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Easy Glamorous Home Decor Ideas for the Summer

5 Simple Glamorous Home Decor Tips for the Summer Design

When you think of glamorous home decor you may think of expensive, upscale accents that you only lay your eyes on once in a lifetime. You may think of extravagant, Hollywood inspired themes that is typically hard to accomplish. This is definitely a home decorating myth. There are many ways to style your house into a sophisticated glam home design. If you’re looking to accomplish the glamorous look during the summer season it’s even more easier. Here are 5 simple yet dazzling ways to create glamorous home decor accents for summer design.

1) Elegant Wall Decor and Accessories


elegant antique picture frame

Gorgeous decorative picture frame great for styling as a wall accent to bring glamorous home decor during the summer.

A great and easy way to add glamorous home decor to your home while still styling for the summer is to focus on wall accents. Elegant wall decor is a favorite during the summer season among many for more reasons than one. It’s a simple and elegant way to spruce up your home. Styling the walls creates a spacious atmosphere, something home decorators long for in the summer time. It’s easy to add your personal style and charm with elegant wall decor accessories.┬áIt’s even easier to create a glamorous wall design layout. To give your house that cool summer breeze look while still adding glamorous home decor accents decorate your walls with a collage. A wall collage is the perfect way to add glam, elegance and personality to your home. With a decorative wall collage you create any look, style or theme you want. You can create a glamorous, picture frame theme. You can create a fun, artistic mosaic theme. The fact that you’re creating a detailed, designed area to your wall will create glamour in your house within itself. Another simple and easy wall to style with glamorous home decor on your walls is to simply place a large painting. Large paintings during the summer exhibit the lovely warm season and also adds class and elegance to your residence. Other wall decorations that can easily add glamour to your home are:

  • Fancy, decorative picture frames
  • Mini mirrors collage
  • Large, geometric shaped wall clocks

Beautiful wall art collage that instantly brings glamorous home decor into your residence perfect for summer styling

2) Adding Lace Materials

Another simple and easy way to style with glamorous home decor items for the summer season is to add lace. Lace material resonates the essence of glamour, elegance and sophistication. Lace materials can instantly add an upscale look to any home decor accent and any area in your home. The great thing about decorating with lace material is how inexpensive and easy it is. You can literally transform any pillow, table, sofa, etc with beautiful lace material. The key to designing glam home decor accent is to use the lace as a small item that makes the decorative accent pop. Don’t over decorate your home accent with lace. If you have a large throw pillow you want to jazz up for a modern glam style don’t cover the entire pillow with lace. Simply add a lace trim around the perimeters of the pillow. Or add the lace material trim to the bottom area of the pillow. This gives your throw pillow or any accent a touch of glam without over doing it. Some everyday accents that can easily be transformed into glamorous home decor are:

  • Table cloths
  • Table runners
  • Chair skirt
  • Place mats

3) Elegant Decorative Vases

Adding elegant decorative vases to your residence is another fantastic way to create glam in your home within minutes for the summer season. During the summer time you’re less likely to decorate as often. This means you want to lavish your home in a timely matter. If you want to create a modern glam interior design layout during the summer time style with decorative vases. Decorative vases are an amazing way to add glamour and elegance into your home for the summer time. The reason elegant glass vases are perfect to accomplish a glamorous look during the summer season is due to their versatility. There are countless decorative vases that comes in many shapes, material, colors and textures. This beautiful trait of vases being versatile makes them the perfect luxury home accent to combine with a glamorous atmosphere. Add a standard size vase to your living room table as a centerpiece with a blossoming flower bouquet inside for a glamorous home decor look. Make sure the vase is a lovely summer color that will dazzle any room in your home. You can also decorate with flower vases in your garden, front porch or patio to create a simple yet glamorous scenery.

decorative flower vase set

Sparkling example of summer flower vases that are also glamorous home decor accents.

4) Colorful Rooms

Although this is a common summer decorating tips this will definitely give you the glamorous, sophisticated design you’re looking for. Decorating with colorful rooms during the summer season is a great way to keep the summer vibes alive and also add glamorous home decor to your place. This is a simple decorating tip but very powerful. The right color and shade can certainly make or break the design in your home. It can be simple if you do a contemporary glam decor look. It can also be styled in no time if you create your summer color using wall paper rather than doing a paint job. This isn’t to say you can’t add your glam color in a timely manner with a paint job. Either option can be easy. It’s really up to you. The key to bring a glamorous and upscale yet summer season color to your home is to utilize different shades and undertones. Don’t just go for the standard summer tones such as yellow and orange. Decorate with more exotic tones such as pale yellow, apricot orange and periwinkle blue. You can also two tone these popular summer shades for a glamorous home decor layout.

5) Luxury Brass Accents

The last glamorous home decor accent perfect for styling during the summer season are brass accents. Brass kitchen accents are very popular this summer season and echoes the sound of sophistication. Many may wonder what makes brass accents so special? Luxury brass accents have a classic, modern and delicate aura to them that makes them great for adding glamour and elegance to your home. The great thing about brass accents is the fact that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the glamorous look they provide. You can also create this glam home design within minutes. The best type of brass to accomplish this look with is rose gold. Rose gold has such a smooth, upscale presence that it will automatically bring the glamorous decorating style you long for in your home. It’s simple and easy to create. You can place rose gold utensils in your kitchen or dining room and witness your home shine in a matter of minutes. Another great thing about this brass material is even the imitation version looks beautiful. You don’t have to get real rose gold to create this glamorous look.


These simple yet sparkling rose gold utensils have the true essence of glam, sophistication and elegance

These 5 fun, easy and sophisticated tips for styling your home with glamorous home decor is just the beginning. You can add glamour and class to your home with many fun, glam decorating ideas. Some of these other styling tips include: jazzing up your garden for the summer, adding a living room chandelier, styling with soft curtains and more.


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