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10 Beautiful Summer Home Decor Trends

10 Easy and Gorgeous Summer Home Decor Trends 2019

The summer of 2019 is officially here! For many it’s a time to celebrate. A time to look forward to vacations. A time to look for to seeing family and friends more often. For some it’s even a time to take a break from school and work. For home owners and interior decorators, it’s a time to lavish your residence with colorful shades and hues just in time for the new season. Summer home decor styling is always a pleasure for home designers. You get the chance to spruce up your home and make it cohesive with such a beautiful season. You get to welcome the essence of summer into your living quarters. However, you want to accomplish this goal in style and flare. This is why knowing what’s the latest summer home decor trends is very important. Here’s 10 easy yet gorgeous summer home decor trends for 2019.

1. Animal Print Designs

A simple and elegant way to incorporate animal print accents into your summer home decor layout.

One of the most popular summer home decor trends of 2019 is animal print designs. Animal print designs are usually associated with Fall or Winter home decor. However, this Summer they’ll be a favorite among many home decorators. With summer home decor trends, the key to applying animal print is to make them final touch look cool and breezy. You don’t want your animal print to look thick, Winter themed and the opposite of Summer. You want your animal print designs to look fresh, breezy and cool. A great way to achieve this goal is to focus on prints of animals that resemble the essence of Summer. Some of these animals include: colorful birds, flamingos, fish, frogs, etc. These animal print designs can go on any type of luxury home accent of your choice ranging from:

2. Shades of Light Blue

A soft yet amazing shade of blue, very popular this summer home decor season.

Several shades of light blue will be a very popular summer home decor trend. Light blue instantly adds a lovely, upbeat and striking presence in your home. It has a way of saying welcome and also saying “Summer is here.” Shades of light blue are perfect for the summer for countless reasons. The most popular reason being lighter, vibrant colors go so well with the Summer. Another reason light blue is perfect for summer decorating is due to its natural beauty and pleasant aura possess. A beautiful shade of light blue can instantly transfer your home from cute to stunning. It has a way of adding the right pop of color to your home. Some of these shades of blue that will be popular this summer decorating season are:

  • Sky blue
  • Turquoise
  • Teal
  • Baby blue
  • Sapphire

3. Wall Art

Hanging elegant, wall art decor will be another summer home design trend this year.

Decorative wall art is another summer home decor trend that will bloom this year. Many home decorators adore wall art due to its elegant design and modern appeal. The great thing about wall art is its versatility. Whether you’re an elegant home decor lover, an artistic home decor designer or shabby chic home decor fan you can always utilize wall art. A great way to incorporate this summer decorating idea is to go for larger paintings and wall art. The bigger the better for a stunning summer home decor theme.

4. Light Material

Another common summer decorating idea and tip is to style with light materials. Light materials such as lace, sheer and fine cotton will be very popular this season. Remember the key to summer styling is to make your home look as cool and refreshing as possible. Decorating with light materials is an easy way to complete this trick. The great thing about this decorating tip is it can be accomplished and no time and takes little to no money. All you have to do is swap out your heavy material fabrics for your lighter ones. An example of some home decor items that can used with lighter fabrics are:

Gorgeous sheer and sensual window curtains, another great summer home decor trend for 2019.
  • Curtains
  • Table cloths
  • Table runners
  • Placemats
  • Fabric coasters

5. The Color Yellow

The color yellow will be very popular this summer home decor season.

One of the biggest 2019 home design trends is the color yellow. The color yellow exhibits the spirit and presence of summer all by itself. Yellow is a vibrant, upbeat color that adds style, elegance and character into your home. It’s always been a common Spring and Summer color. However, this Summer of 2019 it will be flourishing out of homes. This is especially true for mustard yellow. All shades of yellow welcome the summer season, but mustard yellow will really touch the hearts of many this home decorating season. Mustard yellow is a great way to make your home stand out with a bold, charming look. The tone is bright enough to attract the right amount of attention to your living quarters. Yet mustard yellow is also calm enough to create an elegant, classy scenery. If you choose to decorate with yellow this season either go for it as a bold, dominant color in your home. This means decorating larger accents such as your sofa, walls and entertainment center with it. Or you can make yellow the undertone of your home and style smaller accents such as decorative vases, throw pillows, flower pots, plates and more with it.

6. Open Shelves

Another easy summer home decor trend of 2019 is styling with open shelves. Having open shelves decorated throughout your home is a great way to help incorporate the spirit of summer. Open shelves and spaces having a way of making your home appear more spacious. It also allows your home to look more neat and tidy. These are great features for the summer. After all, the summer season is about cool, fresh decorating and design. These open spaces in your home can be your kitchen cabinets. It can be your cupboard. It can be shelves above your stove area. You can even get a diy summer project going and build your own open shelves. Then stack whatever home decor accents of your choice on them.

Open shelves will be very popular this year of 2019 for summer home decor trends.

7. DIY Vases

A popular home decor trend this summer 2019 are diy decorative vases. Decorative vases will forever be a home decor favorite among many. They simply have an elegant, striking presence about them that makes them timeless. However, with the recent popularity of diy home decor and projects, this summer diy vases are now on the radar. This is a perfect home decor trend for artistic home decor lovers and shabby chic decorators. The best way to make sure your diy vase has a summer vibe to it is deciding which color you’re going to go with and the style of the vase. Most glass vases are very popular during the summer. The best type of diy glass vase to create is a mason jar based vase. You can also create hand painted vases for your summer design. To top off these decorative vases with the magic of summer make sure you place flowers or some sort of lightweight decoration around them.

DIY decorative vases, hand painted vases and recycled art vases will be a very popiular summer home decor trend.

8. Floral Patterns

Floral print patterns are another trend that will blossom this summer. It’s actually one of the most popular summer home decor trends in general. This is due to a variety of reasons. The first being when many think of summer they think of gorgeous flowers. When many think of summer home decor they think of floral patterns. No matter how bold or soft you want to go with your floral patterns, they can always make your residence pop in the summer. The amazing thing about floral print patterns are their effortless way of adding beauty to your home. Simply adding 1 floral print themed accent to bring your home to life. Some of the best accents that really shine with a flower theme are:

Floral print decorating such as wall paper, throw pillows and more will be a very popular summer home decor trend.
  • Decorative throw pillows
  • Lamp shades
  • Curtains
  • Wall paper
  • Picture frame boarders
  • Table cloths
  • China ware

9. Throw Pillows

floral printed throw pillow set
Floral print throw pillows are perfect summer home decor accents to style with.

Decorative throw pillows are another 2019 summer home decor trend. Although throw pillows are very popular throughout the year for interior decorating, this summer they will be heavy on the radar. It’s something about sitting on your porch or deck, enjoying the evening summer breeze and having at least 1-2 pillows to make you comfortable. The key to using pillows to lavish your home during the summertime is to not over use them. Unlike the Winter, during the Summer you don’t want a whole bunch of pillows. You should have about 1-3 on your sofa or which ever area you’re focusing on. Another factor to remember when decorating with throw pillows are their size. In the summer, the small the pillow the better. If you do have a large, oversized pillow only use 1 pillow to decorate the area. The larger size will make 1 pillow enough. The smaller and more petite the pillows are, the more you can get away with using. This summer throw pillows with velvet material in particular will be very popular.

10. Curved Sofas

A very elegant and stylish summer decor 2019 trend is curved furniture. Many home decorators are going for the 70’s interior design with a splash of modern touch this summer. This means curved furniture such as sofas, seats and chairs will be seen in many homes this season. The great thing about curved furniture is their power to create an upscale, elegant look without you having to spend too much time or money. You can literally switch your sofa within 1 hour for a curved sofa to get a charming, elegant summer vibe in your home. You can even purchase a curved furniture item at a discount store such as Amazon, Wal-Mart or Target at a reasonable price. If you’re into art, crafts and thrift shopping you can even purchase used curved furniture at an online store like Ebay.

Curved furniture is an elegant, upscale summer home decor trend that will be very popular this year.

These 10 easy yet gorgeous summer home decor trends for 2019 are just the beginning. There are so many more home decor trends that will be popular this summer that simply couldn’t make the list. Just remember which ever summer decorating tip and trend you decide to go with, always add your own personal style and touch to the atmosphere.

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