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french country decor

7 Lovely French Country Decor Ideas for the Spring

Beautiful French Country Decor Ideas for Your Spring Design

One of the most beloved and celebrated Spring designs is French Country Decor. French Country decor has a way of blending elegant home decor with modern comfort and antique accessories. This is perfect for bringing in the essence of Spring. It’s also great for styling your residence to fit a cool, calming environment. The great thing about French Country decorating is its versatile abilities. It can fit in with a modern home decor theme. It can compliment an upscale decorating theme. It also goes great with a rustic home decor theme. If you’re wondering how to do accomplish a decorating theme as beautiful as this one, you can check out 7 easy French Country Decor ideas below.

1. Color White

A simple yet gorgeous French Country Decor theme styled with predominantly white accents.

The color white is one of the easiest ways to create a French Country Decor theme. The color instantly gives your home a cool, modern and elegant design. This is a highly sought after feature during the Spring season. Of course there are other colors that can compliment a French Country decorating theme. However, white is great for decorators who aim for a modern French Country decor theme or a simple French Country decor layout. A great way to bring this theme to life with the color white is add it to larger elements in your home. For instance use all white curtains for your living room. You can also add an all white sofa to the center of your living room.

2. Chandeliers

Another simple yet gorgeous French Country Decor tip are chandeliers. Chandeliers are elegant yet modern accessories that goes great for a French Country decor theme. The key to creating this lovely theme in your home is to combine elegant design and antique style, while also adding a splash of upscale appeal. Chandeliers are great due to their elegant, extravagant look but also modern design. Chandeliers also represent timeless decorating which is another feature French Country Decor possess. For a more extravagant, fancy French Country Decor theme go for a larger, grand chandelier. For a simple, modern design go for a smaller more traditional chandelier.

French Country Decor
A perfect example of a stunning chandelier centered above the living room table, that has a French Country decor design.

3. Vintage Furniture

Remember French Country interior design is all about blending antique style with modern elegance. If you desire to create a beautiful French design theme vintage furniture is a great route to go. It helps give your living quarters an antique, old-fashioned vibe that can be accompanied by modern accents. It gives your home the perfect balance. One of the best types of vintage furniture is white washed wooden pieces. A white washed wooden living room table placed in the center of your room is great for a French Country decor theme. You can also place a white washed wooden rocking chair in your living room area to accompany your theme. Other wooden, vintage pieces great for completing your them are:

french country decor
A modern white washed wooden table styled with a beautiful Spring finish is a great example of blending adding this decorating idea to your French Country decor theme.
  • standard chair set
  • antique corner tables
  • picture frames
  • vanity mirrors

4. Wall Gallery

french country decor
Gorgeous French Country decor wall gallery perfect for a modern or classy home decor theme.

Focusing on your walls and adding a gallery is another popular French Country decor feature. Many homes that are designed with French Country styling have beautiful wall galleries. The key to making your wall galleries fit with your French Country theme are your picture frames. The decorative wall picture frames should have a vintage look to them. Then once you place your desired pics in them it’ll instantly give your home the French Country style design you’re looking for. Your picture frames should also have a white washed wooden texture to it. You can also create your own antique frame look by painting or airbrushing your picture frames.

5. Upholstered Chairs

Upholstered chairs, especially vanity chairs are gorgeous accents for a French Country decor design. Upholstered chairs give your residence an elegant and classy design. You can transform your home from pretty to drop dead gorgeous in a matter of minutes with the right upholstered chair. Another great thing about upholstered vanity chairs are their connection to European designs and Victorian decor. This fits perfect for a French Country decor layout. What better way to create a French Country interior design theme than to incorporate a European style accent into the equation.

french country home decor
A classy, decorative upholstered chair topped with a beautiful French Country decor print

6. Victorian Prints

Another easy way to create a lovely French Country decor layout is utilize victorian prints. One of the best ways to make a French theme pop in your home is to incorporate some European style decorating ideas. After all a French Country style theme would be cohesive with European decorating styles. A victorian print also adds elegance and sophistication to your home. Whether you want to create a modern French Country living room or a classical one. A victorian print design will allow this theme to really come to life. A similar print that goes well with this theme also is a fine landscape print theme. Some luxury home accents you can style in these 2 themes are:

A gorgeous victorian print throw pillow great for adding to your French Country decor theme.

7. Luxury Home Accents

One of the best and simplest ways to complete a French Country decor theme is to focus on your luxury home accents. Simply rearranging or organizing the accents you already have in your home can help with your French Country theme. Bringing smaller, more delicate home decor accents to life in your living quarters is a great way to accomplish this popular decorating theme. This is because a French Country decor theme has a lot of adorable, petite home decor accents in it. If you don’t have many small, luxury home accents you can always purchase them from Target, Pier One or Wayfair. You can even go to your local craft store such as Joann or Michaels and create your own luxury home accents. Add these accents to larger furniture pieces such as the top of your fireplace, inside your china closet, entertainment set or living room window seal.

elegant wooden ornament
A modern, vintage style decorative wooden ornament great for a lovely French Country decor layout

Next time you want to transform your home with a French Country decor theme don’t think it’s too difficult. Don’t think it’s too hard or too fancy for you to complete. As you now can see there are plenty of ways to create a fabulous French Country decor layout in a matter of minutes.

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