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Elegant Interior Design: Add a Pop of Color

Adding a Pop of Color for an Easy, Elegant Interior Design

When many think of elegant home decor they think of neutral tones and solid decorations. They think of spacious areas with large, grand luxury home accents. Rarely do they think of color and vibrant hues. However, this is home decorating myth. You can very much create an elegant interior design while adding color to your home. It’s not about the tones and theme you decide to go with. It’s all in the way you decorate and design your home. Learn how to spruce up your living quarters for an elegant interior design by adding a pop of color.

1. Color Luxury Home Accents

The easiest way to add a pop of color to your elegant interior design is to focus on vibrant luxury home accents such as throw pillows.

Arguably the best way to add a pop of color to your elegant interior design is to start with luxury home accents. This means adding colorful, vibrant accents to a neutral tone room. If you already have an elegant home decor atmosphere, more than likely you have a room with neutral colors. The colors can be white, cream, gray or tan. This could be your living room, dining room or even your bedroom. Regardless of which room it is the way to make it instantly shine is by adding a pop of color to it. The can be done by simply adding an accent to the equation. Just make sure the luxury home accent you add to your neutral room has color and character in it. Throw pillows are the perfect home decor accent to add for a modern elegant interior design. They’re fun, easy to style with and affordable. You can pick up a fancy throw pillow just about anywhere, Wayfair, Target, Amazon, etc. If you have a sophisticated living room styled with solid, neutral tones, adding a throw pillow that has color and flare is a great way to make this room pop. Other accents you can use that possess a pop of color are:

2. Artistic Home Decor Design

Another way to create a simple but elegant house interior design with a pop of color is to focus on an artistic design. When many home decorators think of artistic home decor and design they think of various colors. They think of abstract designs. Some even think of over the top decorations. However, this is another home decor myth. You can create an artistic home decor theme while remaining in the realm of an elegant interior design. This is actually the best way to add a pop of color to your luxury home decor atmosphere. To accomplish this feature even out your mixture. Instead of going for majority neutral tones and then adding a color decorative accent, design half and half. This means add half neutral tones for the elegant side and add colorful, decorative accents for the artistic side. Don’t try to go extra soft. For this elegant home decor idea you actually want to go bold. Maybe go for a brighter color sofa versus the standard elegant neutral tone sofa.

A beautiful blend of artistic and elegant home decor design.

3. Large Paintings

A great way to add a pop of color for your elegant interior design is with large paintings. Large painting are perfect for this because they’re already synonymous with elegant home decor and they also have plenty of color and character. Whenever you see any elegant home design, you always see a large, beautiful portrait in the area. Most of time the painting is hanging on the wall. This is because large paintings are guaranteed to stand out. They’re also guaranteed to add life to your home in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to do a lot when decorating with large paintings. The painting speaks for itself. Although large painting can be placed on any wall in your home, the best location is your living room. This is one of the top tips for an elegant living room decor theme. Not only will your living room and the rest of your home possess an elegant interior design, it’ll also have a splash of fun style when you add a colorful painting.

A beautiful example of an elegant interior designed living room topped with a pop of color due to this marvelous large painting.

4. Geometric Shaped Decorations

This adorable lampshade is a perfect way to add a pop of color using a geometric shaped pattern.

Add a pop of color to your elegant home decor layout by utilizing geometric shaped designs. Once again this may seem like a home decor idea that should belong to vibrant or artistic home decor themes. But you can add this tip to your elegant interiors. For instance, you can have a luxury interior living room and add a lamp that has a vibrant lamp shade to it. The lamp itself could be a solid tone, but the lamp shade could be decorated with zig zags. You could also have a decorative throw pillow on your sofa that has a poke-a-dot pattern. You can even utilize this decorating idea in your kitchen area with your stovetop, oven color and more.

5. The Color Yellow

Another way to add a pop of color to an elegant interior design is by simply using the color yellow. Sometimes to create a particular interior design style or theme you don’t have to focus on specific accessories. Sometimes simply incorporating a certain color will accomplish your goal. The color yellow is a great way to add life and color to your home for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons the color yellow is a great choice is because it’s neutral enough to be considered a solid tone, but it’s also bright enough to make your home pop. Yellow is the perfect blend of elegant and rich design. Another reason yellow is the perfect hue to add a pop of color yet still remain elegant is due to the fact that yellow is technically a shade of gold. Yellow and gold are in the same family and gold is single-handedly the biggest color that represents elegant home decor. If you want an easy way to make your home appear elegant and upscale just add the color gold. Since yellow is in the same family of gold, yellow will also do the same trick if you desire an elegant home decor theme.

The perfect hue used to add a pop of color to your home while still obtaining an elegant interior design is the color yellow.

6. Large Jazzy Accents

Focusing on large, jazzy accents that are flashy is also a great way to add a pop of color to your home. The biggest elements to your home can remain neutral, modern and simple. But your medium to large home decor accents can be rich and jazzy. Instead of having a solid tone fireplace or console, why not paint it a 2-3 color scheme. This will automatically add a pop of color and splash of personality into your home. It’ll create the perfect blend of an elegant interior design and a fun, vibrant theme. You can also do this trick with your curtains and drapes. Remember one of the best ways to create an elegant home decor atmosphere is to focus on your window area. So this tip is very important. A very popular tip for adding a pop of color to an elegant home decor room is to add a colorful rug. The key is to make sure your colorful is placed in a neutral tone room. Or that it’s placed under a solid color sofa or table.

Gorgeous vibrant curtains that also possess an elegant, classy appeal. These are great larger accents you can focus on to add a pop of color to your interior design.

7. Small, Discreet Area

An amazing way to lavish your home with a pop of color is to concentrate on small, discreet areas. A lot of times it’s the little things that count and make your home really come to life. Many interior designers think in order to complete a particular look they have to focus on larger accents. This isn’t true. You’d be surprised how something as simple as a knife and fork set can make or break a room in your home. To add color to your home while allowing it to still remain elegant, style your very small accents with color. For example, add colorful wall hooks to your modern, elegant home decor living room. This very small and discreet accessory will add an immense amount of color to your living quarters. While at the same time your room will still retain it’s elegance and sophistication. Paint the doorknobs in your rooms a vibrant, flashy color. This is an unique way to add a splash of color to your elegant interior design. Below are a list of small yet powerful home decor accents you use to add color to your elegant interiors:

An easy, simple way to add a pop of color to your elegant interior design is to focus on small accents like this decorative ornament.

8. Shades of Blue

A stunning, breezy elegant interior design layout with the perfect blend of color due to its added shade of blue.

Another amazing tone to utilize when adding a pop of color is blue. The great thing about the color blue is that it can be any shade of blue. Blue is such a lovely, universal color with a variety of shades that makes it great for creating versatility and style. The best way to use blue for a vibrant, bright yet elegant interior design is do 1 of the 2 choices, Either go for a simple, soft elegant home decor look. Or go for bold and flashy elegant home decor look. This is the key to creating a beautiful, elegant home decor style. To either go for a bold or soft look. If you decide to go for a bold, elegant home decor look add the color blue to larger areas of your home. This could mean adding a blue toned sofa to your living room. This could mean hanging a multi shade blue curtain set to your windows. This could mean designing an entire living room table set blue. To go for an a soft, elegant home decor look decorate with lighter shades of blue. Also make sure you focus on smaller accents to style as blue. This could mean blue picture frames, this could be a blue decorative table vase, this could even be a blue fruit bowl or candy jar.

9. Decorating Your Chairs

You’d be surprised how decorating something as simple as your chairs can create a splash of color into your elegant home interiors. A home isn’t complete without decorative chairs or a grand table set with matching chairs. This is why how you style your chairs can create a colorful, elegant home decor design. To add a pop of color try styling your living room table set with bright, colorful tones such as blue, pink, yellow, peach or lavender while the table itself remain solid with a neutral tone. You can also try making the chair accessories colorful, but the chair itself a solid, neutral color. A great example of this would be adding vibrant, geometric pattern chair cushions. This decorative chair idea isn’t exclusive to your living room table set. This can be applied to your dining room chair, rocking chair or any single chair in your home.

An elegant home decor themed living room designed with the perfect balance of color and sophistication due to these vibrant decorative chairs.

10. Adding Flowers

Add a pop of color to your home by simply placing a decorative vase with flowers inside into your living quarters.

A gorgeous way to add a pop of color to while allowing your home to remain elegant is with flowers. Flowers are a great, natural way to add color to your home. Flowers are naturally colorful, they naturally compliment the home and they’re naturally synonymous with elegance and class. This makes them the perfect accessory to blend your love of colorful design and elegant decorating. The best way to add a pop of color by adding flowers to your home is to place them in a decorative vase. Where you place the vase in your home determines how well it’ll make your home shine. A great place to add your vase with flowers is on the center of your living room table. You can also place a vase with flowers on your coffee table, mantel or corner table. You can even go for a more fancy, upscale look by adding multiple flower vases to the same table. To go with this method make sure the vases are on each corner of the table. This will make the area appear even, balanced and grand.

With these 10 amazing tips you’ll be able to get the balance between elegant interior design and colorful flare in no time. Your home will instantly look brand new. You’ll be able to say you gave your home character, charm and class while still remaining in the scope of elegance and sophistication. Try any of these 10 ideas for a complete, lavish yet vibrant layout.

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