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Best Winter Home Decor Ideas with Fabric

10 Gorgeous Winter Home Decor Ideas with Simple Fabric Designs

One of the most popular elements to the winter season is fabrics. The main focus of winter decorating is comfort. Nothing says comfort like beautiful, cozy fabrics. Although fabrics can be sought after during any season, they really bring your home to life during the winter. The great thing about focusing on fabrics for winter home decor is the creativity you can add to the equation. Winter style fabrics don’t have to be a simple, plain design. You can really take your home to the next level and create beautiful DIY projects with winter fabrics. Here are 10 easy, gorgeous winter home decor ideas you can create with just 2-3 yards of fabric.

1) Winter Home Decor Footstools

Gorgeous winter home decor footstool designed with fabric. This is a great DIY craft to create with 2-3 yards of fabric.

A very popular winter home decor accent you can create with fabric are footstools. Footstools are elegant, upscale accents that can add sophistication and style to your home. They can be added to any room in your residence. However, the living room and bedroom is the most common place to add a footstool. When many think of interior design and winter home decor trends they think of store bought accents. However, you can lavish your home with a winter diy craft. You can create your own footstool. If you have at least 2-3 yards of fabric and want to polish your home with a lovely accent, you can design your own footstool. All you have to do is use the fabric you have to cover a wooden or metal stool. Of course you want to make sure you have the size and measurements correct. For a smaller accent such as a stool you should only need 2 yards of fabric. With 2 yards of fabric you can transform an old, unpleasant, plain stool into a marvelous, glamorous, poise winter themed footstool.

2) Winter Seat Covers

With 2-3 yards of fabric a winter home decor craft you can create a seat covers. Simply cut about 4 square patches of fabric and sew the perimeter of each one. The size of the square patch depends on your seat size. The average seat cover is about 10 x 12 inches. If you want the seat covers to be thick you can always double the fabric. To really give your seat covers a splendid winter theme add accessories to your seat covers. Winter accessories you can add are tassels, ribbons, buttons, feathers, etc. The options are endless and truly up to you.

Intimate, decorative seat covers are another winter home decor craft you can create with winter fabric

3) Winter Table Cloth

Another winter home decor accent you can create with fabric are table cloths. Table cloths are popular home decor items that will forever be in style. They’re universal, simple and convenient. Table cloths also add character and sophistication to your home in a matter of minutes. A yard or 2 of fabric can savor any table in your home. Now you can add a custom cloth to your favorite table by creating one from your fabric material. If you want you home to pop this winter styling a table cloth out of your favorite winter fabric is a great choice. All you need is your winter fabric, a ruler and a pair of shears. This winter decorating tip is fun and simple.

4) DIY Table Napkin

DIY table napkins are great winter home decor accessories to create from fabric material.

A quick and simple diy winter home decor item you can make with fabric are table napkins. Table napkins are adorable, stylish and great for winter styling. In the winter time you tend to eat at home more, cook more and spend more time in the kitchen area. This is why kitchen accessories and living room table accents are extremely important. Table napkins during the winter season are definitely necessary. The great thing about creating table napkins with fabric is the elegant design it gives them. Depending on what type of fabric you create your table napkins with, it can really make your home appear elegance and poise. DIY winter decorating ideas such as this is just one of the many ways to quickly style your home for the winter.

5) Winter Throw Pillows

Decorative throw pillows during the winter season are a must. They truly are one of the most desired winter home decor items. They provide warmth, comfort and style to any home. If you have 2-3 yards of your favorite winter fabric you can instantly create a gorgeous throw pillow. 1 yard of fabric can make 2 standard size, square throw pillows.So 2-3 yards of fabric can allow you to create at least 5 throw pillows. If you’re looking to create large, oversized throw pillows 2-3 yards of fabric can give you 3 pillows. To go for a modern, winter home decor theme go for silky, black fabric. You should also decline adding accessories. If you want to go for a glamorous or artistic home decor theme try adding accessories to your winter throw pillows.

Winter home decor pillows are another accent to create with 2-3 yards of fabric.

6) Winter Basket Interior

Another way to spruce up your area for the winter season with fabric is accessorize accents you already have. Baskets are very popular winter gifts. They help create a fabulous, winter design. A magnificent way to make these baskets pop and utilize your winter fabric is to line your baskets. Lining your winter baskets is a great way to style with winter theme fabrics. If you wondering how to decorate your home for the winter in an unique manner, this is it. Many home decorators go for standard, traditional ideas. However, lining your baskets with soft, cozy fabric takes your design skills to another level. It’s a simple yet powerful way to add elegance and quality to your residence.

7) Storage and Jewelry Box Cover

Storage boxes and jewelry boxes don’t have to have to be bare. You can add a stylish, crafty edge to them by covering them with winter themed fabrics. This winter season switch up your accents and try something new. Don’t keep your storage box or jewelry box exactly how you purchased it. Give it a taste of class by covering it with some lovely fabric. The great thing about this winter DIY tip is it’s unique, fashionable and easy. You don’t need a lot of fabric to cover either a jewelry or storage box. Depending on the size of the box 1 yard of fabric should be sufficient.

A stylish, clean example of covering your storage boxes with soft, cozy fabric.

8) Lining the Cabinets

A cute, fashionable way to line your cabinets during the winter is with fabric. Most interior decorators line their cabinets with contact paper. This is great way to keep your cabinets neat and tidy. However, an unique, grand way to maintain your cabinets is to line them with fabric. If you have 2-3 yards of fabric you have more than enough to line your cabinets. All you need are measuring tape and cutting shears. This is a beautiful way to add attention and elegance to your kitchen during the lovely winter season.

9) Winter Cloth Banner

Adding beautiful, interior banners to your fireplace or mantel is a great way to utilize any winter fabrics you may have.

A luxurious winter home decor item that’s been really popular in recent years are banners. Decorative banners for the home have become more common, especially during the winter season. You’ll season interior decorative banners for the holiday season. You’ll see banners draped across the fireplace or mantel in the home. These banners can be any type of style. They are great winter theme decorations due to their vibrant style and charming presence. If you have some of your favorite winter fabric available you can easily create your own banner. To really spruce up your banner add winter inspired accessories to it. The best areas in the home to add your banner to are places that have a lot of width to them.

10) Fabric Picture Frame Boarders

If you’re an artistic home decor lover then this winter DIY tips is perfect for you. Style the boarders of your picture frames with gorgeous, cozy winter fabric. This is unique, winter home decor tip is guaranteed to add creativity and chic style to your home. It gives your living quarters the perfect blend of modern design and artistic flare. It also gives you home a more intimate, loving environment. This amazing DIY winter style tips is very easy to accomplish. It doesn’t take much fabric at all. All you need are a rule or measuring tape to measure the frame perimeter and fabric. You’ll also need cutting shears, glue and/ or a stapler to attach the fabric to the picture frame. In a matter of minutes you’ll have a custom, gorgeous, decorative picture frame.

These 10 winter home decor crafts with fabric material will literally transform your residence. They’re creative, easy, decorative and elegant. Now you can give your home a new type of elegance and class during the winter time. You can expand your decorating style and think outside the box. Don’t just stop with these 10 DIY design tips. With the perfect winter fabric you can lavish just about any accent in your living quarters.

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