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15 Easy Interior Design Ideas for Adding Comfort

How To Make Your Home Cozy and Elegant with These Interior Design Ideas

One of the biggest aspirations for every home owner is having a comfortable home. You want your house to look beautiful. However, most importantly you want it to be cozy and peaceful. This is because your house is your castle and should be the one place you can relax. One of the most popular questions people ask is, “how can I make my living room look cozy?” Having comfort in your home effortlessly is a dream come true. So how do we accomplish this goal? Here are 15 easy interior design ideas for adding comfort.

1. Move Furniture Closer Together

One of the easiest interior design ideas for adding comfort is to move your furniture closer together. It’s really that simple. If you have a sofa set with a table in the middle or a dining room table set. Simply pull the furniture pieces closer together. The closer the furniture is together, the more cozy the atmosphere will look. Moving your furniture close together also creates the feeling of warmth and intimacy. One of the top features home owners look to create when decorating for the Fall season.

living room using one of the popular interior design ideas of keeping furniture close to create comfort in the home.
One of the easiest interior design ideas for adding comfort to your home is to move your furniture close together.

2. Decorative Throw Pillows

Adding decorative throw pillows is another easy interior design idea for adding comfort to your home. You’re simply adding a home decor item you more than likely already have to your sofa. It’s a fun and quick way to make your home more cozy during the Fall. When decorating to accomplish a comfortable look. The more throw pillows, the better. You can never have more than enough pillows during the Fall. According to Hadley Mendelsohn, senior editor of House Beautiful magazine, decorative throw pillows are a must for keeping warmth in the home.

beautiful throw pillow for adding comfort to your home.
Decorative throw pillows are one of the best interior design ideas for bringing comfort to your home, especially during the Fall season

3. Blankets and Throws

Another easy yet powerful interior design idea for bringing comfort is to add blankets and throws. Nothing says cozy and warmth like a nice blanket or throw. This is a great idea to accompany your pillows on the sofa as well. Placing a warm blanket next to your sofa pillow set is a great combination for instantly adding comfort. One of the best ways to utilize blankets and throws is with a quilt. Adding a nice, soft and cozy quilt to the equation will bring so much comfort. Quilts are perfect for interior decorating because they provide creativity, intimacy and charm. They’re also a great choice for DIY and artistic home decor lovers.

a warm blanket placed on a sofa to dd comfort
Add blankets or throws to your home is one of the simplest ways to bring comfort

4. Rugs

rug in middle of living room floor surrounded by furniture
Adding a rug is a great and easy interior design idea for making your home comfortable.

Rugs are another easy interior design idea when decorating for comfort. They’re quick to style, compliments just about any room in the home and are a favorite for the Fall season. An interior rug is like the cherry on top of a well designed room. After you’ve added your large accents and small accessories, you can now place a beautiful rug in the center. Once you complete this step watch how easy your home comes to life. Below are some locations in your home where you can add an interior rug for comfort:

  • Middle of living room floor
  • Under the coffee table that’s surrounded by your sofa
  • In the hallway
  • In front of the front door

5. Layered Fabrics

According to popular interior decorator John McClain of HGTV, layered fabrics are great for Fall decorating. Not only is this home decor idea perfect for the Fall. It’s also a great way to bring comfort into your residence. If you want to revise your home and make it comfy for the Fall, but you’re on a budget. All you have to do is layer the fabrics you already have in your home. You’ll be surprised at how this small trick makes your house look brand new. Some interior design ideas for layering fabrics are:

one of the best interior design ideas for adding comfort is layering rugs and adding them to the living room,
Layering fabrics such as rugs is becoming one of the hottest interior design ideas for making your home cozy.
  • Throws
  • Table cloths
  • Table runners
  • Rugs

6. Fireplaces

Nothing says comfort and serenity like a lovely fireplace. If you’re looking for a way to add comfort to your home a fireplace is a great idea. For home decorators who already have a fireplace, make it pop by decorating its mantel. You can add small accessories such as a candle, centerpiece and statue to it. If you don’t already have a fireplace but would like to get one. You can always invest in one. This is an amazing interior design idea that will bring warmth into your home literally and figuratively.

fireplace in elegant living room
Utilizing your fireplace is one of the most popular interior design ideas for bringing comfort to your home

7. Family Photos

Decorating your home is all about creating a loving atmosphere for your family and yourself. What better way to make a comfortable and intimate space then by adding photos. Family photos are a sweet and simple way to add comfort to your home. During the Fall season people tend to stay home more. They also tend to have company and relatives over more. Designing your home with photos that reflect precious memories that others can admire definitely brings comfort. This can be accomplished by adding the photos to your corner tables, walls and picture stand.

intimate family photos decorated on a corner table in the living room.
Decorating with family photos is a sweet and loving way to make your home comfortable and welcoming

8. The Color Brown

a living room designed with brown home decor to add comfort
Decorating with the color brown is one of the most elegant interior design ideas for bringing comfort to the home particularly for the Fall season

One of the most popular Fall decor questions asked is, “what colors make a living room cozy?” That’s because making a home cozy is so much deeper than the accents inside of it. The colors of your home will make it comfortable as well. The color brown is one of the best tones that will give you comfort. Brown adds elegance, comfort and warmth to your home. It’s also a favorite for Fall decorating. Some different shades of brown that will help bring comfort to your home are chestnut, mocha, caramel, coffee and cinnamon.

9. Candles

What better way to add comfort to your home then by keeping it warm. One way to keep your home warm is with candles. Candles are another easy interior design idea for making your house comfortable. They’re fast to style and instantly brings elegance into your home. It doesn’t matter what home decor theme you want to go for. Candles are perfect accessories to add. For a more traditional look place a standard size candle on your living room coffee table. To go for an elegant home decor look place a tall candle in the center of your kitchen or dining room table. If you want to go for a shabby chic design place a handful of smaller candles on your mantel or a corner table.

lovely candle used as decoration for the home
Candles are one of the easiest ways to bring warmth and comfort to your home for the Fall

10. Centerpieces

Adding centerpieces is another easy way to lavish your home with comfort. Centerpieces represent class, intimacy and coziness. They’re popular for many seasons, but especially the Fall. One of the best ways to make sure your centerpiece provides comfort is to fill it. Filling your centerpiece helps to give it personality and gives the feeling of warmth. Think of full and decorated items as displaying activity, togetherness and snugness. Below are some ideas on what you can fill your centerpiece up with.

Fall centerpiece decorating a dinner table
Gorgeous and elegant centerpiece perfect for styling your table and adding comfort to your home
  • Marbles
  • Scented dried fruit
  • Stones
  • Flowers

11. Warm Colors

A simple yet amazing way to make your home more comfortable during the Fall is to decorate with warm colors. Caitlin Sole, senior editor of Better Home & Gardens predicts darker shades will be popular amongst decorators looking to bring warmth. Adding the right colors to your home can create wonders for bringing comfort. Certain colors help to give the illusion of closeness. Some colors actually bring warmth. These will both ultimately have your home nice and cozy for the Fall. Below are a list of some of the most popular colors that adds warmth.

cozy living room designed with dark, warm colors
Add dark, warm colors is a fabulous interior design idea for making your home cozy.
  • Dark shades of orange such as scarlet, amber and marmalade
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Gray

12. Pop of Color

Another fun and fabulous interior design idea for bringing comfort is to add a pop of color. When people think of color in the home, a lot of times they assume it has to be a warm season such as Spring or Summer. However, you can bring color into your home for any season. The key to adding color for comfort during the Fall is to add a pop of color. You don’t want to overdo it. Meaning if you have a Fall tone sofa, add a bright decorative pillow to it as your pop of color. If you have neutral color walls, colorful curtains can be used as your pop of color. Some beautiful shades that can be used as an interior design idea for adding color are:

a decorative, artistic throw pillow to style the sofa.
Vibrant, artistic throw pillow perfect for adding a pop of color to your sofa and creating comfort
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Lime green
  • Red
  • Purple

13. Add Large Accents

One of the most elegant interior design ideas for adding comfort to your home is to utilize large accents. Large accents are great for creating coziness because they help to take up space. Remember comfort in the home is all about feeling closeness and taking up space. But not too much space. You don’t want the home to be cluttered. However, you do want your home to be welcoming and looking like it’s lived in. Decorating with large accents will help that. Some large accents you can design with are:

floor vase, a large accent designed to bring comfort to the home.
Floor vases and other large accents are great for adding comfort and character to your home
  • Large floor lamps
  • Statues
  • Corner table
  • China closet

14. Decorating the Walls

elegant living room with decorated walls
Decorating your walls and filling empty space is a great way to make your home comfortable and cozy

Arguably one of the most popular interior design ideas to bring comfort to the home is styling the walls. Decorating the walls is a favorite among many during the Fall season for several reasons. It helps make you home appear more cozy. It creates character and intimacy. Also it’s a great way for many to celebrate their loved ones with pictures. What better way to show your love for family and precious moments than through pictures. Add your family portraits as a great way to decorate your walls and bring comfort. You can also style your walls with paintings, mirrors and other wall decor. You can even create a collage on your wall to help fill in space.

15. Warm Textures

Decorating with warm texture fabrics is another easy interior design idea for adding comfort. Nothing says coziness and snug like material that actually keeps you warm. To make your home comfortable particularly for the Fall season, there are certain fabrics that are trendy right now that you should decorate with. Famous interior designer Breeze Giannasio expressed how warm fabrics is currently a popular Fall home decor trend. The best warm fabrics to add to your home during the Fall are faux fur, velvet and wool.

soft and warm faux fur material to add comfort to the living room.
Designing with warm textures such as faux fur is one of the most luxurious interior design ideas for adding comfort.

The next time you ask yourself, “how can I make my home look cozy?” Just apply these 15 interior design ideas. You can make your home more cozy by styling with pillows, blankets, faux fur fabric, rugs and wall art. These ideas are fun, quick and can transform your home in minutes.

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