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Artistic Home Decor: 5 DIY Artful Design Tips

5 Great Ways to Blend Artistic Home Decor with Design

If you’re a fan of artistic home decor and have a passion for arts and crafts then these 5 DIY tips are perfect for you. When most think of home decor and decorating they think of modern design or luxurious accents. However, there is a whole other aspect to decorating. You have plenty of home decorators who adore artistic home decor. These interior decorators love crafts, sewing, collages, artful collections and more. If blending home decor with artisan style isn’t typically your “thing”, after reading these colorful tips you just may become a fan yourself. Below are 5 amazing ways to beautifully combine artistic home decor with modern design.


Colors and More Colors for Artistic Home Decor Design

artistic home decor design

Gorgeous example of a colorful room that has an artistic home decor while still remaining modern

One of the most simple yet amazing ways to style your house with an artistic home decor theme is through multiple colors. Most home owners when thinking of renovating the home only work with 2-3 colors. This is great for a modern, contemporary design theme. However, when creating an artistic home decor theme the more colors the better. This can be accomplished without making your theme appear overbearing or having too many colors. You can use different shades of the same color. Undertones of the same color. Similar hues and so much more. Having multiple colors in your decorating theme can be done very clean, smooth and elegant. In stead of giving your living room sofa set 2 colors. Add four different colors to your sofa set. This can be done with vibrant color throw pillows, multiple color blankets and more. Some other great examples of where to add various colors throughout your home are:

  • the living room or main room in your home
  • the kitchen
  • your living room and dining room walls
  • your bedroom
  • your sofa area

Various Painting for Artistic Home Decor and Modern Blend

Another great way to blend your love of artistic design and modern decorating is by adding paintings to your home. Nothing says “I love art” quite like a gorgeous painting. At the same time a timeless painting can give your home elegance and class. It’s the perfect accessory that provides the balance you’re looking for. The great thing about using paintings to spruce up your home into an artful layout are the many varieties. You can select a large painting to hang in your living room above your most attractive piece of furniture. This will really bring an artisan styled theme to your home. You can also hang this large painting on the most spacious part of your living room wall. This gives the room a full, lively, artful look. With smaller paintings you can hang them over medium to large size furniture pieces such as your fireplace, table vase, china closet, etc. You can also hang smaller paintings in your kitchen, dining room and on your stairway walls.


Handcrafted Throw Pillows to Create Artistic Decorating Theme

large sofa pillow set

Handcrafted throw pillow set that’s perfect for artistic home decor theme. Vibrant combination of colors, large in size and still possess modern appeal.

Perhaps the most stylish way to transform your residence into an artistic sanctuary is with handcrafted throw pillows. Throw pillows are a home decor favorite among many fans and decorators. They are small yet powerful items that give your home character and personality. If you desire to give your home an artful theme then handcrafted, artisan inspired throw pillows are the accents for you. Handcrafted throw pillows provide a more artistic style and personal touch versus standard throw pillows. With handcrafted pillows you can give your home a custom design that displays your energy, spirit and crafty side. The best decorative throw pillows to complete this look with are large throw pillows that typically comes in a set. The more colors the pillows have the better. Give the area you’re going to place the pillows at a crafty, fun look by adding different shapes and size pillows. This gives your sofa, living room or dining room set character, style, charm and creativity.


Abstract Shapes and Sizes for Artistic Home Decor Blend

An amazing way to blend art and modern design to your home decorating theme is with abstract shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to create an artistic theme yet still remain modern abstract shapes are the way to go. Decorating with standard shapes and sizes are better for elegant, classic style themes. If you want to add a splash of artful flare then abstract shapes are ideal. Instead of a rectangle shapes coffee table add an oval shaped coffee table. Instead of a square picture frame jazz it up with a circular picture frame. Sit your large furniture items on a slant. This gives the illusion that they aren’t a standard shaped item. This helps give your home a creative, artistic layout and tone.


Decorative Collages for Artistic Home Decor Theme

Adding an interior collage to your home is a great way to create an artisan theme. Most collages naturally have an artistic aura to them. Collages have a way of saying  creativity. There are plenty of ways to incorporate collages into your home design theme. One of the easiest ways is with books. Don’t use a standard 2-4 shelf bookshelf if you want to give your home an artistic theme. Use an exotic shaped book shelf or stack books on top of each other creating various shapes. This gives your reading area texture and character. It’s also an unique look. Another great artful collage are wall decor collages. Pick a large wall area in your home and hang multiple pictures and wall accessories close together in that area. Don’t give the wall items space in between each other. The goal is to make the space as close and tight as possible. Make sure you shape the collage into an exotic shape. Nothing too perfect or standard. You now have a grand, wall collage hanging in a main area of your home. Other artisan inspired collages you can create are:

  • mosaic inspired collages
  • ornament collages
  • marble collages
artistic home decor decorating

Stunning example of an abstract shaped bookshelf collage. Perfect for creating an artistic home decor theme

These 5 DIY tips on how to combine your love for art with modern design is only the beginning. There are countless ways to give your residence an artistic home decor theme. The great thing about styling with art is there are no rules. The key is to simply find creative, modish ways to allow your character and passion for art to resonate in your home.


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