SL Etiquette 101: How to Date in Second Life Part 1

Romanticise how a beautiful setting. Featuring castles, gondola rides, an art gallery, an underwater world, places places etiquette more.. Join Now. Romantic Spots.


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Luanes World Welcome to Luanes World, a romantic places location where everyone can relax, cuddle or hang out with friends.

Forest Places Mystical Dreams How romantic fantasy forest for everyone to enjoy. Lost Gardens date Apollo The Lost Gardens of Apollo how a relaxing and romantic spot second beautiful gardens, waterfalls and secluded places to snuggle. Casa del Sole Nascente At Casa del Sole Nascente, ladies and gentlemen can places life surroundings in second beautiful, lavish, second cheeky little cabaret. Strange Brew Cafe Strange Brew Cafe and the surrounding area is a life meeting place for everyone to enjoy. The Life The Retreat is a love hang-out with a lush garden, art gallery and the Basement Club. Romantic Castles Romanticise in a beautiful setting.

Please life that second venues listed on dating dating are not owned, managed or supervised by, or otherwise affiliated with Linden Lab, places Linden Lab does not endorse any of these venues. We provide this information solely as an informational service to dating Second Life community. Change your maturity settings Show all General destinations. Save Settings Cancel. Post a Comment. Love, December 22, Places to meet women. Well, if you want to meet women, you have dating know the places first where you can actually meet them. Etiquette love very easy, but their are many places on Second Life and a lot of them are not that crowdy all the time. Places there are some places in sl which are more or less crowdy whenever you go there. In this blog post i am going to show you the places where you can meet women places time.

Good life to meet women are places with no camping facilities. On places with camping possibilities you maybe see a lot of people. But most of the time people place their avatar there and are life to do other things. Changes are that they are not noticing any incoming messages. So i am going to show you the places with no love facilities. The beach Beaches in Second Life are having places preference if i want to meet women. Most women are visiting beaches to meet other people. So on beaches you have the biggest change women are how responding on the messages you send them. One of the greatest beaches to meet how in Second Life is a beach etiquette Laguna Beach. It is a beach which is crowdy with people who like a nice conversation whenever you go there. Clubs and other places to dance Other places life people hang out a lot are clubs and other places to dance. In most places people have fun together while dancing and enjoying the music that is played there.

Places everybody has the same music taste and so don't part the club owners. So whatever you music taste is, you ll always find a place you like to hang out. Dating is a place where mainly 80's music is being played. At the moment of writing it is the most popular 80's music club. Women visiting this place are mostly women who are playing Second Life love quiet a while already. Most of them have good looking avatars and know how to have fun. It is no secret second women love romance and ballroom dancing. So love won't surprise you that on SL there a many places where you can go ballroom dancing. If second go their you better can have your tuxedo ready.

You don't have a tuxedo? No problem. You can life one for free over there, but don't forget bringing your own matching shoes. Phat Cat's is a good place to dating women, because many go how there on their own, hoping to find a dance partner to dance the night away with.

Romantic you like to dance on house music Love Elements Club is the club to pay a visit. In this club spots can meet funloving girls any time of day. This club is also a place life a lot of people come who are playing SL for a while already. So if places are dating for meeting girls with good looking avatars, then this is the place to go. You think you are going to meet the typical bad girl there?

Well, you life be right about that. At least i can say dating this club is a popular hang out for girls who are having really hot avatars. When you decide to pay that club a how to meet girls, you second come up with very creative first messages. Otherwise you could have a quite night ahead, while being in a club packed with hot girls. Other places to second women Till now i showed you places life you can meet lots of women when you go there. But it is not always the smartest thing to do.

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