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Best Luxury Home Accents Renovating Ideas

7 Easy Luxury Home Accents to Revamp Using Upholstery

No matter how beautiful your home is every home needs a little renovating here and there. Every residence can use a redesign. Many home decorators are under the impression that to revamp their home it takes a lot of work. Many home designers believe revamping their house means spending a lot of time and more. However, the great thing about home renovating are the endless possibilities. You can renovate your home without it becoming a huge project.Sometimes simply redesigning a particular room can give your home all the revising it needs. Sometimes simply redesigning a certain accent in your home can give it a new appearance. This can be painting over your accent. This can be add a certain element such as lace or ribbon to your accent. A great way to revamp any accent is to focus on upholstery. Here are are 7 easy, amazing luxury home accents to renovate using upholstery.

1) Upholstery Your Stools

A simple yet beautiful example of upholstery stools. These are standard, luxury home accents that can instantly be transformed into gorgeous decorations.

A fun, stylish luxury home accent to renovate with upholstery is a stool. Stools are common home decor items that can be very decorative and useful throughout your home. The great thing about stools are their versatility and timeless appeal. A decorative stool goes great with any interior design theme or decorating idea. You can add a decorative stool to a modern home decor theme, elegant home decor theme and many more styles. To give your luxury home accents such as a stool a quick revamp, doing upholstery to it is a great idea. If you have a bare stool that’s wooden or metal then adding upholstery to it would be perfect. It can be any fabric material of your choice but a thicker material would be better. Adding fabric to the base of your stool can instantly transform this adorable home accent. It can give it a whole new look and vibe in a matter of minutes. After you finish you can now add your newly furnished stool to your living room, dining room or bedroom.

2) Renovated Chairs

Beautiful upholstered luxury home accent chair great for an easy home revamp.

Give your chairs a new look and style when you add newly fabric to them. Chairs are another accessory that can easily be upholstered. This home decor idea works best with a wooden chair. However, you can use a metal or plastic chair. Add a unique piece of printed material to your seat area of your chair for a redesigned style and brand new presence. If you have more than one wooden chair you should add the same fabric design to all of them. This will make your upholstered chairs now look like a newly purchased set. Your lovely renovated chair can now compete with luxury home accents at high end places such as Wayfair, Pottery Barn and many more.

3) Jewelry Box

You can also do upholstery to smaller luxury home accents such as a jewelry box. Once again wooden jewelry boxes would be best for this renovating idea. However, wooden jewelry boxes aren’t the only options. Whether you have a small or larger jewelry box, add a beautiful piece of fabric to cover the surface. This will give your jewelry box an upscale, classy look. It can transform any area in your home in a matter of minutes. Redesigning luxury home accents in your house doesn’t have to take long. It doesn’t have to be an all day task. Taking a small, adorable item such as a jewelry box and redesigning it is quick, easy way to add a splash of elegance to your home.

4) Upholstered Ottoman

One of the best unique home decor accessories to renovate with upholstery are ottomans. Most ottomans come with material attached already. However, there are wooden and woven material ottomans you can do upholstery with. Adding material to your ottoman is one of the simplest luxury home decor ideas to create elegance and style. Ottomans are luxury home accents that are guaranteed to bring elegance and sophistication into your home. They represent structure and grace. Once you have your ottoman upholstered place it in a corner area of your living room. This will give your home original character and style. It also breathes creativity and life into your living room.

Handcrafted, DIY upholstered ottoman created with an artistic vibe.

5) Corner Table

Another luxury home accent you can upholster is your corner table. Instead of covering your table with a table cloth, why not permanently cover it by completing an upholstery task. Using upholstery for your corner table isn’t as popular as renovating other elegant home decor accessories. However, this is one of the things that makes the idea special. If you want your residence to display unique home decor accessories with a creative spin this diy tip is perfect.

6) Interior Bench

An elegant, sophisticated upholstered interior bench great for renovating your home in a timely manner.

A modern luxury living room design idea that will give your home a stunning finish is an upholstered interior bench. Home decor benches are luxury home accents that really exhibit quality and sophistication. An interior bench designed in your home naturally gives it elegance and class. Adding a beautiful piece of fabric to it using upholstery simply gives it more elegance and sophistication. It takes the quality of your home to the next level. With a newly renovated, upholstered interior bench your home can now compete with accents created by luxury furniture brands. The best thing about this fun diy tip is how easy and hassle free it took to complete.

7) Renovate Your Lamp Shades

Believe it or not but revamping your lamp shades are a great way to utilize upholstery in your home. Although they’re not traditional home decor accents such as a stool, chair or small table, they can still be renovated. The bigger the lamp shade the more grand and gorgeous it looks upholstered. However, when adding fabric to a lamp shade you should go for a more thinner material. You don’t want to weight your lamp shade down. Also make sure the material on the lamp shade isn’t touch the actual light bulb. This is for safety reasons. Once you have your lamp shade completely upholstered you’ll be amazed at how gorgeous and ravishing your residence appears.

A classy, elegant example of using upholstery to revamp a luxury home accent like a desk lamp.

Adding upholstery to your luxury home accents don’t stop at these 7 items listed. There are plenty of decorative accents you can add fabric to. You can even give the border of some of your home decor items a fabric design. That’s the wonderful thing about diy home decorating, the options are up to you. To create a stunning, renovated design in an easy manner try applying these upholstery tips.

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