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10 Unique Home Decor Ideas to Elegantly Style Your Blank Wall

Add Elegance and Character to Your Walls with Unique Home Decor Accents

One of the best ways to add style and character to your home is through decorating your walls. Your walls can be the secret to bringing your residence to life. It can make a world of difference between presentable and stunning. This is due to multiple reasons. Your walls are large areas in your home. They’re one of the most common features of your home. When you step into a home, you can’t help but to notice walls. It’s an area you can’t miss. This is why designing them is important. Here are 10 unique home decor ideas on how to elegantly style your blank walls.

1. Odd Number Painting Set

An odd number wall painting set is the perfect unique home decor accent to add style and elegance to your living quarters

A simple yet very elegant way to style your blank wall is to hang a painting set. This can be artwork of family portraits. However, with this set make sure it’s an odd number. Meaning make sure it’s a set of 3,5 or even 7. Odd number sets create a more upscale yet unique modern home decor look. A 3 piece painting set hung up on your wall instantly adds elegance and character. The larger the paintings are the smaller the count number should be. For instance a 3 piece would be perfect for larger wall paintings. A 5 piece and 7 piece would be better for smaller wall paintings.

2. Large Single Painting

Another unique home decor idea to style your blank wall is to add a large single painting. This can be a custom painting or a large portrait. This home decor tip is great for a classy, elegant home decor theme. A large, grand painting to decorate your wall is an amazing way to add personality and sophistication to your home. The great thing about this tip is it can be accomplished in minutes. What type of large painting to choose to hang depends on the look you’re going for. You may want to have a custom family photo blown up and used as your large portrait. This would really help to create an intimate, family environment.

unique home decor
A large single painting or portrait is a great unique home decor accent to style your walls with.

3. Wall Collage

Creating a wall collage is a great way to lavish the area with unique home decor accents. Wall accents such as decorative picture frames, decals and more are the perfect selections for a collage. The best thing about a collage is the fact that it adds versatility and personality to your living quarters. If you want to style your walls but use a quirky home decor theme a wall collage is a great choice. It’s also good for artistic home decor lovers. The best way to start working on your collage to style your walls is to figure out what look you’re going for. Then to decide which wall decorations you’re going to use for it.

unique home decor
A decorative collage is a beautiful way to spruce up your walls with unique home decor items

4. Wall Decal and Ornaments

unique home decor
Decorative elegant home decor such as they lovely decals are a great way to style your blank walls.

Besides adding picture frames and portraits, you can also add wall decal and ornaments to your area. Although portraits are the most popular wall decoration. It doesn’t have to be the only option. You can transform a blank wall into a marvelous visual without using any portraits at all. Simply using wall decal and wall ornaments can beautifully add life to your home. The best way to achieve this tip is to have a theme in mind with your wall decals. Do you want to go simple and modern? Do you want to go upscale and fancy? You may want to go rustic and artisan style. The great thing about this is there are countless unique home accessories that will help you get the job done. Some of the best wall decals are floral theme items. They instantly give your home that elegant, classy and cozy vibe.

5. Wall Shelf

Adding a wall shelf is a great way to style your walls with unique home decor. Wall shelves allow you to add layers and textures. It’s also a way to add more to your home while still remaining clutter free. Wall shelves are another home accent that comes in variety and versatility. You can add cute home accessories such as statues and knick knacks to your shelf. You can also go for a more sophisticated style and add a small book collection to your wall shelf. If you’re home decorating on a budget but still want an elegant design handcrafting your own wall shelf is a great option. The wall shelf can hang low. Or it can be placed high. You can build several shelves and have them situated in various places throughout your wall. The beautiful thing about this tip is the options are all up to you. Below is an amazing DIY tutorial on how to create your own wall shelf:

fun home decor
An elegant wall shelf designed to add character and style to your walls.

Easy DIY Floating Shelves

6. Wall Mirrors

Another unique home decor accent to add to your blank walls are mirrors. Wall mirrors are a great way to lavishly style your home for an elegant theme. They provide a modern yet classy appeal. Like many of the unique home decor items mentioned, wall mirrors come in many styles. This allow all home decorators to incorporate them no matter what interior design you’re going for. For a more fun home decor design add smaller mirrors but in higher numbers. This gives your home a vibrant, youthful and artsy vibe. If you want a contemporary and elegant home decor them go for a more grand mirror with a beautiful frame around it. You can also tap into your DIY home decor spirit and handcraft your own wall mirrors. You can grab simple yet fun supplies to achieve this project as several craft stores such as:

unique elegant home decor
A gorgeous wall mirror centered as the main piece of a living room wall design.

7. Wall Mosaic

unique home decor accessories
Gorgeous wall art mosaic inspired designed a dazzling, unique home decor accent to style your walls.

A very fun and artistic vibe you can give your residence is through wall mosaics. This would be perfect for artistic home decor owners and DIY lovers. There are several ways to accomplish a wall theme such as a mosaic. You can make one large mosaic with multiple art pieces. Or you can make plenty of smaller mosaics and add them to your wall as a collection. This is not only an unique home decorating theme. It’s fun, original and rare. Creating a wall mosaic allows you to step outside of the box as a home decorator. With a wall design as unique as this one you’re guaranteed to make your home stand out.

8. Contemporary Wall Art

Many home decorators don’t want to go for the cute home decor theme, or the artistic style. They may want to stay traditional and go for a modern look. As the old saying goes sometimes “less is more.” This also applies to home decorating. To style your blank walls with unique home decor yet remain contemporary go for the neat look. This means adding standard, square shaped wall photos. Add square 10 x 12 portraits to your wall. Instead of having your wall art scattered or layered, neatly arrange them. Have your wall art placed horizontally across the surface. This will give your living quarters a contemporary, simple and classy design.

unique home decor accessories
A simple yet gorgeous contemporary living room wall design

9. Wallpaper

Sweet and elegant living room design topped with a beautiful wallpaper print.

Of course one of the best ways to decorate your walls is to utilize wallpaper. After all that’s what it’s for. The key to creating gorgeous results with wallpaper is to be sure to select the perfect wallpaper for you. How much of statement do you want it to say? Do you want it to be strong and dominant? Or do you want your wallpaper to be soft and graceful? Do you want to focus on the entire walls? You may want to only add a border. All of these questions should be answered before selecting your wallpaper. Once they are decide on the color, texture and theme you want. Once that’s decided you are now ready to add character and charm to your walls. To obtain the right wallpaper for your home is very easy. Some of the best home decor shopping websites have amazing wallpaper at affordable prices.

10. Specific Theme

An amazing way to add life to your home through your wall decor is to focus on a specific theme. Yes many home decorators design with a theme such as elegant home decor, contemporary home decor and even shabby chic home decor. However, you can get even more specific with your theme and transform onto your wall design. For example, you may be a music lover and want to have a music theme wall design. Then you may want to add music note wall decals. Perhaps you may want to add a piano shaped wall clock. You may have a love for animals and want to do a safari wall decor theme. Maybe you’re a big fan of flowers and want to do a garden wall theme. This is a great way to add your personality to your home. It also gives your home a custom, intimate feel that can’t be duplicated.

unique home decor
A beautiful music note wall clock great for adding to a music inspired decor theme.

With these creative and unique home decor tips you’ll transform your blank walls in no time. No need to worry about your living quarters lacking style and flare. Now you can add charm and character in a matter of minutes. The best thing about all these home decor tips is how fast and easy they can be accomplished.

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