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10 Unique Home Decor Ideas for Lovely Fall Outdoor

How To Make Your Outdoors Elegant with Unique Home Decor Ideas

One of the best things about Fall decorating is beautifying your outdoors. Home decorating is much bigger than just interior design. Sure the interiors of your home should be the most important part. However, there’s so much more to making your home shine. A good decorator focuses on only certain aspects of his or her home. A great decorator understands to tackle every perimeter of the home. This includes the interior and exterior. When it comes to outdoor decorating Fall is one of the best seasons to focus on this area. From family events, home cooked meals and plenty of guests coming over for the holidays. There are countless reasons why you would want to make the outdoor area of your home inviting. A popular question often asked is, “how do you decorate outside?” Well, here are 10 unique home decor ideas for lovely fall outdoors

1. Festive Theme

A fun and easy way to style your outdoors with unique home decor for the Fall is to go for a festive theme. Due to the nature of the Fall season and the many events that take place, going for a festive look is the perfect selection. According to HGTV interior designer Jenny Reimold, a festive outdoor theme is a favorite amongst home decorators. If you want to make your house stand out and give it character, you should try going for this look. As fancy as it may appear, it’s actually easy to accomplish. Just make sure you implement a lot of decorations, layer your items and use a variety of colors. Below are further details on how you can complete this look:

festive Fall decorating for
A beautiful and unique home decor festive Fall theme with lots of colors and accessories.

A lot of decorations:

  • 2 large scarecrows (one on each side on your front entrance)
  • Hanging baskets
  • Outdoor floor vases
  • Large door wreath

Layer your items:

  • Area rugs
  • Door hangers

Variety of Fall colors:

  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Rose gold
  • Bronze
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Red
  • Peach

2. Elegant Theme

Another look you go can with for Fall outdoor decorating is an elegant home decor theme. Many home owners love a classy and sophisticated look. This isn’t something they only desire for the interiors. They want it for the exterior area of their home as well. So many ask, “how do I make my home look elegant on a budget?” For outdoor decorating, the key is finding unique home decor items that are classy, not over decorating and using no more than 3 main colors. Elegant home decor is all about is all about being upscale and luxurious yet not over the top. Simply placing a fancy, Fall wreath on your door. Along with a decorative statue on each side is a great way to style your outdoors with an elegant theme. These accents are large enough to stand out, yet still sophisticated.

elegant and unique home decor Fall theme
Elegant home decor Fall outdoor theme with lovely flowers and lights. Perfect for adding luxury and class.

3. Decorative Throw Pillows

stylish throw pillow set for outdoor decorating
Decorative throw pillows is a great way to style your outdoor this Fall for an unique home decor design.

Adding decorative throw pillows to your outdoor area is a great way to make your home look lovely for the Fall. Decorative throw pillows aren’t only for designing the inside of your home. They’re a fun and stylish way to bring charm to your outdoors. Brian Patrick Flynn, another HGTV interior designer explains how throw pillows are great for complimenting your front porch or backyard. If you’re wondering, “how do you create cozy outdoor space?” Throw pillows are the key. They bring a level of comfort and intimacy that’s unmatched. Now anyone that comes to your home can feel welcomed before he or she enters it. If you want to go for a creative or unique home decor look then try adding a DIY handcrafted pillow to your outdoors.

4. Backyard Decorating

Backyard decorating is one of the best ways to spruce up your outdoors. Putting care into styling your backyard is like having a living room directly outside of your home. If you’re searching for unique home decor ideas to give you an elegant Fall backyard theme, start with outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture will instantly bring coziness to your backyard area. However, if you want it be look elegant, unique and stand out. Then make sure design it with a particular structure in mind. For example, have a large home decor accent as the main attraction of your backyard. Then decorate smaller items to revolve around it. For example a table set with chairs would go great as the main piece in your backyard. After that, add smaller accents such as a centerpiece or vase in the middle of the table. Also be sure to add sofa throw pillows to the table set chairs. To give it that final elegant finish, make sure the large items are solid colors and the smaller items have a pattern or print.

beautiful Fall backyard decorating
A beautiful example of utilizing your backyard for Fall decorating

5. DIY Accents

A fun, unique home decor idea for outdoor Fall decorating is adding diy accents. What better way to allow the outdoor area of your home to stand out than with creating your own designs. Nothing says warmth, intimacy and creativity like diy home decor. One of the best factors about diy home decor is that most of the projects are easy to do. First make a list of which outdoor Fall decor accents you want to create. Then decide on your color scheme. After that you can start. Remember to utilize the front and backyard area of your home. Some of the easiest DIY accents to make for outdoor decorating are:

handcrafted artistic ornament for outdoor decorating
Bird feeders and birdhouse ornaments are adorable DIY accents you can add to your Fall outdoor theme.
  • Bird feeders/ Birdhouse ornaments
  • Quick front door paint job
  • Scarecrows
  • Porch light decorations
  • Painted pumpkins
  • Wreaths
  • Outdoor throw pillows

6. Artistic Home Decor Theme

Similar to adding diy accents, creating an artistic home decor theme is a great way to spruce up your outdoors for Fall. If you want the outdoor area of your home to stand out with personality, you’ll really love going for an artistic look. The key to achieving this theme during the Fall season is to incorporate diy accents, use Fall theme colors and add hand painted accessories. Hand painted accessories is the secret to creating an artistic outdoor decorating theme. Below are some ideas of Fall decor items you can paint to help create this look:

hand painted, pumpkins for artistic home decor Fall decorating
Hand painted pumpkins great for an artistic home decor Fall theme
  • Painted pine cones
  • Mini painted pumpkins
  • Hand painted vases
  • Hand painted chalkboard signs

7. Door Decorating

Focusing on your front door is another way to style your residence with unique home decor. Of course you can add Fall wreaths. This is the most popular door accent. However, it’s so much more to jazzing up your front door. No matter what decorating look or style you want to go for, sprucing up your door is a must. After all, everyone going in and out or you home has to make contact with your door. Other items that can be used to style your door are:

Decorating your front door for the Fall with unique home decor accessories.
A gorgeous example of how to decorate your front door for the Fall with unique home decor.
  • Door bell decorations
  • Door hangers
  • Door decal

8. Nature Items

Unique Fall decorating theme with nature items like pumpkins and bales of hay.
Natural items such as squash, pumpkins and bales of hay are perfect for unique Fall outdoor decorating

Another unique home decor idea to style your outdoors for the Fall is to incorporate nature items. What better way to celebrate the Fall and outdoor than with nature itself. This is great for rustic home decor lovers as well as country style decorating lovers. This is also another fun and easy task to complete. Many home decorators go for traditional, name brand outdoor accents. However, utilizing nature items to style your exteriors will make your home unique and creative. Just think of outdoor items that are popular during the Fall season and incorporate them for your outdoors. Some of these items include:

  • Bales of hay
  • Squash
  • Stones
  • Dried fruit such as figs and cranberries
  • Pine cones
  • Walnuts
  • Corn stalks

9. Wood

An elegant and unique home decor idea for making your outdoors lovely is adding wood. Nothing says “Welcome Fall” with a splash of elegance and original style like wood. According to many interior designers, wood is already a high sought after home decor trend for Fall 2022. Especially if you’re an elegant home decor lover. However, there’s so much range and variety when decorating with wood. You can easily put your own creative spin on it. The best way to design your outdoor area with wood is to use it for the front and backyard area. For instance, instead of having a fireplace only in your living room. You can also have one outdoors in your backyard. Have a fireplace with wood in the center of your backyard with cozy chairs surrounding it. This is a great way to make your outdoors warm and inviting. Other wooden items you can add to your outdoor area are rocking chairs, bird feeders and door hangers.

fireplace with wood for Fall backyard decorating
Utilizing wood to create a warm fireplace is a great way to spruce up your backyard this Fall season

10. Outdoor Decorative Glass Vases

If you want to go for an upscale, unique home décor look this Fall add outdoor decorative glass vases. On the surface you may think decorative glass vases are only for interior design. However, the amazing thing about vases is their variety. There’s so much you can do with vases. They come in so many styles. This includes some outdoor decorating styles. The best way to bring your home to life with outdoor vases is to place them based on their size. Larger vases should be place near the front door of the home. For example, one of each side of the door. This creates a sophisticated look. Many who approach your home will be greeted with it’s class and charm. Smaller vases can accompany a large home décor accent. Or be placed in your backyard. Putting smaller vases in your backyard is perfect if you have a garden. Flower pots will also work for decorating your backyard garden area.

Decorative glass vase with olive tone perfect for Fall outdoors
Olive tone decorative glass vase ideal for Fall outdoor styling

When utilizing these 10 unique home décor ideas for Fall decorating make sure they’re fun and easy. Remember home decorating should be a joy. It shouldn’t feel difficult. Also remember no matter which decorating direction you decide to take, always bring your personality and style into the equation.

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