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10 Spring Home Decor 2019 Ideas

10 Beautiful Spring Home Decor 2019 Ideas and Trends

The spring season is almost here. It’s practically around the corner. Pretty soon flowers will be blooming. Birds will be chirping. The weather will be warm and breezy. Pretty soon you will also need to bring the essence of spring into your home. You’ll want to decorate your home for the lovely spring season. You’ll want to incorporate the proper colors. Design with the perfect tones and more. That’s why reading our list of 10 beautiful Spring Home Decor ideas and trends is a great way to prepare for the season.

1) Nature Themes

A beautiful example of styling your living room with one of the spring home decor 2019 popular trends, which is nature themed designing.

One of the most popular spring home decor 2019 trends will be nature themes. This means decorating your home with a natural, outdoor theme. This trend is a great way to kick off the spring season. It helps create a sense or warmth and breeze. It gives your home a rich, natural vibe. It speaks to all outdoor spirit in all of us while creating a spring design. A great way to style your residence with a nature theme this year is to add plants. The 2 most important rooms to add plants to when designing a nature theme are your living room and kitchen. For your kitchen add smaller plants and flower pots. In your living room place 1-3 larger plants in the area. Maybe have 1 large floor plant and the other 2 can be medium or standard size. You can even add a few hanging plants. Other items that will help bring your nature them to life are wooden accents and stone accents. This can range from stone tiles to stone pots and wooden stools to wooden treasure/ storage boxes.

2) Soft Pink

A simple yet gorgeous pink themed spring home decor designed room.

Another spring home decor 2019 idea that will be very popular is different tones of soft pink. Pink is already one of the most sought after colors during the spring season. It’s warm, elegant and feminine. It literally screams “Welcome to Spring.” It’s no wonder why some many home decorators love to use it. If you want to style your place in tune with amazing home interior trends of 2019 then adding pink is the perfect choice. The key to giving your residence a spring home decor 2019 layout is to use the correct tone of pink. Sure all shades of pink represent elegance and the warm seasons. However, for spring decor 2019 trends the softer the pink, the better. Go with soft, light shades of pink that says neutral and natural. You don’t want the pink to come off overbearing or loud. The great thing about softer shades of pink are their versatility. You can add pink to any area in your home this spring. It can be decorated throughout your kitchen, living room or dining room. You can paint your walls a soft shade of pink. Or you can add pink luxury home accents to your living quarters. The choice is up to you. Here are some shades of light pink you should try that would look amazing this spring:

  • Blush Pink
  • Flamingo Pink
  • Crepe Pink
  • Lavender
  • Baby Pink

3) Upholstery Decor

A spring home decor 2019 trend guaranteed to delight your residence is upholstery accents. Decorating with upholstery decor will be very popular amongst interior designers and home owners this year. This can be handcrafted home decor upholstery accents or store bought items. Doesn’t matter if your newly upholstered chair is from Pottery Barn or a refurnished treasure you did yourself. The main goal is to add the aura of spring into your home with this decorative accent. The reason upholstered items such as a chair or stool will be a popular spring decorating ideas of 2019 is due to their cool appear. Most upholstered accents aren’t heavy and overbearing. They have a steady yet cool appearance to them. Also with upholstered decorations you can be sure to add a fabric print that represents the spring. Make sure your upholstered chair or accent have a spring theme print.

Elegant, upholstered chairs perfect for spring home decor styling

4) Floral Print

Floral print accents and designs will be a very popular spring home decor 2019 trend. This decorating trend has been popular for the spring many times before. That’s because nothing says “Spring is here” quite like floral print patterns. No matter what style or look you’re going for this spring, floral print would go great with any of them. It’s guaranteed to bring the essence of spring into your home. One of the biggest things the season of spring is synonymous with are flowers. This explains why anything floral print will help bring the season to life in your home. You can go with larger home decor accents to add a floral theme to such as your sofa, wall paper or love seat. Or you can choose your smaller accents to focus on floral decorating with such as decorative throw pillows, table cloths, etc.

decorative luxury throw pillow
Gorgeous spring home decor throw pillow decorated with floral print pattern.

5) 70’s Home Decor

A fun, stylish spring home decor idea that will be really popular is 70’s inspired decorating. That’s right adding the funky, extravagant styles of 70’s design to your home is a great way to celebrate spring this year. This means decorating with vibrant, bright colors. This also means adding geometric patterns to your living room such as poke-a-dots, stripe patterns and fun wall paper designs. This also means large light fixtures and even larger living room rugs to cover the entire area. The reason 70’s home decor is a great way to welcome spring is due to the colors and tones that was used in the 70’s when designing. A lot of 70’s home decor had bright colors that clearly spells out spring. They also had grand furniture pieces that helped compliment this lovely season.

70’s themed decorating will be a very popular spring home decor idea for 2019

6) The Color Yellow

A stunning living room designed with yellow and a few other soft shades added as undertones. Yellow is another popular spring home decor idea many home owners will be utilizing.

Another color that will be really popular for spring home decor styling is yellow. Yellow is another color that clearly represents the essence of spring. It’s literally the color of the sun and some of the most loved flowers that bloom throughout the spring. The great thing about the color yellow is it’s versatility. It goes with so many other tones. You can go grand and glamorous with the color yellow. You can also be calm and modern with yellow. You can even create an elegant home decor or upscale them using the color yellow. Similar to the color pink, this year try to decorate with softer tones of yellow. This will give your house a classy, spring home decor look.

7) Passementerie Designs

An elegant, exquisite spring home decor trend that will be popular in 2019 are passementerie designs. Passementerie is the art of decorating with fancy trimmings. This can be accomplished using tassels, fabric braids, ribbons and more. This trend is a great way to incorporate diy spring decorating ideas into the equation. With passementerie designing you have the option of choosing from multiple spring home decor themes. You can go with a fun, elegant, vintage, artistic or crafty look when decorating with passementerie trends.

A spring home decor trend that will be extremely popular in 2019 that will really bring your home to live are passementerie trimmings. These elaborate trims can be added to your curtains, throw pillows, table cloths and more.

8) Tribal Patterns

An unique, spring home decor idea guaranteed to bloom this year are tribal pattern designs. Similar to other patterns like floral print and geometric patterns, tribal patterns help create a stunning layout in your home. The reason tribal patterns are perfect for spring 2019 decorating trends is because they possess a warm essence to them. A lot of tribal print pattern designs put you in the place of warm, breezy atmosphere. They tend to resemble locations that represent the spring season. Some great accents to add these tribal patterns to are:

Tribal pattern print accents like this decorative throw pillow set are another spring home decor idea many will love this 2019.
  • Table Cloths
  • Wall Paper/ Wall Art
  • Throw Pillows
  • Artistic Paintings

9) Curved Furniture

A major spring home decor 2019 trend will be curved furniture. This decorating idea is a simple yet amazing way to add personality and charm to your home. Curved furniture is a great way to add elegance and sophistication to your living quarters. The great thing about curved furniture is how easily it can transform your home in a matter of minutes. It can literally look like you did all all day renovating job when in reality all you do was add a lavish piece of curved furniture to the room. The color of your curved sofa or chair is also important when decorating for the spring season. Tones such as tan, yellow, lavender, peach and cream are great for spring decorating.

An elegant, upscale designed living room with a curved sofa as the main focus. Curved furniture accents such as this item are another popular spring home decor 2019 trend.

10) Metals in the Kitchen

How you decorate your kitchen is also important for spring home decor. A popular 2019 home trend are various metals in your kitchen. This applies to how you design your countertop and kitchen appliances. This year many interior decorators are going for a more natural, neutral tone look. This means styling your kitchen with brass, silver, gold and copper metals. This design idea enables your kitchen to have an elegant and classy look. It also brings a natural vibe to your home. The great thing about decorating the kitchen with different types of metals is the universal appeal it possess just in time for one of the most beloved seasons.

Adding various metals to your kitchen such as copper like the picture above is another spring home decor idea many interior decorators are falling in love with.

These spring home decor 2019 ideas and trends are just the beginning. There are countless ways to bring your home to life for the lovely spring season. Don’t let your spring decorating stop at these fabulous tips. One of the best things about home design especially in the spring are the endless possibilities.


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