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Elegant Home Decor: Unique Wall Design Ideas

7 Beautiful Wall Design Ideas for Elegant Home Decor Layout

When styling your home you’re always looking for new ways to make a statement. Every home decorator is searching for that unique effect to make his or her home pop. Many believe the key to achieving this goal lies in the living room. Many focus on the kitchen. Some interior decorators even focus on the dining room. These are all great locations. However, a fun and easy location to target when transforming your home is simply your walls. You’d be surprised and amazed at how decorating your walls can really spruce up your residence. Check out these 7 beautiful wall design ideas for an elegant home decor layout.

1) Seashells

A simple yet adorable example of styling your wall with seashells to create a lovely, elegant home decor design.

To lavish and delight your home with elegant wall accessories be sure to think outside the box. You don’t have to settle for traditional wall decor. An unique yet amazing item that can be added to your walls and create an elegant home decor atmosphere are seashells. Seashells are sweet, delicate treasures that can be used as unique home decor accent pieces. The great thing about seashells are their versatility and natural poise they possess. If you want to go for a modern, elegant home decor look seashells are great items to hang on your walls. They come in so many different tones, shapes and sizes you can literally go for any look you want. You go for an abstract, artistic home decor theme by adding a variety of seashells. You can go for a seasonal look by adding only beach tone seashells. You can go for a contemporary look by adding a limited amount of seashells. Either way these stunning treasures are guaranteed to compliment your residence, especially when you add them to your walls.

2) Carved Wooden Pieces

Give your residence a fun, artisan and elegant home decor layout with carved wooden pieces added to your walls.

To give your house a splash of artisan style and elegant home decor design add carved wooden pieces to your wall. This may sound unappealing at 1st. However, once you complete all the steps it’ll give you a beautiful finish. Go to your nearest craft store or hardware store and purchase pre-cup wooden chunks. It can be in any shape you like or various shapes. (For safety reasons please don’t try to cut the wood yourself.) Once you have your wooden pieces paint a lovely design over them. How fancy or simple you want the design is completely up to you. You can even go for a more natural look and leave the wooden chunks bare. Once you’re finished with your choice of design now hang the decorated wooden pieces on your wall. The best method to do this is to nail it in. (Keep in mind to be very careful when doing the nailing to the wall step.) You can hang them as a particular design or as simple wall accessories. This simple yet powerful, elegant home decor tip will instantly give your residence a modern and unique artisan design.

3) Children’s Artwork

This elegant home decor wall design tip is perfect for parents and those who love children. If you have a child, grandchild, niece or nephew hang their latest artwork up. This can be your new wall decor accessory. It’ll give your home an original, creative and youthful presence. It’s also a great way to add a positive, upbeat note to your residence. Remember interior design and decorating is all about blending your personality with your love of home decor. Nothing bring originality and personal charm to your home like a lovely child painting. It’s also a great way to catch the eye of every guest that enters your home. People tend to gravitate towards fun, loving features that are different and something they can’t find anywhere else. Your child or children’s painting will definitely be one of a kind and something admirers won’t see anywhere else.

4) Kitchenware

A sophisticated, upscale idea to lavish the walls in your home is to utilize your kitchenware. Adding kitchenware to your walls is a great way to exhibit style and poise. Elegant wall decor for the living room doesn’t stop at wall paper and decorative picture frames. Elegant wall decor can be any accent that brings a touch of class to your wall area. Hanging a kitchenware item such as a plate or fork set on your wall is an unique way to exhibit class, originality, style and elegance. It gives your living quarters a very classy look. It automatically makes whatever room your walls are in pop. It’s a fast and convenient way to give home a striking, attractive presence. It also gives you a touch of artistic design and flare. The fancier your kitchenware is that you hang on your wall the more you’ll create an elegant home decor design.

A gorgeous example of adding kitchenware to your walls such as dinner plates as elegant home decor accessories.

5) Music Instruments

This elegant home decor wall idea may come as a surprise. However, adding musical instruments to your walls can create an incredible interior design layout. Initially, you may think instruments are too big or grand to hang on your walls. But the great thing about that is most instruments come in many shapes and sizes. Sure you wouldn’t place something as large as a grand piano on your wall to hang. But you can place smaller instruments on your walls to help decorate your home. This wall decor idea goes great with your dining room or kitchen walls, especially if you’re a musician. Another way to add smaller instruments to your wall and create a stunning elegant home decor design, is to hang them over your larger instruments. For example, if you have a piano in your living room try hanging a small instrument such as a flute above it on the wall. This is a fabulous way to give your home a voice, character and charm. Here are a list of small to standard size instruments you can hang on your walls for elegant home decorating:

A fun, stylish way to blend your love of music with your love of elegant home decor when you hang your instruments as wall decor
  • Harmonica
  • Drum sticks
  • Bass guitar
  • Violin
  • Tambourines

6) Hats

Another unusual item that can be transformed into a beautiful wall accent are hats. When many think of hats they think of simply wearing them for fashion. However, why not let your home wear your hats. This is a fun, simple way to great an elegant home decor theme in your residence. The great thing about choosing hats to style your walls with are the many home decor themes you can create. From vintage, to classic, to 40’s inspired to artisan. Depending on your variety of hats you can create endless decorating themes with this tip. Elegant home accents don’t have to stop with standard home decor items. A hat can certainly be transformed into a stunning home decor accent. Either hang these hats onto your wall individually, or you can add a tray of hooks to your wall where you hang a variety of hats on your hooks. The style and look you go for is entirely up to you. That’s what makes this decorating tip so fantastic!

7) Stalks

Add a beautiful flower or twig stalk to your walls for an unique, elegant home decor finish. This easy yet amazing tip is a great way to add class and grace to your home. Flowers are always a simple way to bring elegance and poise into your home. Hanging a bundle of them on your wall is a quick way to add beauty, radiance and style to your home. If you want to go for a more earth tone, natural look try hanging a bundle of twigs on your wall. This can also be applied for other bundles such as a straw bundle, corn stalks, etc.

Focusing your attention on the walls in your home as a main attraction is a great way to give your home its own personal voice. It’s one of the best ways to blend the beauty unique design and elegant style. The great thing about decorating your walls with unique gifts and accessories are the endless possibilities. From tiles to clocks to even small stones.


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