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Elegant Interior Design: Create a Classy Summer Style

8 Great Elegant Interior Design Tips for the Summer

Every home decorator has his or her own vision for their residence. You want your home to have a particular style. You want it to have its own unique character. You want your home to stand out and be different from the rest. This is very common and understandable. After all, you want your home to be a reflection of you, and everyone is their own individual. However, there are some universal attributes every home owner wants their house to possess. One of those traits is elegance. Just about every home owner on the planet want their home to represent class and elegance. This is no different for the summer season. Like the winter and other seasons, in the summer you want to style your home for an upscale design. Here are 8 stunning elegant interior design tips to create a classy summer design.

1. Create Space

One of the most simple ways to create an elegant interior design layout is to make your home appear more spacious

One of the best ways to create an elegant interior design for the summer is to create space in your home. Having a clear and spacious homes is one the best ways to style for an elegant home decor theme. Elegant home decor and classy styling is all about having space in your residence. This is because a spacious area tends to make your home appear more neat. A spacious home also gives the illusion your house is larger than it may honestly be. Creating space in your home also allows room for larger, grand accents. The great thing about this elegant interior design tips is that it’s simple, easy and cost nothing. This is one of the most affordable elegant decorating tips ever. If you’re wondering exactly how to create space in your home, here are a few ideas:

  • Pull your large furniture items further apart from each other
  • Place a large accent such as a table, console or floor vase in the center of your living room
  • When styling your furniture and pulling them away make sure they’re at least 1 inch away from touching your walls.
  • Allow sunlight to enter your home by opening the curtains

2. Nice and Neat

Another great way to create an elegant home decor layout is to make your living space nice and neat. Simply styling your home to have less clutter is perfect for an elegant interior design. This decorating tip is also priceless. It doesn’t cost a dime to renovate your home to look nice and neat. This is actually one of the best elegant decorating ideas for the living room, especially during the summer. It makes your living quarters more cool, fresh and inviting. You’re home can look like a newly redesigned sanctuary in a matter of minutes, simply by making it nice and neat. The best way to accomplish this is to condense items in your home. Any item that’s hanging around unnecessarily can be put away. Also utilizing storage boxes, shelves drawers is a great way to condense items in your home.

elegant interior design
A nice and neat living room is a powerful way to give your home an elegant interior design layout

3. Shades of Yellow, Brown and Orange

A very powerful way to make your home look elegant for the summer season all lies in your color of choice. The colors and shades you decide to go with can really make or break your home. For an summer, elegant interior design go with shades of yellow, brown and orange. These tones serve 2 purposes. They have a natural elegant, upscale look. They also reflect the beautiful summer season. Yellow, brown and orange all resemble the most elegant color of all which is gold. Yellow is actually in the gold family. Brown is also in the gold family. Orange goes very well with gold and looks similar to it depending on the shade. If you’re ever wondering, how to make your living room look more expensive in a strategic way, just add the right colors. Simply making yellow your primary color with tan as the undertone can work wonders for your elegant interior design. Below are a list of shades for these 3 colors that goes great with an elegant, summer design.

elegant home decor
A simple yet gorgeous way to style your residence for an elegant home decor theme is to use shades of yellow, brown and orange.
  • Dandelion Yellow
  • Blonde Yellow
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Tan Brown
  • Tortilla Brown
  • Pecan Brown
  • Apricot Orange
  • Merigold Orange
  • Cantaloupe Orange

4. Solid Tones

elegant interior design
Using solid tones on large areas in your home such as your wall is a great way to add elegant home decor styling to your living quarters.

Another color related elegant interior design tip for the summer are solid tones. Remember elegance is all about simple yet classy designs. To create an elegant home decor layout focus on solid tones throughout your home. The best way to achieve this look is add texture and patterns on top of your solid tones. If you have a solid color for your living room walls, then you want to compliment them by adding a curtain set with a vibrant pattern. If you have a solid tone sofa set, you want to compliment that sofa with geometric print throw pillows. If you want your luxury home accents to be the solid tone focus. Then you want to add some form of pattern to your walls or sofa. Whatever area you decide to make your solid tones you want the remaining accents to have texture and design and vice versa.

5. Floral Print

large decorative pillow set
Floral print accents such as decorative throw pillows and other items are a simple but lovely way to accomplish an elegant interior design layout.

A lovely way to style your home for the summer with an elegant interior design is using floral print and flowers. Nothing says elegance and class quite like a floral pattern design. It represents beauty, elegance, class and style. The great thing about floral print patterns are their universal appeal. No matter what type of interior decorating style you want to go for you can always incorporate flowers. If you’re looking for a way to make a room look luxurious in just a few seconds, simply add flowers to the mix. Another amazing feature floral print decorating have is their ability to go well with any type of home accent. You can add floral print to smaller, luxury home accents such as table cloths, coasters, ornaments and more. You can also add floral print pattern to larger accents such as dressers, floor vases, your sofa and more.

6. Decorative Vases

A very classic way to spruce up your home for an elegant interior design is with decorative vases. Decorative vases are classy, timeless accents that welcome elegance and sophistication into your home. The amazing thing about decorative vases are their ability to always remain in style. No matter what season, style or theme you’re going for vases will always compliment your look. One of the best things about vases are their many varieties. You can lavish your home by focusing on a table vase, centerpiece vase, floor vase, small vase, artistic glass vase and many more options. Regardless of how fancy or traditional you want to remain there’s always a vase to accommodate it. Decorative vases have a way of making your home look classy and sophisticated effortlessly. Whether you’re going for one of the elegant modern living rooms. Or if you’re going for the glamorous home decor design. Either way adding a vase to the equation is a must.

decorative flower vase set
Decorative vases are a timeless option for designing your home for an elegant home decor theme.

7. Raised Furniture

An amazing elegant interior design tip is to decorate with raised furniture. Once again elegant home decor is all about creating a smooth, clear, spacious and welcoming area. It’s been a known for throughout the interior design world that raised furniture gives the illusion of a more spacious environment. Raised furniture also gives the illusion that the furniture item is more expensive than it may really be. Both of these traits are perfect for an elegant home decor design. This simple but elegant house interior design tip can be accomplished in minutes. If you already have raised furniture such as a sofa set or a love seat your mission is complete. However, if you don’t a quick sofa renovation won’t hurt. It can be complete in less than 1 hour. Always keep in mind you can also purchase a raised furniture item at a reasonable price at stores such as:

elegant interior design
Raised furniture is a great way to add elegance and the illusion of space to your home.

8. Wall Decor

Elegant wall accessories are great ways to create a classy summer theme. One of the best things about interior design is the ability to blend 2 worlds together. During this warm season many desire to blend the magic of summer and elegant home decor together. What better way to make these 2 units one than with gorgeous, decorative wall accessories. Wall accessories have always been synonymous with elegant interior design and upscale decorating. This is due to their ability to make your home appear more lavish, expensive and inviting. Wall accessories also have the power to come in many lavish looking styles. A wall item could very well be cheap and affordable in price however, look very upscale and expensive. This is especially true for handcrafted wall accessories. That’s because with a diy home project you can give the item any feature or style you want. Some popular wall accessories that can compliments elegant interior design are:

elegant wall accessories
Elegant wall accessories are a beautiful way to style your home for a summer, elegant interior design theme.

With these simple yet gorgeous decorating tips you’ll be able to create an elegant interior design theme in no time. This summer your home with possess a lovely, welcoming, elegant presence. However, don’t stop your elegant summer decorating with our list. There’s always room for more fun, stylish decorating. There’s always new ideas and creations to explore.

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