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Elegant Home Decor Tips for Romantic Styling

7 Amazing Tips on How to Style a Romantic Theme with Elegant Home Decor


elegant home decor theme

Modern romantic living room theme with large elegant home decor

During this time of the year everyone is feeling the love. Everyone wants to indulge in the magic of romance. This can be expressed through love themed movies, events, outings and more.  If you’re a fan of decorating then you know all about expressing romance through interior design. Nothing welcomes the season of love like designing your home into a gorgeous, romantic theme. Now you can accomplish this with 8 amazing ways to create a romantic interior theme using elegant home decor.


Vases and More Vases to Create the Perfect Romantic Theme

decorative flower vase set

Elegant glass vase set gorgeous example of romantic theme accent.

Roses are red, violets are blue. We love styling with elegant home decor and you should too! A classic, high end way to transform your home into a romantic theme is with vases. Decorative glass vases for the home are great pieces to start off your romantic theme. Vases are luxury home accents that symbolizes love and romance. A beautiful vase can never go out of style. It’s a classy home decor standard. No one can deny the beauty, magic and appeal of decorative vases. Not only do they represent love. They also represent elegance and poise. The amazing thing about vases are their versatility and many layers. You can literally style with a case of any color, texture, shape or size. It’s the perfect accent the blends elegant home decor and romance together. Another great thing about decorative vases that completes a romantic style them is their ability to hold roses! Nothing says love and romance like a gorgeous dozen roses. What better way to make those roses pop then placing them in your favorite interior vase.


Floral Print Accents for Modern Romantic Styling

          Simply decorating with a dozen roses is a great way to start off your romantic theme. However, turn it up a notch by really utilizing flowers and how they play a part in romance. If you’re a fan of modern lifestyle decorating then floral printed accents are the perfect tool for you. To create a marvelous, romantic theme in your home add floral theme accents. Having unique home decor accents that are floral printed combines modern flare and romance. A simple yet powerful way to do this is by adding floral printed throw pillows to your living room area. Throw pillows already represent comfort and intimacy. If you’re excited about the season of love and  want it to show with your interior design, floral theme pillows are a great choice. Flower design wall paper is another way to add a touch of class and romance to your home. This can added to only 1 room in your house or many. You can do the entire wall or just a border around the center.

classy sofa throw pillow

Floral printed throw pillow set. Great example of home accent that compliments romantic theme.

 Laced Accents for Upscale, Romantic Home Decor Theme

       Nothing says class with a blend of romance quite like lace. The material itself simply spells quality. Lace possess an upscale, stylish aura that’s guaranteed to make an design area pop. If you’re looking for a way to create a romantic theme with elegant home decor accents try incorporating lace. A quick way to style with lace that will give you amazing results is with curtains. Curtains are long, stunning home accents that will already make your residence stand out. Whether you go for a simple or extravagant look curtains will make any room in your home pop. Styling with lace material curtains only adds to the quality and elegance they naturally bring. The amazing thing about using curtains to compliment your lace is the various styles you can go with. You can make the skirt of the curtain lace. You can make the main body of the curtain lace. You can layer the laces. The possibilities are truly endless. Other luxury home accents you can add lace to that will help create your romantic home decor theme are table cloths, runners and decorative throw pillows.

romantic elegant home decor

Simple yet elegant example of lace curtains that helps create romantic design

The Beautiful Color Black to Add a Touch of Class

Styling with the color black is a gorgeous way to echo romance and love in your home this season. When most people think of the color black they think of high fashion. However, black is such a stunning and universal color it too can scream romantic interior design. The color black in the world of elegant home decor symbolizes being mysterious, classy, exotic and passionate. All of these can be incorporated into a romantic home decor theme. The best way to accomplish this goal is with large home decor accents. Since black is such a dominant color using it with large accents will help your living quarters resonate the language of love. Examples of this would be an all black sofa or love seat. An all black coffee table or large floor vase. An all black entertainment set or TV stand. Then you can add gorgeous love theme undertones to such as vases, picture frames, candles and more to your large black home decor accents. This will create a more sensual, mature romantic home decor look.


Adding a Love Seat to Set Perfect Romantic Tone

As cliche as it may sound adding a love seat to your home will create an amazing romantic style theme. A lot of home decorators like to shy away from standard, cliche design ideas. This is understandable. However, using a cliche or popular interior design idea can sometimes lead to a beautiful finish. To create a world of romance in your home add a love seat to your living room or main room. The love seat itself will make the room pop and say romance. To get fancy with your romantic interior theme place a square shaped throw pillow in the heart of the love seat. The pillow should be a color that compliments the love seat already. Or you can toss a throw blanket on the shoulder of the love seat. Make sure the throw compliments the love seat as well. If the love seat is a solid color, then the pillow or throw should have some print in it and vice versa.


Grand Centerpiece to Blend Class and Romance

If you’re a home decorator who loves adding class and poise to your design this next idea is perfect for you. Another great way to style with elegant home decor to accomplish a romantic theme is by adding centerpieces. Although similar to vases, centerpieces are a bit different. Centerpieces are usually more round, have a larger bouquet of flowers in them and generally goes on tables. Vases cam be lean, tall or skinny. Vases doesn’t necessarily have to have flowers and them and they don’t always have to go on tables. The reason centerpieces goes so well for a romantic home decor theme is because of their grand, elegant and intimate look they possess. Placing a full flower bouquet into your favorite centerpiece is guaranteed to echo intimacy, love and passion. The best say to top this off us by making sure the flowers in the centerpiece are pink, red, white or yellow. This creates a quality, refined romantic style theme.


Decorating with Red and Pink

        As cliche as this decorating idea may sound you can’t go wrong with it. Adding the classic colors of love is an easy and amazing way to create a theme of romance. Red and Pink are the standard hues when it comes to a romantic theme in any area. Why not add these lovely colors to your home. Although you can create a romance theme without these colors, your romance design wouldn’t be the same. You don’t  have to be too cliche and go overboard with pink and red. You can go light. You can only add small pink and red accents. Or you can have only a few large pink and red accents. Then decorate a bunch of smaller accents around them but make sure the smaller accents are other colors. Some examples of red or pink home decor pieces are sofa sets, throw pillows, vases, wall decor, lamps and more.

Elegant home decor large accents

Stunning example of styling with pink elegant home decor to create romantic theme

These 7 elegant home decor ideas are quick yet effective and will give you the ideal romantic theme. Now you can spruce up your home just in time for the season of love without a spending a huge amount of money or spending too much time.

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