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5 Great DIY Ideas to Create Luxury Home Accents

Style With Luxury Home Accents Using These 5 DIY Ideas

Who says to have gorgeous, designer home accents in your house you have to go above and beyond? Who says to have upscale, elegant home decor you have to pay expensive prices? You can dazzle and delight your living quarters in a matter of minutes. It’s not about the time or price you put into your home accessories. It’s about the style, spirit and charm you create. A simple 5 to 10 minute DIY project can make your home appear to look like a million dollar venture. Here are 5 easy ways to make your residence stand out with these DIY luxury home accents ideas.


Spraying Furniture Pieces to Create Luxury Home Accents in Minutes

Nothing says quality, elegance and poise quite like metallic toned decor. The glossy, shimmery color and antique nature of metallic theme home decor echoes elegance. Rather than going out and purchasing metallic colored accessories why not just spray paint them. This will save money, time and it’s a fun activity a home decorator would enjoy doing. Try spray painting large furniture items in your home to accomplish this look. The reason you should go with large furniture to spray paint is because their large size will create a strong presence in your home. A metallic styled large furniture piece will exhibit sophistication. It will also allow your residence to come to life. Some decorative pieces for the living room that are large and can be spray painted are:

  • The china closet
  • The living room table
  • A wooden rocking chair
  • The fireplace
  • The mantel
luxury home accents

Sophisticated example of spray painting decor into luxury home accents

These mentioned items can be transformed into unique home accents in a matter of minutes. Due to their large size once these items are designed into a metallic look they will become absolutely stunning. Anyone that enters you home won’t be able to miss them. Beautiful yet standard colors you could use to create this metallic look include silver, gold, sparkling black and crystal white. This look can also be done with smaller items that you wish to transform into luxury home accents. For example you can have a metallic style:

  • Vase
  • Picture frame
  • Candle holder
  • Wall mirrors


Adding Lace to Fabric Textured Items for Exclusive Luxury Home Accents

Another way to give your any area in your house a sophisticated look is by using lace material. If you want your place designed with custom, luxury home accents you must use lace. It’s a simple yet powerful addition that will allow your home to ravish. What makes lace such a great choice to complete an elegant decor layout is its classy texture. No matter what color or print lace comes in, it screams sensual and grace. Something about lace being add to an interior design layout compliments the atmosphere. Adding a string a lace to any accent can make the difference between traditional and classy or standard and romantic. These are just some of the decor items adding lace to can convert them into breathtaking luxury home accents:

  • Decorative throw pillows
  • Blankets
  • Table cloths
  • Table skirts
  • Table runners
  • Welcome rugs
silky elegant decorative pillow

Adorable example of a luxury home accent that has a lace trim


Adding Tassels and Other Adorable Dangly Accessories

If you want your home to stand out and make a statement while going for the poise look you’ll love this next idea. Decorating with tassels, ribbons and other dangly accessories is a great way to provide your home with gorgeous accents. Something so small as a tassel may seem unnecessary. However, that small piece can be the key to creating exquisite area in the place you call home. For example a throw pillow that’s a standard square size and has maybe 2 solid colors is pretty. But when you add something as small yet stylish as tassels you now have character and personality on that pillow. This isn’t to say plain, square pillow can’t be pretty. Sometime less is more. But when you’re going for a particular look such as the luxurious kind adding various pieces to your accents will help you accomplish this. The amazing thing about tassels are their varieties. They can short, long, full bundle, thin bundle, multiple colors and even different styles. You could go for the traditional tassel look, or you could go for the extravagant tassel look. Whatever tassel you decide to go with just has to be a reflection of you. Some home decor items that would go excellent with dangly tassels are:

luxury home accents decor

Cute and stylish way to create luxury home accents with tassels

  • Throw pillows
  • Foot rests
  • Fireplace stand
  • Lamps
  • Dressers


Create Luxury Home Accents with Clothing

This DIY idea may come as a surprise to some. However, it’s a great choice for artistic home decor lovers. Recycle clothes that you no longer where and incorporate them into your interior decorating scheme. This will give your home an antique and unique vibe. When most think of luxury and styling the home for sophistication they automatically think of purchasing high priced items. This can accomplish the classy look you’re going for. However, if you’re into home projects and have a crafty side you’ll enjoying utilizing every option around you. This is where styling with clothes come into play. Take your favorite t-shirt that you can no longer fit and sew it around your living room throw pillow. Now you have a customized pillow that’s a reflection of your personality. Take your winter sweater and add it on to your quilt that you lay across your sofa. You can also cut up jean material items to create luxury home accents throughout your house. Here are a few accents that make seem simple but can be convert into unique home accents with fabric accessories:

  • Fabric coasters
  • Vases
  • Throw pillows
  • Living room rugs
  • Picture stand


Arts and Crafts Options for Luxury Home Accents

If you love customizing your home and also adore arts and crafts this next DIY idea is perfect for you. You can style your home with elegance while still creating an artisan look. These two themes may not seem like they go well together. But the beautiful thing about home decorating is it’s truly a reflection of your voice. With the proper colors, combinations and mates you can match any two styles together. Give your living quarters a high end look and feeling with arts and crafts by using beads, feathers and other art accessories. A bead that normally used for arts and crafts can be added to many accents in your home. The gloss and shine of these beads on your accent will bring an elegant, mosaic inspired look. Adding feathers to different decor pieces in your home will create an exotic, high end look. Some examples of how to create luxury home accents using an artisan design are:

  • Candy bowls
  • Wall clocks and other elegant wall accessories
  • Table pictures
  • Decorative pillows
  • Curtains


These are just a few of the fun, stylish and simple ways to turn house items into luxury home accents all by yourself. However, the list doesn’t stop here. The magical thing about interior design and decorating is there are endless possibilities. Also there is really no right or wrong way. The main mission is to style your home in an elegant way to says who you are.


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