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9 Fast Home Decorating Ideas for the Summer

Easy Summer Home Decorating Ideas All Under 5 Minutes

Do you desire to transform your home with beautiful accents? Do you want your home to look great for every season? Are you a fan of stylish summer decorating but unfortunately don’t have the time? This happens to be the reality for a lot of home owners. You want to style your living quarters just in time for the current season but don’t have the time to do so. This could be due to your work schedule, a demanding career, being a full time parent, etc. However, all hope is not lost. There are ways to decorate your home and make it look beautiful in a timely manner. Here are 9 home decorating ideas you can complete in 5 minutes or less for the summer.

1. Decorative Baskets

home decorating ideas
Add summer style baskets to your house is a one of the best home decorating ideas that can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

One of the easiest and fastest home decorating ideas for the summer is to utilize baskets. Baskets are fun, elegant and simple home decor accents that can transform your residence. Decorative baskets can be dressed up into a sophisticated atmosphere. They can also be dressed down into a modern home decor layout. All you have to do is figure out where you want to place, and what you want to place in your baskets. It’s better for your baskets to have a theme. This help makes your home appear charming and neat. Simply place a decorative basket on your coffee table and witness it bring the room to life. Place items in that particular basket such as sewing material or office supplies. You can also go for the traditional, home decorating kitchen idea and add a basket to your kitchen table with fruit placed inside. This home decor tip is simple and fast. It can certainly be completed within 5 minutes.

2. Group of 3x’s

A simple tip on our list of home decorating ideas to lavish your residence for the summer is to use the group of 3 rule. This means designing luxury home accents in sets of 3x’s. This is a traditional home decor trick that many have used countless times. It’s great if you’re aiming for an elegant home decor look or modern yet classy home decor layout. You can’t go wrong with sets of 3x’s. This rule is usually applied to smaller or standard size accents. Meaning this is usually used for vases, table picture frames, knick knacks, etc. Usually the accent that’s in the middle of the 3 tends to be the tallest or largest. This allows for the set of 3x’s to stand out in your home. This home decorating idea can be done in minutes and create a lovely finish.

Decorating in sets of 3x’s are a great way to quickly spruce up your home for an elegant design.

3. Fresh Flowers

Simply adding fresh flowers to your home is an easy and fast way to jazz up your area for the summer

Adding fresh flowers to any area in your house is a simple home decorating idea perfect for the summer. The great thing about this decorating tip is that it fits the summer season so well and it’s such a fast task to complete. All you have to do is add fresh flowers to an already existing home decor accent. Of course make sure the accent is something that can hold flowers. This can range from a decorative glass vase to a table centerpiece. Whatever you decide you want the flowers to be fresh. This will give your home so much character and life. It’s also a great way to give home a brand new look in a timely manner.

4. Mix and Match Wall Decor

One of the quickest home decorating ideas that will transform your place instant is focusing on wall decor. Wall decor is a great way to welcome the summer season due to its elegant design and welcoming presence. However, a lot of wall decorating projects can be time consuming. This is why this simple home decorating tip will blow you away. All you have to do is add decorative accents to your wall that can be mixed and matched in size and shape. This can apply to decorative wall picture frames, wall mirrors and wall decals. Instead of adding the same standard size frame or portrait to your wall. Switch up the size by adding some large and grand with some small and petite. This can be done in no time.

Styling your wall decor to be various shapes and sizes is a fast way to add character to your home for the summer season

5. Place Furniture

home decorating idea
One of the simplest home decorating ideas to lavish your residence is to place your furniture off the walls.

Where and how you place the furniture in your home plays a major role in your design results. Remember summer home decorating is all about creating space in a cool, welcoming environment. A fast way to renovate your home to fit the summer season is to pull your furniture 1-2 inches away from the wall. Never have your furniture touching your walls. Those few inches off the wall gives your home the illusion of being a larger space. It also helps to create a modern, elegant home decor design. It doesn’t take much time at all to pull the furniture 1-2 inches from your walls. This can definitely be done within 5 minutes. If the furniture is really large and difficult for 1 person to do, please don’t hurt yourself, always ask for help. Or wait until help arrives.

6. Change Table Decor

Another simple home decorating idea that can be achieved this summer under 5 minutes, is changing your table decor. Simply changing the decor on your table from time to time will give your living quarters a new look. The most important thing about this tip is how easy and non-time consuming it is. What home decorator wouldn’t love to be able to revamp his or her home without wasting a lot of time. This can be applied to your living room coffee table, dining room table and kitchen table. If you have a centerpiece that was the main attraction of your kitchen table. You can now swap that out for a candy bowl or accent tray. Not only is this home decor idea very fast and easy. It work wonders for giving your home a new design.

One of the fastest home decorating ideas to transform your living quarters is to periodically switch up your table decor

7. Adding a Rug

Adding an interior rug to any room in your home is a great way to bring life and character to your residence in a matter of minutes.

Adding an interior rug to any room in your home is a great way to transform it in a timely manner. If you want to spruce up your home but simply don’t have the time, all you have to do is add a rug. A decorative rug can bring out so many hidden traits and features in your home you never knew existed. To get the best results with this summer home decorating idea, place the rug under a large accent. This can be your coffee table, sofa or love seat. To give it a summer design make sure the rug has summer colors and patterns in it. Also make sure the material of the rug isn’t too thick.

8. One Large Accent

Another fast summer home decor idea is to simply add 1 large accent to your room. This can be your living room, dining room or an entryway. It all depends on which area in your home you want to make the main attraction. For many this will be the living room. To create an elegant, summer home decor layout within 5 minutes just add a large accent to the equation. A large home decor accent will make your home appear grand, alive, charming and classy. For a simple, modern home decor look go with a solid color large accent. For a fun, creative and artistic home decor theme go for a multi-colored large accent. If you already have the accent available in your home this should really be finished in no time. However, you can even purchase a large accent from a home decor store such as Target, Pottery Barn or an online retailer such as Wayfair and World Market. Some examples of large home decor items that can be used to decorate your home easily are:

Simply adding just 1 or 2 large accents such as a floor vase to your living room can lavish it in less than 5 minutes
  • Large floor vases
  • Statues
  • Floor plants
  • Floor lamps
  • Vanity chair

9. Throw Pillows

Simply adding a small, odd set of decorative throw pillows to your sofa can revamp your home within moments. This is one of the most classic home decorating ideas.

Decorative throw pillows play a major role in stylish home decorating. This applies to every season. When styling your home for the summer season exactly how many throw pillows you use are vital. You want your home to be cool and breezy during the summer. This means you don’t want to overload on any of your home decor accents. You especially don’t want to overload on pillows. The less throw pillows, the better. A quick and easy way to design your home with pillow correctly during the summer is to add a small number of uneven count. This means you can add 1 or 3 throw pillows to your room or sofa. You don’t want to add a high number because you don’t want to overdo decorative pillows during the summertime. It looks very out of season. You also want to keep the number odd because remember, odd number accents tend to look more elegant, mature and in style. Another great thing about this tip is how easy it is to complete. It’s very easy to simply add 1-3 throw pillows to your home. There’s no doubt this can be done in 5 minutes or less.

Next time you want to spruce up your home but believe you don’t have the time, simply think of these home decorating ideas. Now you can transform your house into the perfect sanctuary in 5 minutes or less. No more rushing. No more last minute living room touch-ups. No more gazing out photos or magazines of beautiful homes and longing for the day you can have the same results. You now see how easy it is to have them. Apply these tips now and see how easy it to accomplish interior decorating without taking up all your time.

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