomplish this is to pull out black home decor items you already have an rearrange them throughout the home. The lovely thing about this feature is home popular the color black is for winter home styling as well. Simply add a black large accent such as a vase or statue to your living room. You’ll witness how regal and elegant it’ll make your home look. Another location to focus on adding black to is the kitchen area. Decorating with other neutral tones in general such as tan, white and gray is another way to create a luxurious layout while not spending a lot of money.

2. Light Fixtures

Beautiful light fixtures are another way to create a luxury home decor layout on a budget. Simply adding one gorgeous light fixture to a main room, such as the living or dining room will give your home elegant appeal. The style of the light fixture can make your home appear upscale. Also the lightening itself will add elegance and style. How you space your home out to add and attract light to it and one of the most effective tips for luxury home decorating. The great thing about light fixtures are their many varieties. You can make your light fixture the one item you do decide to buy at a high-end store such as West Elm or Wayfair. Or you can go for a vintage home decor fixture and purchase one at a consignment or thrift shop.Don’t think these options can be luxurious and upscale. You can always jazz these fixtures up and repaint them. By the time you’re finished they’ll look brand new.

A large, grand light fixture is a great way to make your home look more luxurious.

3. Gold or Silver

Decorating with a gold or silver theme is a perfect way to create a winter, luxury home decor design. The colors gold and silver are highly sought-after during the winter season by default. They’re also synonymous with upscale, luxury home decor. Simply adding one gold or silver accent can allow your residence to spark and shine. The great thing about this decorating tip is it doesn’t have to be real gold or silver. Just the colors themselves will give your home the elegant finish you crave. The best way to accomplish this is to decide if you’re going to go large or small with these colors. Meaning do you want the larger areas of your home to feature these colors. This would be your walls, living room sofa set, curtains, etc. Or do you want the smaller areas of your home to feature these colors. This would be your smaller luxury home accents such as your clocks, vases, table portraits, glass jars, centerpieces, etc. Don’t try to blend both options. It will create an overload and an unbalanced look. One of the most inexpensive types of gold to decorate with is rose gold. Add this tone to your home this winter for an easy, luxurious theme.

luxury home decor ideas
Simply adding the color gold to your home decor theme will instantly create a sophisticated, upscale look and design in a matter of minutes.

4. Wall Decor

elegant home decor
Focusing on wall decor is a marvelous way to jazz up your home for a luxurious design while on a budget.

Another beautiful way to create an elegant home decor layout this winter is to focus on wall decorating. Styling the walls in your home is a great way to add class and character. When your walls are decorated you instantly add life to your home. This is because a bare wall makes you home appear motionless and dull. A styled wall says “someone lives here.” It lets people know a presence is felt. One of the best things about wall decorating is how easy and inexpensive it can be. You don’t have to spend a penny to design the walls in your home. Simply hang up what’s already in your home. If you do have to spend any more the most you would have to spend are a few dollars on new picture frames. Depending on what type of luxury home decor design you want, will determine which wall accents you should focus on. For a modern, elegant home decor design it’s always great to hang mirrors on your wall. For a shabby chic, cottage blend of luxury home decor hang up hand-painted wall accents. This can be a decorative picture frame. To create a simple, classy home decor theme add a large portrait or family photo to the center of your wall.

wall art picture frames
Gorgeous hand-painted decorative wall picture frame great for creating a luxury home decor design this winter season.

5. Area Rugs

Area rugs are fun and inexpensive accents to style with. They add elegance, style and charm to the home. They’re such an effortless accent to decorate with due to their universal appeal and timeless class. Area rugs are another home decor accent that possess versatility and style. No matter what look or theme you’re going for an area rug will always compliment it. To have the same finish many beautiful living rooms have place your area rug under your living room sofa. This can be inexpensive if you already have an area rug to add to your living room. However, you can always purchase on at an affordable home decor store. You can also add a rug to smaller areas of your home such as your upstairs hallway or dining room. You can even tap into your DIY, handcrafted home decor side and make one. Below is an amazing video on how to create your own DIY area rug. Be sure to check it out.

luxury home decor
A simple yet stylish area rug at an affordable price can automatically make your living quarters appear elegant and luxurious.

DIY Faux Fur [No Sew] Area Rug Easy for Under $20

6. Decorative Throw Pillows

Adding decorative throw pillows are a great way to luxuriously style on a budget. Decorative throw pillows are a staple for winter home decorating. They’re also great for luxury home decor styling. This is due to their modern yet elegant and stylish appeal. Whether you’re into contemporary, upscale, crafty or country home decor styling, you can always add a throw pillow to compliment the theme. It’s almost impossible to finish any type of home decor theme without adding at least one throw pillow set. If you want to create a luxurious home decor theme, inexpensively with throw pillows, the best way to do this is to handcraft them. Simply make your own custom throw pillows that will go great with your home this winter season. You can watch plenty of tutorials on how to DIY them if you don’t already know how to. Or you can take up a fun, arts and craft course. The basic tools you need to create your own DIY throw pillow are listed below.

large decorative pillow set
Decorative throw pillows are a great way to create a luxury home decor layout while still on a budget.
  • A sewing needle and thread
  • 1-2 yards of fabric
  • Pillow stuffing (cotton, feathers, polyester fellets, etc.)
  • Fabric shears
  • Cushion pins
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Accessories for pillow (optional)

7. Accessorizing

unique home decor
Accessorizing a home decor accent such as your coffee table is a perfect way to make your home appear luxurious and elegant.

Accessorizing just about any smaller area in the home is a great way to make it appear luxurious while on a budget. This is because accessorizes help to give your home the flare it’s missing. Although they’re small accessories can be very powerful. Don’t underestimate their ability to turn pretty into stunning. The key to this tip working is to style with unique home decor accessories. This can range from a fancy table clock, a bedazzled jewelry box, a gorgeous candy jar and much more. Another key to making this tip work is what you accessorize. Try accessorizing smaller to medium size objects such as your coffee table, fireplace or end table. However, don’t over accessorize it. This can make the area appear cluttered and unattractive. A cluttered space is actually the oppose of elegant and luxury home decor.

8. Reupholstered Furniture

Quality furniture is another secret to creating a luxury home design. However, the reality is high-end furniture can be very expensive. This problem can be solved by simply reupholstering the furniture you already have. Or you can purchase affordable furniture and revamp it at home. When reupholstering your furniture think about the look you want to go for. During the winter season you want something that’s going to exhibit warmth and comfort. At the same time you want something that’s going to show elegance. One of the best luxury living room ideas to solve both of these problems would be to add a thick layer of cushion to your chairs. Select a chair that already has fabric on it such as a vanity chair. Then revamp it’s fabric by adding another layer to what already exists, or adding an entire new type of fabric. The best fabrics to do this with for an elegant, winter design are velvet, brocade or wool. You can also reupholster your chair by stuffing it or painting the legs and rim of it. This will give it a nice, fresh, clean design.

A beautiful, reupholstered vanity chair which compliments a luxurious, elegant home decor layout perfect for the winter season.

9. Floral Print

Another way to create a luxury home decor theme on a budget is to incorporate floral prints. Floral prints enables your house to represent class, elegance and intimacy. It’s a great way to soften various areas of the home. It can also bring life and a pleasant atmosphere during the winter season. The key to decorating with floral prints it to not overdo it. Add floral prints to smaller home decor accents and place them around larger objects. The floral print on the smaller items will allow the larger areas to pop. For example, adding a standard size throw pillow to a solid tone sofa set is a great way to allow your living room to pop. Although the sofa set itself may be plain. The floral print from the throw pillow will give it life and allow it to shine. Other smaller to standard size home decor accents you can style with in floral print are:

elegant home decor
Adding smaller home decor accents that have floral print such as a gift box or throw pillow is a great way to give your living quarters a luxurious, upscale vibe.
  • Table place mats
  • Seat cushions
  • Table runners
  • Picture frame borders
  • Coasters

10. Window Area

Sprucing up the window area of your home is a great way to give it an upscale, sophisticated presence.

A very inexpensive way to spruce up your residence this winter for luxurious styling is to decorate your window area. The windows in your home is the perfect location to add character and style. The windows are just as important as your walls and living room. They help add the perfect amount of lightening. They also help set the tone in each room throughout your home. One of the best luxury home decor ideas involving your windows is how you accessorize them. Sure you can add a gorgeous drape set to them for the winter. However, there’s so much more you can do to add life to them. Slightly pull your drapes back and add a lovely flower glass vase to your window area. You can also add a large floor vase right next to your window. You can also place an extravagant statue or similar large home decor accent beside your window while the drapes are gently pulled back. This will enable your home to have a dazzling, sophisticated design.

Don’t stop renovating your living quarters for a luxury home decor layout with these 10 tips. There are plenty of more fun and easy tips on how to style inexpensive style your home for a luxurious design. The key is to know what compliments your home during the current season and what you already have that can be worked with. The most important feature is to make sure your home is always a reflection of you.

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