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7 Summer DIY Home Decor Ideas

Popular Summer DIY Home Decor Accents to Create

One of the best things about the summer season are its decorating options. In the summertime you have so much variety in terms of lavishing your home. You can go for the summer, fun, vibrant artistic home decor theme. You can go with the cool, breezy elegant home decor design. You can focus on several areas in your home at once. You can even integrate your outdoor decorating ideas into your home decor design. With summer decorating the possibilities are endless. One of the most popular summer decorating themes is diy home decor. DIY home decor is favorite among many especially during the summer. Summer diy home decor is so loved due its fun, delightful and creative nature. Many interior decorators love diy crafts for the home. Here are 10 summer diy home decor ideas for elegant accents you can create.

1. Decorative Vases

Decorative vases are the perfect summer accents to create for diy home decor crafting.

Arguably the most popular home decor accent to do a diy project with are decorative vases. Not only are decorative vases great for diy home decor styling. Decorative vases are great for summer styling. If you’re looking for the perfect accent to blend summer and diy design, decorative vases are a great choice. The most amazing thing about diy vases for the summer are their countless options. You can literally create a vase from just about anything. You can literally choose from so many different type of styles to be inspired by. If you desire to create your own summer themed vase get inspired with some of these styles mentioned below:

  • Mason jar based vases
  • Wine bottled vases
  • Handcrafted ceramic vases
  • Glass cylinder shaped vases
  • Salt shaker vases

2. Shelves

Another great diy home decor item to make for the summer are shelves. This may seem odd at first but shelves are great accessories that can enhance your home. Add shelves to various areas in your home can provide versatility, creativity and give your home more leverage. You may initially think you don’t have space for a certain design. However, simply adding shelves can give your home double the amount of space. Now you can add certain accents you initially couldn’t add. Now you can give your home more character. Now you can double the amount of elegance without feeling like your home will be cluttered. One of the main reasons shelves are great for the summertime is because they represent neatness and layering. Summer decorating is all about creating a cool, clean and clutter free yet lively home environment. To add shelves throughout your home all you need are:

DIY home decor shelves are great for easy, simple ways to spruce up your house for the summer
  • Sheet of wood (can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowe’s or local hardware store)
  • Screws
  • Gorilla glue (alternative option for screws)
  • Hammer (please use cautiously)

3. Throw Pillows

Decorative throw pillows are another great accent to create yourself during the summer. Yes there are plenty of beautiful summer pillows you can buy. But if you’ve been bitten by the “diy bug”, handcrafted throw pillows are a great option. Throw pillows are fun, stylish and universal luxury home accents that can transform your residence in minutes. They help give your home a comfortable, cool, summer vibe. The key to adding throw pillows to your home during the summer is to not over add them. You want your home to always appear cool with summer decorating. Also make sure you use summer welcoming colors and patterns when creating your throw pillows. To achieve this elegant diy home decor project all you need are:

  • 1-2 yards of fabric
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Sewing needle (if you want to hand sew it)
  • A thread
  • A sewing machine (if you don’t want to hand sew it)
  • Any accessories you want to add to your pillow (buttons, decals, trim, etc.)
diy home decor throw pillow set
Summer designed, handcrafted throw pillows great for diy home decor styling

If you don’t know how to sew and think this mean you can’t complete this diy home project, don’t worry about it. You can always buy your favorite summer themed fabric and simply cover it over a plain all-white pre-made pillow. You can also learn to sew or invest in crafting classes that offer sewing. Below is a link to a fun video that shows you how to sew a throw pillow.

How to make a hand sewn pillow

4. DIY Coasters

DIY coasters a fun, creative ways to add style to your residence for a marvelous diy home decor design.

Coasters are an amazing diy project for the home especially in the summertime. DIY coasters are fun, easy and stylish accessories to create. They’re perfect for the summer season for more reasons than one. DIY coasters are a simple yet charming way to add elegance to your home for the summer season. They also help add character and taste to your home for the summer. Coasters also help your home display the essence of summer all by themselves. Who doesn’t like a cool drink in the summertime? What home decorator doesn’t want their cool drink placed on a fabulous, handcrafted coaster that possess personality. These are just some of the reasons coasters would be a great diy home decor project for you. The best thing about this diy idea are the many choices of different styles of coasters you have. You can create so many different coasters including:

  • Cork based coaster
  • Cloth coaster
  • Ceramic coaster
  • Glass coaster
  • Wooden coaster

5. Decorative Picture Frames

diy home decor
An elegant yet artistic inspired decorative picture frame, perfect for a summer diy home decor layout.

Decorative picture frames are another accent perfect for summer diy home decor styling. During the summer season and every other season you want your home to have warmth, intimacy and of course memories. What better way to achieve this goal then by adding your own personally created picture frames. The most intimate thing about picture frames are the pictures inside. They help add love and timeless memories to your home. Handcrafting your own creation of one will also add precious memories to your home like never before. The great thing about diy picture frames are the simplicity. It doesn’t take a lot to create them and the results are absolutely stunning. You can create any type of theme or style with your own diy picture frames. Below are just a few decorative picture frame ideas.

6. Wall Mirrors

A simple yet elegant diy home decor idea for the summer are wall mirrors. Wall mirror are great home accents can really make your living quarters pop in no time. One of the biggest reasons mirror are perfect for blending diy and summer design is because of their natural elegant appeal. Wall mirror are already popular for elegant summer designing. They can also be a lovely diy treasure. This gives them the perfect balance for any interior decorator who desire to create diy accents this summer season. Wall mirror can be small, large, grand, simple or extravagant. It’s all up to the diy creator and the look he or she desires. To make your diy wall mirror come to life all you need are:

Gorgeous diy wall mirrors creating the perfect crafty yet elegant summer blend.
  • The mirror base/ sheet which can be purchased at a local or mainstream craft store or even with an online retailer
  • You desired boarder of choice
  • Crafting/ gorilla glue
  • Any accessories you want to add to wall mirror border

7. DIY Placemats

Decorative placemats are a fun, gorgeous accent you can create during your summer diy fest. They’re a popular summer home decor item. They have an elegant style to them and are very easy to create. Like many of the other diy home decor ideas mentioned, placemats are universal. Meaning they go well with any home decor style, design or theme. Whether you’re an elegant home decor lover or traditional home decor fan, you can always use placemats. Placemats also comes in many styles and designs. You can go for the standard, square shaped placemat. You can go for the perfect circle or oval placemat. You can even contribute to a fancy home decor theme by creating flower or geometric shaped placemats. All you need are:

elegant diy home decor
Elegant, decorative diy placemats for designing the home this summer.
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Shears (to cut/ shape your pattern)
  • Pattern sheet/ tracer
  • Any accessories you may want to add to your placemat, particularly around its border (optional)

These 7 fun, easy and amazing diy home decor ideas are just the beginning. There are countless accents you can create yourself to transform your home for the summer season. The best thing about creating these diy items is the fact that its super easy. No matter how fancy or dazzling the home decor item may appear, you’d be surprise to find out just how easy it is to actually create the results. Now you can tap into your creative side and lavish your home this summer with these diy home decor craft ideas.

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