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Best DIY Home Decor Projects for Winter Crafts

8 Gorgeous and Easy DIY Home Decor Projects for Winter Styling

Now that the Winter season is here and in full effect it’s time to truly revel in it. Winter home decor is more than adding standard cozy accents to your living quarters. There are so many layers to intimate Winter home decor styling. If you’re an artistic home decor lover than you’ll really enjoy this topic of Winter designing. In this post we’ll discuss amazing ways to combine your love for crafts with Winter home decor. All Winter home decor doesn’t have to be expensive and manufactured. Check out 8 gorgeous yet easy DIY home decor projects for winter designing.

1) DIY Shelf Areas

Simple yet lovely DIY home decor shelf decorated with Winter luxury home accents.

A very important area in your home during the Winter season are shelf areas. Shelf areas are a high quality design area in the home especially during the Winter for multiple reasons. They allow you to layers. Shelves allows you to add variety to your home. Shelves also allow you to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere. This is why creating your own diy home decor shelves are a great Winter project idea. A diy home decor shelf for the Winter season is very easy to accomplish. All you need are some nails, a hammer and 1-3 wooden boards. The number of boards really depend on how many shelves you want to add. You can nail the shelves to a particular wall area in your home. Once the shelves are firmly and safely attached to the walls you can decorate them however you like. You can go for a modern diy home decor look by adding simple accents to your shelf. You can also go for an artistic, diy home decor theme by layering the accents added to your shelf. The great thing about this diy tip is the choice is up to you.

2) Winter Coasters

Although coasters can be used during any season, they’re a great selection to style with for diy home decor winter crafts. As stated before during the Winter time you’re more likely to spend time at home. This makes you more likely to eat and drink. You’re also more likely to have hot drinks. This results in a high demand for coasters. This is why diy coasters are very popular for Winter projects and crafts. One of the best qualities about diy home projects such as coasters is how easy they are to create. You can literally create a stunning coaster set under 30 minutes. All you need is your base, top coating material or design, scissors, gorilla glue, a ruler and a tracer. Another spectacular feature about coasters are their versatility. Below are just some of the different types of coaster you can single-handedly create yourself.

Gorgeous DIY winter home decor coasters perfect for classy, upscale decorating
  • Ceramic coasters
  • Cork coasters
  • Fabric coasters
  • Glass coasters
  • Straw material coasters

3) Blankets and Quilts

Blankets and quilts are perfect choices for diy home decor living room ideas. If you want to add elegance, intimacy and charm to your home in Winter fashion always go with blankets and quilts. Blankets and quilts are comfortable, winter theme diy home decor accents guaranteed to delight your residence. Nothing quite says “welcome to our cozy home” during the winter season like a lovely quilt or blanket. The great thing about both of these luxury home accents is the fact that they can be handcrafted. Quilts and blankets are the perfect blend for artistic home decor lovers and modern decorators. Simply create a diy home decor blanket or quilt or your choice by choosing your favorite fabric. Or you can accessorize an already created blanket/ quilt by adding items such as: lace, fur ball trim, buttons, tassels, etc.

4) DIY Home Decor Banners

Have you ever seen a picture of a home with a beautiful banner? Not a birthday or celebration banner. But a lavish interior banner. Maybe you seen it hanging up in front of the fireplace. Or you seen it stretched from one end to the next of the console. This is called a home decor banner. They’re really popular during the winter and fall seasons. A simple yet amazing modern diy project for the winter would be handcrafted decor banners. Create and style your own custom home decor banner this winter season. It’s fun, easy, stylish and adds a very high touch of class to your home. The best thing about creating diy home decor banners are the endless possibilities and styles. You can go for an upscale, classy look. You can go for an old-fashioned banner design. You can go for a glamorous banner design. Either way an unique, diy home decor banner is sure to add character and charm to your living quarters this winter.

A stylish, modern decor banner to decorate the fireplace, another great option for diy home decor craft.

5) DIY Home Decor Vases

Another easy diy home decor project to create during the Winter are decorative vases.

Another popular, universal home decor accent many are in love with are decorative vases. Not only are decorative vases a favorite during the winter season, they’re loved throughout every season. Vases make great diy home decor winter accessories. This is due to the many varieties of decorative vases. This is also due to the comfort and style vases bring during the winter. One of the biggest reasons diy vases are amazing crafts to style during the winter are the countless options. You can practically make a vase out of any circular or cylinder shaped item. It’s an easy diy home decor craft to create. It’s simple yet provides stunning results. Listed below are just some of the type of diy vase projects you can create for the winter.

  • Mason jar vases
  • Flower glass vases
  • Crackle finish vases
  • Floor vases
  • Mini vases
  • Hand painted vases

6) DIY Baskets

Like the beautiful Fall season, baskets are very popular during the winter. A standard yet elegantly styled basket can add the perfect dash of class to your home. If you’re looking for a simple yet stylish diy home decor project, interior baskets are accents for you. Decorative interior baskets are great accessories to style, transform and tidy up your home. They may not seem like the most common, diy home decor project. However, you can craft a gorgeous, winter basket in no time. It doesn’t have to be a tedious project. The best type of handcrafted basket to create for winter diy styling are straw baskets. All you need is a bundle of straw, a solid base for the basket and twine. To give your diy basket a winter vibe focus on what you choose to accessorize your basket with. Add winter tone ribbons to your baskets such as royal blue, ruby red or sparkling black. You can also add a fur tail to the handle of your basket to give it a winter look. You can even glue a winter inspired fabric around the perimeter of your basket. These small yet powerful details will create a beautiful winter basket you can place anywhere in your home.

7) DIY Throw Pillows

Another easy diy home decorating idea are decorative throw pillows. If you’re a fan of artistic home decor and a fan of sewing, diy throw pillows are a great selection for you. Throw pillows are luxury home accents that are very popular during the winter season anyway. They provide comfort, elegance and intimacy for the chilly winter season. Throw pillows are truly one of the most beloved accents in the world. To add personality, charm and creativity to your home with throw pillows try the diy route. Switch up the traditional, store bought option. Instead create your own decorative throw pillows by tapping into your artistic side. Diy throw pillows can literally be any size, material, theme and have any type of accessory to top it off. To create the perfect winter diy home decor pillow you simply need:

Decorative throw pillows are the perfect winter accents to combine your love for diy crafts and decorating.
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Fabric (length and width long enough to fill out entire pillow)
  • Sewing pattern (shaper)
  • Pillow stuffing (cotton, feathers, foam, etc)
  • Sewing machine (optional)

8) Winter Candle Holders

Decorative candles are very popular and sought after in the winter. They help keep your home warm, classy and modern. This is why candle holders would make great accents to create winter diy projects with. You need a lovely, stylish holder to accompany your winter candle. Why not combine your love for art, crafts and decor with custom candle holders. The great thing about candle holders is just about anything can be created into one. You can use recycled bottles as candle holders. You can use drinking glasses as candle holders. You can even use small wooden logs as candle holders. The choice should ultimately be made based on what decorating style you want to go with.

These easy, creative diy home decor tips for winter crafts are just the beginning. There are many more tips and projects you can complete for gorgeous winter styling. The key is to focus on a popular winter home decor accent and learn how to blend your crafting skills with that accent. Other sources you can learn amazing diy winter projects from are YouTube tutorials, Pinterest home crafts section, Elle decor online and more.

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