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Best Home Decor Crafts for Cozy Fall DIY Ideas

10 Easy Home Decor Crafts to Create a Cozy Fall Design


A gorgeous DIY home decor craft to create this Fall are quilts or blankets.

During the Fall season you want your home to have a beautiful, welcoming design. This is a common desire of every home decorator and interior designer. However, this is not the most important aspect of Fall decorating. The most important factor home decorators adore for the Fall is providing comfort. You want your home to have a warm, comfortable atmosphere. You want it to say “The Fall season is here” while remaining nurturing and intimate. Here are 10 of the best diy home decor crafts to create a cozy Fall design.

1) DIY Quilts and Blankets

One of the best home decor crafts you can create to add coziness this Fall are quilts and blankets. Quilts are intimate home decor accents that screams coziness and comfort. They have an intimate presence about them making them very popular during the Fall. They literally keep you warm. They also create a loving, charming atmosphere. The great thing about quilts and blankets for diy lovers is the fact that they make great home decor crafts. If you have a passion for creating your own home decor crafts and accents you’ll love creating your own quilts. This is a quick and easy craft idea for the home. You can instantly add warmth and comfort into your residence by styling a diy quilt or blanket. Below are list of different diy quilt ideas you can style:

  • Beaded theme diy quilt or blanket
  • Crafty diy Fall quilt
  • Family photo theme handcrafted quilt
  • Geometric shaped theme crafty quilts

2) Fall Throw Pillows

Decorative throw pillows are beautiful home decor crafts that can provide comfort to your home this Fall. Throw pillows are warm, intimate, elegant home decor crafts that exhibit the essence of Fall. Although you can decorate with throw pillows during any season. With the Fall throw pillows create a special tone and presence in your home. It says “welcome to my house”, “make yourself at home”, “make yourself comfortable.” The amazing thing about decorative throw pillows are their popularity amongst diy lovers as well. You can style and create your own Fall inspired throw pillow. Many modern diy home decor doers love crafting pillows. One of the reasons being when you have a diy throw pillow you can literally create any style or design you desire. There are no limitations. The crafty possibilities are endless. This will not only add coziness and comfort to your home. This will also add creativity, style and taste of class found no where else. Some crafty home decor pillow ideas are:

  • Tassel accessories throw pillows
  • Fall leaves theme throw pillows
  • Lacy elegant handcrafted throw pillows
  • Cylinder, circular, oval shaped diy throw pillows
triple living room pillow set

One of the most popular Fall home decor crafts to style with are throw pillows. This bronze 3 count throw pillow set is a gorgeous, elegant example.

3) DIY Candles

This item being on the list of home decor crafts my come as a surprise. However, yes you can create your own candles if you’re a lover of diy home decor projects. Although crafting your own candles aren’t as popular as handcrafted throw pillows or blankets, it can be achieved. If you want your home to have warmth and comfort this Fall with a diy item try creating candles. Candles are beautiful Fall home decor crafts for obvious reasons. You usually wouldn’t light or use candles until the weather gets chillier. Of course this happens during the Fall season. Also what you place your candles in will help create a Fall style atmosphere in your home. If your candle is placed in a bronze tone, wooden holder this is guaranteed to create a Fall diy look in your home. For a more elegant, artistic design add your candles to a glass holder or use a mason jar for wider candles as a holder. This is a fast yet stylish way to decorate with diy home decor crafts for the Fall.

4) Rugs as Home Decor Crafts

Interior rugs may not seem like your typical home decor crafts. However, when you want to quickly spruce up your home for the Fall rugs are a great choice. Rugs represent elegance, comfort and warmth. It’s very common to decorate with interior rugs during the Fall. They help add layers, character and style to your home for the season. The best way to design with rugs while incorporating your love for diy is to use smaller, crafty rugs. Style with standard size square or circular rugs. You don’t want an extremely long or large rug, especially if your already have carpet in your home. Make sure your rug has at least 2 Fall theme colors in it. This could be tan, brown, scarlet, violet purple, black or navy blue. The design of the rug can be very Fall inspired such as leaves or acorns. Or you could go for a more upscale Fall rug and have paisley designs, geometric shape designs, etc. Handcrafting a rug may not be an easy craft idea for the home. More than likely you’ll buy your Fall interior rug. However, you can still give it a diy and crafty vibe by adding small accessories to your rug. You can also style your rug around other home decor crafts you did do yourself.


A modern yet artistic home decor craft rug great for Fall decorating.

5) Decorate with a Bookshelf

This is another home decor craft that may come as a surprise. “Why decorate with a bookshelf?”, you may ask. “How is a bookshelf a home decor craft?”, you may also ask. The amazing feature about home decor accents such as bookshelves is their size and versatility. A bookshelf may not typically be a home decor craft or a top diy item. However, you can transform it into one. A bookshelf can come in many shapes, forms and sizes. To create your own diy bookshelf design a smaller size one. This bookshelf can be more wider in width yet shorter in height. You can add your favorite diy home decor crafts such as ornaments, picture frames and more on top of the bookshelf. You can even create a wall collage out of books, and simply make the collage your unique bookshelf. Also bookshelves doesn’t always have to be wooden. They can come in many different materials. You can paint a fun, artistic design over your bookshelf. This will instantly give it that artisan, diy sensation. The great thing about bookshelves are they’re large enough in size to make a statement in your home yet small enough to be mobile and exist with other accessories in one room.

6) DIY Fall Drapes


A stunning example of Fall drapes. These lovely home decor crafts can be store purchased or a DIY project created at home

Drapes are one of the most popular Fall decor accessories. They help bring in the crisp, chilly season. They provide warmth and charm to your home. They exhibit elegance and sophistication. A home wouldn’t be a home in Fall without drapes. To add Fall drapes to your modern diy project the key is to accessorize your drapes. Combine your love for diy home decor crafts and modern decorating with Fall drapes. If you’re really into sewing you can create your own diy Fall drapes. However, if you want crafty drapes created in timely manner you can focus on accessorizing your drapes. Purchase your Fall inspired drapes then add artistic accessories to them. These crafty accessories can be:

  • Beads
  • Ribbons
  • Lace
  • Tassels
  • and many more accessories

7) Home Decor Craft Ornaments

Decorative ornaments are the perfect home decor crafts to blend the essence of Fall and artistic design. If you’re an artistic home decor lover and want to lavish your home this Fall ornaments are the perfect gifts. Ornaments provide the perfect balance between modern design and diy crafts. Ornaments also display the spirit of Fall. To style your home this Fall with decorative home decor crafts such as ornaments, simply add your favorite ornament to many of your larger accents. Add decorative Fall ornaments to the top of your console, fireplace, bookshelf, piano or any large decorative accent you have. This will give your home an artistic, intimate, elegant and classy Fall design.

lavender decorative ornament

Adorable, polished birdhouse ornament that makes a great home decor craft and DIY accessory.

8) Decorative Picture Frames

elegant antique picture frame

An artistic home decor craft to lavish your house with this Fall is a painted picture frame.

Styling with decorative picture frames are another home decor crafts great for the Fall season. Picture frames are a great way to add intimacy, love and inspiration to your home. You’re literally adding timeless treasures and memories into your picture frames when you place pictures in them. What better season to do this then the cozy, Fall season? What better home decor accent to combine your love of crafts than with decorative picture frames? There are numerous artistic ideas and styles you can create with picture frames. You can style with hand painted picture frames. You can create a button themed picture frame. You can glue marbles or pebbles to your picture frames. All of these options are easy, simple ways to style your home with a crafty accent.

9) DIY Coasters

Coasters are a greater choice of diy accent for Fall decorating. Like picture frames and throw pillows, coasters are very popular during the Fall.  If you’re a fan of arts, crafts and diy decorating then coasters should be on the top of your list. These are adorable, easy home decor crafts you can create this Fall and automatically add character to your home. You can create cork, ceramic, glass or cement coasters. You can give your coasters any design cover. It could be a family portrait. It could be a special drawing. It could be a picture of your favorite animal. It could be a solid color with a glossy coating. This should take less than 30 minutes to create. To create a Fall inspired diy coaster all you need are:

  • Coaster bases (cork, ceramic, cement, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Gorilla glue
  • Cover/ Coating
  • Ruler

Modern yet artistic Fall theme handcrafted coasters.

10) Furniture Closer

This last home decor craft tip isn’t actually a Fall accent. It’s a tip on how to furnish and design your home for the Fall season. However, it’s not a home decor craft you create. But one of the fastest most effective ways to spruce up your home for the Fall is simply in how you arrange your furniture. During the lighter, warmer seasons you want your furniture to be spaced out. This means during the colder, Fall season you want your furniture to be closer together. This helps give your home a sense of warmth and togetherness. This creates a cozy atmosphere. Moving your furniture closer together is a simple yet amazing way to style your home for the Fall.

These chic, polished home decor craft Fall tips are just the beginning. There are so many  ideas and ways to renovate your home for the Fall season while creating an artistic design. Apply these top 10 Fall home decor craft tips and watch your residence blossom.




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