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10 Most Popular Summer Home Decor Trends 2020

Get the Best Summer Home Decor Trends to Style Your Residence

Now that the summer season is officially here it’s time to welcome it. One of the best ways to embrace the lovely summer season is through your style. How you style your home is one of the greatest ways to greet any season. In order to accomplish a stunning summer home decor design you have to know what’s in style. Here are 10 gorgeous and popular summer home decor trends for 2020.

1. Decorative Throw Pillows

summer home decor throw pillows
One of the most popular summer home decor trends of 2020 will be decorative throw pillows

Decorative throw pillows will be a very popular accent for summer home decor styling. Throw pillows are great for any season but they have always been a favorite during the summer. Decorative throw pillows provide style, personality and charm. The great thing about these accents are their versatility. Throw pillows come in so many shapes, sizes and styles. No matter what type of summer home decor look you’re going for, a throw pillow will compliment it. This year decorative throw pillows will be very popular for summer decor DIY lovers. If you’re looking to handcraft your own elegant and stylish summer accents, try making your own pillow. Head over to Joann Fabrics or your local art and crafts store and take the 1st steps to creating your very own masterpiece. If you would like to go for the modern, traditional look you can always purchase a standard throw pillow set.

2. Earth Tones

A beautiful living room designed with earth tone colors, a popular summer home decor trend for 2020.

Another summer home decor trend for 2020 will be earth tone colors. This year a lot of home owners are looking for a natural, elegant feel to bring to their residence. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to focus on your design colors. Earth tone colors will give your home the perfect balance of a summer theme with a cool, natural and contemporary look. Some of the best earth tone colors to incorporate into your summer home decor style are:

  • Tan
  • Chestnut Brown
  • Olive Green
  • Apricot Orange

3. Bold Patterns

Bold patterns will one of the most popular summer home decorating ideas in 2020. Bold patterns are a simple yet amazing way to add character to your home. If you want your living quarters stand out then adding bold patterns is a great way to go. A lot of patterns tend to be vibrant and colorful which tend to represent the essence of the summer. To get the best results with bold patterns be sure to add these patterns into large spaces. This could mean your living room, kitchen or master bedroom. Some of the best patterns to add to your home for an amazing summer design are:

A simple yet amazing way to add zig zag patterns to your summer home design which will be very popular this year.
  • Zig Zags
  • Checkers
  • Stripes

4. Decorative Plants

Decorative plants are a wonderful way to spruce up your abode this summer. They have always been popular amongst interior designers. However, this season they’ll really be selling off the racks. Industry experts predict decorative plants will boom for summer home decor of 2020 for multiple reasons. Plants provide a loving, natural and breezy vibe to the home. Plants and flowers are often synonymous with the summer season. They also represent new beginnings. Another great feature plants have for decorating is their adaptability. You can add a plant to just about any area of your home and witness it flourish. Large plants really compliment the living room or dining room. Smaller plants look amazing in the kitchen. A standard size plant can be placed in just about any area of the home. This includes outdoors. Adding 1-3 plants to the outside are of your home is a great summer porch decor idea.

An elegant and stylish example of incorporating decorative plants to your summer design.

5. Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is a great way to design the indoor or outdoor areas of your home during the summer season.

One of the most popular summer home decor trends for 2020 will be wicker furniture. This is another trend that would look great outdoors. Although this doesn’t have to be considered an outdoors summer decor idea only, it’s one of the best ways to style your residence this season. Yes wicker furniture looks great indoors as well. But it looks spectacular outdoors and placed around the exterior of your home. This could be your front lawn. This could be your backyard. You could also place your wicker furniture on your patio or indoor porch.

6. Marble

A very elegant and upscale summer home decor trend this year will be marble. A lot of home owners are turning to marble as their primary material to lavish their homes. This is because marble creates a sophisticated and modern design. It can also go well with so many home decorating themes. The most popular room you’ll see this reflected in is the kitchen. However, marble can be added to many rooms in the home. This includes the bathroom, dining room and some of the bedrooms. The best time to add marble to your summer decorating design is if you’re going for any of the following themes:

A marble kitchen will be a very popular summer home decor trend this year.

7. Decorative Vases

decorative vases summer home decor
Decorative vases are a timeless accent that will be extremely popular for summer home decor styling.

Decorative vases will be one of the most popular summer home decor accents in 2020. Some home decor experts may argue it will be single-handedly the most popular. This is because decorative vases are classic, appealing and versatile. Vases can never go out of style and they fit so many design themes. During the summer they tend to add a cool and elegant vibe. Whether you’re going for a modern home decor theme. A decorative home decor theme. Or an upscale home decor theme. The amazing thing about vases are you can alway add them to the equation. Even if you would like to do a DIY crafts for summer decorating, you can accomplish this by making your own vases. That’s one of the best things about them. Their possibilities are endless.

8. Navy Blue

Navy blue will be home owners top choice for a color scheme this summer season.

One of the most popular colors this season will be navy blue. Although many may not think of navy blue when thinking of summer home decor. This season it’ll be a very popular tone for summer decorating. It’s actually an easy summer decoration due to the fact that you can find navy blue in just about any accent. The best way to bring your home to life with navy blue this summer is to add softer undertones to it. If you’re going to have navy blue as your primary color. Then add a lighter tone or two such as pale yellow, tan or gray. This way the color scheme is balanced out. Yet your home still has a dazzling summer vibe.

9. Round Furniture

Another elegant and classy summer home decor 2020 trend is round furniture. This means adding furniture to your home that has round corners or curves to it. Round furniture instantly adds a level of elegance and poise. The shape of the round furniture gives the room a luxurious and mature feeling. This is a great choice for home decorators who want to go upscale and classy for the summer. In order to accomplish this look go with a living room set that has curved or round furniture. If you’re still not sure exactly how to get this look you can always browse upscale home decor magazines for inspiration such as:

Round furniture such as vanity chairs, sofas and more will be very popular for summer home decorating 2020.

10. Neutral Tones

Another summer home decor trend that will be very popular for 2020 are neutral tones. Neutral tones such as cream, white, tan and light blue will help add elegance and charm to many homes this year. These colors tend to represent coolness, calm and intimacy. During the summer season you want your home to be as cool and peaceful as possible. Light, neutral tones such as these mentioned will do exactly that for you. The best way to see the results of these neutral colors are to have them placed in spacious areas. This could be the kitchen, living room or throughout the walls of your home. If you want to reflect these tones on your home decor accents, then be sure to add them to larger accents around your home.

Neutral tones are a great way to add elegance, simplicity and style to your home for the summer season.

With these 10 amazing summer home decor trends you’re guaranteed to add elegance and style to your living quarters. You’ll be able to welcome the warm season with class, style and flare. The best thing about all of these tips are how easy, fun and yet fabulous they all are.

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