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Best Winter Home Decor 2018 Ideas and Trends

10 Beautiful and Easy Winter Home Decor 2018 Ideas 

           With the winter season being officially here it’s now time to lavish your home. It’s time to style your home in accordance with the magic of winter. It’s time to make sure your residence blend with the spirit and essence of winter. This means styling with the appropriate colors, fabrics, luxury home accents and more. Here are 10 beautiful winter home decor 2018 ideas for designing your house. 

1) Wood Material

Elegant, simple winter home decor wooden table. A perfect example of how wood will be a favorite winter accent to accessorize with.

         For 2018, a popular winter home decor trend that many will be utilizing is wood material. Wood material will be very useful for interior designers and home decorators. Wood can bring an exquisite, polished vibe to your home in time for the winter season. When expecting to bring your home to life during the winter time, wood is a great choice. It represents warmth and coziness. It can also give your residence a quality, upscale appearance. The best way to utilize wood for winter home decor styling is through luxury home accents. Gorgeous accents that would look great with wood are:

  • Smaller tables
  • Living room chairs
  • Table bowls
  • Book shelves


2) Decorative Lamps

           Another popular winter home decor trend for 2018 will be decorative lamps. Lamps are amazing home accents that can instantly add elegance and shine to your living quarters. This year it’ll be one of the most stylish winter home decor trends. Although lamps can accentuate your home during any season, they really bring it to life during the winter. Decorative lamps possess the aura and spirit of winter. They’re great for adding simple yet intimate style to a certain area in your home within a matter of minutes. One of the biggest reasons lamps are great for winter home decor is due to the fact that it gets darker earlier. During the winter time the sun goes down soon. It gets dark earlier. This means your house gets darker sooner. This causes a higher need for lamps. Lamps during the winter don’t only make your home more beautiful physically, they’re a true life saver. Some lamps that will be extremely popular winter 2018 are mushroom lamps and table lamps. 

3) The Color Red

         This winter 2018 decorating season the color will definitely be in. Particular the shade of ruby red will be a favorite amongst winter home interior lovers. This is due to the elegance, warmth and poise the color red provides for the winter season. Red brings the perfect combination of winter sophistication and vibrant flare to your home. Another great factor about decorating with the color red is it’s versatility. It blends well with so many other winter tones. It can be used as a main decor color or an undertone. Some stylish ways to add red for your winter home decor design is through accents. Winter throw pillows, wall art, kitchen decor and more are great items that can be created or purchased in the color red. 

The color red will be a very popular winter home decor trend 2018. It’s a beautiful color to make your dominant tone or undertone in the home, particularly the living room.

4) Darker Tones

       Similar to the Fall season, darker tones are also popular during the Winter. If you want to transform your residence to correspond with the current winter home decor trends, darker colors are a great choice. Most winter theme decorations revolve around darker colors with a splash of a few lighter tones. The main reason decorating with darker colors is a common choice during the winter is due to their warmth. As most know darker colors tend to add warmth and coziness. In the winter this is very important. Darker tones also tend to make your home appear more closed in and welcoming. Darker tones can also add that elegant, upscale appearance every home decorator long for. Some popular darker tones for winter 2018 are:

  • Smaller tables
  • Living room chairs
  • Table bowls
  • Book shelves

5) Leather

           Winter 2018 leather material will be very popular. Although leather is already a popular, common material, this winter season it’ll be even more sought after. Leather being in high demand for 2018 winter home decor is due to a lot of reasons. The first reason being leather is affiliated with elegance and quality. Everyone wants their home to represent classy and upscale during the winter. Leather is also a warm, comfortable material to decorate with. Also with leather you can go with any type of decorating style. You can go for the modern home decor look, the sophisticated look or the 60’s inspired modish design. With leather you can focus on larger home decor accents such as your sofa or love seat. Or you can zone in on smaller accents such as winter home cushions and throw pillows. 

6) The Color Brown

           Along with the colors red and black, the color brown will be very popular this winter. It’s safe to say for winter home decor 2018 “brown will be the next black.” Decorating with the color brown, especially during the chillier seasons is an excellent way to add simple sophistication to your home. The color brown provides elegance, beauty, comfort and class. One of the amazing factors about brown is its versatility. With the color brown you can go fancy, modern, simple, artistic or southern style. The color brown also comes in so many shades and tones your possibilities are endless. You can focus on a golden brown, a lighter tan brown, a dark mahogany brown or an earth tone brown. The choice is truly yours. The best way to make your home come to life with the color brown is to have balance. If you’re going to make brown your dominant color, focus on larger accents. Large home decor accents such as your sofa, console, dinner table, etc. are great to style in brown. If you want brown to be the undertone of your winter design, focus on smaller home decor gifts. Some of these items include picture frames, candles, decor bowls, smaller pillows, etc. 

The color brown will be extremely popular amongst 2018 winter home decor trends and ideas.

7) Velvet Material

       Decorating with velvet material is another winter home decor trend set for 2018. Interior designers and home owners will be thrilled to incorporate velvet into their layout. Velvet will be a popular choice for many reasons. One of them being it’s quality texture that also adds warmth. The other reason being it possess a rich, poise presence. When styling your home and desiring to give it a timeless, classy look velvet is the perfect choice. It doesn’t really matter what colors you decide to go with. The velvet material itself will make your home or particular area in your home pop. Below are some of the best luxury home accents to have in velvet:

  • Smaller tables
  • Living room chairs
  • Table bowls
  • Book shelves

8) Floral Print

               Who says floral print design is only for summer home decor. Typically when you think of floral print accents you think of the Spring or Summer. However, contrary to popular belief floral print patterns will be popular this winter home decor season. The key to decorating with floral print during the winter is the tones you decide to go with. You want your home to be lively and exhibit the beautiful flowers. However, you also want the style to be in unison with the current winter season. The best way to achieve this goal is to blend floral prints patterns with gorgeous winter tones. If you’re wondering “how to decorate your home for the winter”, this is it. The key is to blend non-traditional winter accessories with standard winter colors and decorations. This will give your home a dazzling, creative yet elegance winter theme. Instead of going for common floral prints with colors such as pink, yellow and lavender. Go for darker tone floral prints such as navy blue, violet, wine red or cinnamon brown.

9) Large Elegant Throw Pillows

elegant decorative accent pillow
Elegant, modern throw pillow, another popular winter home decor 2018 idea to style with.

             Another beautiful accent many designers are looking forward to styling with are elegant throw pillows. Elegant throw pillows during the winter time are the perfect accessories. They tend to be popular during the winter most years. This is because throw pillows are a winter home decor standard and they’re also universal. One of the best things about throw pillows are their countless styles. No matter what type of home design theme you’re going for, throw pillows will always accommodate you. If your goal is to create the perfect winter theme design with dazzling winter accents, throw pillows are a great choice. Throw pillows during the winter will add comfort, coziness, elegance and style to your residence. Traditionally throw pillows would be placed on your sofa or couch. However, there are plenty of creative locations throw pillows could go. This is one of the marvelous things about them. They’re versatile, universal and timeless. 

10) Decorative Kitchens

          A particular area in the home that gets a lot more attention during the winter is the kitchen. Unlike the warmer seasons, in the wintertime your kitchen is very important. It’s important during all 4 seasons but how you design it during the winter is extremely important. The reality is you spend more time in your kitchen during the winter. You tend to cook more during the winter. You tend to have company over more during the winter. All of these factors play a part in your winter home decor kitchen design. Whether you want to give your kitchen a brand new paint job. Whether you want to revise your kitchen decor accessories. Even if you simply want to add a utensil hook rack to your kitchen wall. The bottom line is there has to be some rearrange on some level of your kitchen for the winter. This is why kitchen decor will be very popular winter 2018. 

Gorgeous kitchen specifically designed for the warm, intimate winter season. 

        These simple, stylish winter home decor trends for 2018 are just the beginning. The winter home decor 2018 ideas don’t start and end at this list. Allow this list to inspire you. However, expand your winter decorating ideas above and beyond. 

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