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7 DIY Elegant Home Decor Ideas

Learn these 10 Easy DIY Elegant Home Decor Ideas

When decorating your home you want it to be a pure reflection you. You want it to exhibit your character, personality and charm. One of the best ways to accomplish this dream is to style your home with an elegant theme. Most home owners desire for their residence to have an elegant and sophisticated look. However, when most people think of elegance the automatically think of high expense. Once upon a time this way the case, but in this modern day and time that doesn’t have to be. You can create a gorgeous, upscale look in your house without paying for crazy expense luxury home accents. You can create your own glamorous accents. Here are 7 diy elegant home decor ideas that are easy and fun.

1) Unique Coasters

A fun and elegant home decor accent you can style your home with and create yourself are coasters. Coasters are adorable home decor accessories that can help you add elegance and style into your house. The simple purpose of coasters represent elegance and class. They go great with any style of glass or cup. The amazing thing about coasters are their beautiful variety. You can have a ceramic coaster, a wooden coaster, a cork coaster and many more materials. You can add any print, color or texture to your coaster to give it a stunning elegant look. For our list of elegant home decor ideas we’re going to go with decorative coasters made out of cork. In order to complete this easy yet luxury home accent you’ll need the following:


Circular cork board pieces great for creating one of our elegant home decor ideas which are decorative coasters

  • A pack of circular cork boards
  • Gorilla glue
  • Scissors
  • Gloss paper

Gorgeous example of decorative cork coasters that can be created on a budget

Now that you have your accessories you’ll use your cork board pieces as the base of the coaster. Take the cork pieces out of the wrapper and spread them out. Take your gloss paper and draw a perfect circular on it. You can use the cork piece to trace the circle. Make sure the gloss paper has a design or pattern you would want your coaster to be styled with. This can be a floral print, paisley print or a geometric style print. Now that you’ve traced your circle on your gloss paper, cut it out. Use the gorilla glue to seal your gloss paper onto your cork board. Then let the cork boards dry. Once they’re dried you can now see you have a gorgeous, elegant cork coaster that was created in minutes.

2) Elegant Wall Accessories

Another diy elegant home decor idea that’s quick and easy is adding elegant wall accessories. These elegant wall accessories can be a decorative picture frame or a collage. To create an unique, gorgeous picture frame at a reasonable cost grab a plain wooden picture frame from the craft store. It can be square, rectangle or oval shaped. Now that you have the frame of your choice you cam decorate it with an exclusive design. You can paint the picture frame a solid color or create a multi-colored look. You can give your picture frame a mosaic inspired style. You can even add a lace trim around your picture frame. This will definitely give your wall accent an elegant and poised look.


elegant antique picture frame

Glamorous and artistic example of a diy elegant home decor idea with decorative picture frames

3) Hand Painted Glass Vases


Lovely, artistic example of a handcrafted painted crackle finish vase. Great for diy elegant home decor ideas and unique home accents.

When creating elegant home decor on a budget one of the most common accents to achieve this is with decorative glass vases. Vases are and will always be one of the most popular home decor accents around. They’re also one of the easiest diy home decor projects you can complete. The amazing thing to know about vases are just about any item can be transformed into a vase. One of our diy elegant home decor ideas is how to create your own glamorous glass vase. A great and easy way to accomplish this craft is by designing hand painted vases. Simply grab any circular or cylinder shaped item in your home. This can be a drinking glass, a bowl, etc. Grab 2-5 different colors of paint. Of course have a paint brush handy. Now you’re ready to create your own custom designed glass vases. The best way to reflect elegance and glamour throughout your vase is to create a lavish paint design. Whether it be a garden theme, a colorful flower theme or a poke-a-dot theme. The more colors and patterns you paint on your vase the more elegant and luxurious it will appear. Now place your favorite flower or flower bouquet on your vase and you now have your own unique and elegant decorative vase.

4) Elegant and Easy Table Cloths

Another easy way to create an elegant, modern home decor accent in your house is by making table cloths. This is super easy, quick and fun. All you need is fabric in a material of your choice, scissors, a needle and thread. All of these items can be purchased at your local craft or fabric store. Make sure the fabric is large enough to cover your table. Now that you have all your items simply cut the table cloth into your desired shape, sew the edges so the lining can be nice and neat and add the cloth to your favorite table. To make the table cloth even more fancy you can add lace around its perimeter or tassel accessories.

5)  Elegant Candy Jars

Everyone loves candy! Who wouldn’t want to be a guest in someone’s house and be offered a piece of candy from a lovely candy jar. This makes fancy candy jars one of the accents on our elegant home decor ideas list. The key isn’t just to decorate your living area with any candy jar. The jar has to be unique, elegant and stylish. This can be done by simply adding decorative accessories to a plain, clear or white jar. Below are a list of items and crafts that can be added to your candy jar simply with some glue. This is a small yet powerful way to add decorative home accents to your residence:


Perfect example of a handcrafted candy jar that has an elegant and classy design

  • Glitter
  • Marbles
  • Buttons
  • Crackle Finish Coating

6) Painted Large Accents


A vibrant, colorful example of a large luxury home accent that’s been painted providing elegance and sophistication into your residence.

An extremely simple diy elegant home decor idea to add quality and sophistication to your house is by painting the accents you already have. This idea works well with large home decor pieces such as dressers, vanity chairs, side tables, etc. If you want to give your home a new look but you’re on a budget an easy way to achieve this is by giving your accessories a paint job. A new color or texture can instantly turn a standard furniture item into a luxury home accent. The amazing thing about this project is your added style to your residence with little to low cost home decor.







7) Handcrafted Cup Hooks

The last diy elegant home decor idea on our list is handcrafted cup hooks. This diy project is one of our favorites due to its originality and unique style. When most people think of cup hooks they think of fancy, manufactured ones. However, there’s a way to create your own cup hooks right at home. Unique home decor accessories such as wooden cup hooks aren’t mentioned often. That’s because most don’t see cup hooks as a do it yourself task. To complete this diy project you’ll need:

  • Thick wood
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Paint (optional)

Purchase some fine thick wood or grab some from outside (make sure it’s strong and thick). Grab a box of nails, a hammer and paint if you want to jazz up the color of your hooks. Simply nail each wooden piece to your wall directly, or you can nail the wooden pieces to a long rectangle board. Then nail the rectangle board to your wall. This will be the base of the cup hook rank. Once the hooks or board is firmly nailed to your wall you can paint the cup hooks to give them an unique, upscale look. Or if you want to go for the artisan, nature inspired look leave the wooden hooks bare. Now add your favorite cups to the hook and watch your kitchen area flourish.

These fun, creative 7 diy elegant home decor ideas are just the beginning of transforming your home into a sophisticated sanctuary. There are many more ways to add elegance and quality into your home at little to no cost. Regardless of which project you decide to go with make sure you’re careful, safe and as always having fun.


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