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Best Decorative Throw Pillows Design for Fall

Amazing, Intimate Fall Design Tips with Decorative Throw Pillows


Add gorgeous intimacy and comfort this Fall with decorative throw pillows

During the Fall season one of the main goals should be providing comfort to your home. Your home should always be comfortable and welcoming with every season. However, during the Fall and colder seasons your home being cozy is extremely important. The best way to accomplish this goal is through designing your residence. One of the most amazing ways to style your home during the Fall is with decorative throw pillows. Decorative throw pillows are a perfect luxury home accent. They add elegance, comfort, style and intimacy to your home. Here are 7 simple but great ways to design your home for the Fall with decorative throw pillows.


1) Decorating the Sofa with Throw Pillows

The sofa is the most popular area to lavish your home with decorative throw pillows. It’s modern, simple and traditional. To some interior decorators it may be deemed as “too traditional.” However, this is very far from the truth. You can add comfort and style to your house in an original way by sprucing up your sofa with throw pillows. You can create the perfect blend of contemporary design and Fall comfort. During the Fall season the more pillows you add to your sofa the better. This can be zazzle pillows, accent pillows, handcrafted pillows or modern pillows. The key is to add warmth and intimacy to your home. Decorative throw pillows styled on your sofa is the perfectly way to make your home cozy, comfortable and elegant. Try adding a 3 or 5 count decorative pillow set to your sofa. For 3 count pillows place 1 pillow on each side and 1 in the middle. For 5 count pillows place 2 on each side and 1 in the middle.

2) Decorative Throw Pillows for Your Kitchen

A great way to add intimacy and quality to your home with decorative throw pillows is by utilizing your kitchen. If you have a kitchen table feel free to add a gorgeous accent pillow to each chair. When typically thinking about decorative with throw pillows many only think of the living room sofa. However, the best way to create style and charm to your home is to design uncommon areas. Place a small to medium size decorative throw pillow on each kitchen chair this Fall season. If you’re using your kitchen table then you can always place the pillows to the side. But for styling and decoration purposes don’t be afraid to add an adorable pillow to your kitchen table set.


Simple and elegant example of decorative throw pillows styled at the kitchen table

3) Designing Non-Traditional Areas

An unique way to spruce up your house with decorative throw pillows is to add them to usual areas. Don’t stop at placing Fall throw pillows in only traditional areas. Sure you want to add a lovely accent or throw pillow to your living room, sofa or couch. However, the key to gorgeous home design is to think outside the box. You should incorporate modern design with your own personal touch of class. It may seem strange at first but once you start decorating miscellaneous areas of your home you’ll witness how easy it makes your residence pop. Some uncommon parts of your home where you can add decorative throw pillows are:

  • Comfort pillow collage in corner of living room
  • Rocking chair or single living room chair
  • Living room or dining room shelf
  • Top of bookshelf as decoration
  • In hallway (if hallway has small table or stand in it)

Simple, elegant example of how adding decorative throw pillows to uncommon areas such as your shelves can create intimacy and modern style to your home.

 4) Bedroom Decorating

Another great, simple way to add affection and luxury into your home is to add decorative throw pillows to your bedroom. Your bedroom is definitely the place where you should feel plenty of comfort, affection and relaxation.  Why not start with a cozy, luxurious throw pillow set. It doesn’t matter the shape, style or brand of pillow you choose. The key is to create a loving, comfortable area in your bedroom with decorative throw pillows. Just like your living room sofa, the more pillow sin your bedroom the better. Even if you don’t sleep with these pillows. Just to style a cozy, intimate, lovely atmosphere during the Fall add more throw pillows. The best way to make your bedroom come to life with decorative throw pillows is to add a variety of shapes.


Gorgeous bedroom setting with layered decorative throw pillows.

5) Outdoor Decorating

Although you may not go outside as much during the Fall like you would during the Spring or Summer, you still can put care into your outdoor area. Fall decorating can be utilized for the outdoor perimeters of your home. This means decorating your patio, porch and front stoop. A great way to jazz up these outdoor areas are with decorative throw pillows. Throw pillows and accent pillows don’t only have to be styled indoors. There are countless ways to design your home with elegant home decor accessories such as throw pillows and make your house come to life. Adding attention and detail to the outdoor area of your home is a beautiful way to style for the Fall. Decorate your favorite elegant throw pillow set to your patio bench or swing. Add a single, decorative throw pillow to your front porch rocking chair. These small yet amazing tips will instantly make your the outdoors of your home glamorous and stylish this Fall season.

6) Single Decor Chairs

Decorative throw pillows don’t have to only be placed to your sofa set. They can also be styled in a single home decor chair. An amazing way to add intimacy and style to your residence with decorative throw pillows is to add them to single chairs. This decorating tip is great for the Fall because it creates a more active, warm, cozy environment in your home. It resonates the essence of the Fall season. Take a glamorous, swivel chair or modern single chair and design it with a pillow. Since a single chair is obviously smaller than a sofa it’s better to use a smaller size pillow or 2. If you’re going to decorate your chair with a larger throw pillow make sure you use only 1. To make sure this newly styled chair isn’t taking over your living room place the chair in a corner or the other side of the room.


silky elegant decorative pillow

Cozy, intimate decorative throw pillow. The perfect size and shape for adding to a single chair


7) Stunning Mini Throw Pillows

Mini throw pillows aren’t as popular as their standard counterparts. However, styling with mini decorative throw pillows is a fun way to add a splash of style and creativity. If you want to add originality and artistic flare to your home this Fall season mini pillows are a great way to achieve this. They’re adorable, tender and versatile. If you want to add timeless comfort to your home by styling smaller areas mini throw pillows are a great choice. With mini decorative throw pillows you can design your:

  • Console
  • Living room shelves
  • China closet
  • Picture stand
  • Bedroom dresser

Don’t stop at these 7 easy, unique Fall tips for styling with decorative throw pillows. There are many more ways to polish your home this season with these adorable accents. The spectacular thing about home design and decorating is at the end of the day the final say is up to you. It’s all about incorporating style and elegance with your own personal touch and character.


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