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10 Beautiful DIY Vases to Decorate the Home

Creative DIY Vases to Bring Charm into Your Home


Decorative vases are one of the most loved home decor accents around. It’s clear to see why. They are elegant, classy, gorgeous and provide versatility. With arts and crafts becoming more popular and combined with interior decorating DIY Vases are now a fun favorite among many. Interior designers and home decorators absolutely love DIY Vases and being able to add an artisan touch to this accessory. Here are 10 simple ways to decorate a vase and create a unique style all by yourself.

1) DIY Crackle Glass Vases


Gorgeous example of the crackle glass look great for diy vases

Crackle glass vases are very popular in the world of home decorating. They display elegance, sophistication and style throughout your home. If you are a fan of crackle glass vases then you’ll love this easy idea. You can create a crackle glass vase in your own. To accomplish this simply take an empty wine bottle or cylinder shaped glass and paint colors of your choice. In order to give your vase a crackle finish texture you have to add the paint with a towel or rag. You don’t want to paint it with a brush because this gives the vase a smooth texture. If you’re going for the crackle glass look, smooth is not what you want to do.

2) Soft Painted DIY Vases and Patterns

Like the crackle glass vase mentioned above another diy flower vase idea is to paint your vase, but this time with a smooth texture. You may want to add your favorite flower, fruit or animal to your vase to give it your personal style and character. The best way to accomplish this is to choose a clear or all white jar, bowl or tall glass and simply paint over it. The marvelous thing about this type of diy vase is you can literally paint whatever you like. If you want to go for a modern yet 60’s inspired modish look paint patterns on your vase. This can be stripes, poke-a-dots, zig zag or a series of triangles. To accomplish this paint look as a soft, smooth texture you want to use skinny paint brushes. The skinnier they are the more particular and personal you can make the design. Decorating the home is ultimately about creating a space that reflects your personality, style and vision. Hand painting custom vases to display your favorite color, pattern, theme or hobby; what can be more personal than That?

3) Spray Painted DIY Vases

Another paint related idea when discussing ways to decorate a vase is spraying your vases. Although similar to the soft paint diy vase idea mentioned above it’s actually different in terms of the finished look. Spray painting a vase to your personal liking may be a form of painting. However, spray painted accents have a completely different look at the end of the project. Grab an empty wine bottle or standard size glass for your project. Then select a dominant spray paint color of your choice. Spray the paint on your desired vase and witness a whole new style transform. The best colors to select for accomplishing an elegant spray painted look are gold, silver or black. These colors are great for spray painting ideas because of the finishing touch they provide. A spray painted gold, black or silver vase gives yoir home a metallic, extravagant theme. If you’re going for a strong, upscale predominantly silver or gold theme these spray painted vases are the perfect choice. Now you can create this gorgeous look right at home by yourself.

4) Mason Jars for DIY Vase Ideas

If you have ever created a vase by yourself or saw examples of any I’m sure you are familiar with the use of mason jars. This choice is a pretty common one for creating diy vases in the home. The reason it’s so common is because it works like a charm every time. As the old saying goes “if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it. Although using mason jars as vases is popular and common, if it works beautifully every time why change it? Take a recycled or brand new mason jar and add charm into any area of your home by transforming it into a decorative vase. With mason jars the options on how to decorate them are endless. You can paint them with a soft texture like the example mentioned above. You can also give mason jars a crackle finish technique. Or you can opt to not paint your mason jars at all. You can simply add a ribbon or now around the center of them, sit your favorite bouquet of flowers in them and still have an adorable vase to place in the home. Another fantastic idea when using mason jars as diy vases is to place rocks or pebbles in them instead of flowers. This gives your home a more earthly, natural look. Mason jars make beautiful vases in the spring, summer, winter or fall. It’s up to you how you design theme and what theme you decide to go with. The great thing is you have countless options.


Hand painted mason jars are beautiful examples of diy vases

5) Cylinder Glass for DIY Vases in Your Home

Another popular favorite among many interior decorators who are into diy, arts and crafts are cylinder glass cups. These type of glasses are perfect for creating chic, stylish diy vases. Due to their tall height, graceful look and soft texture you can literally transform these items into vases within minutes. The best feature about cylinder shaped cups are their size and shape that already resembles decorative vases. Most vase lovers adore tall, radiant vases that allows them to place full flower bouquets in them. With cylinder glasses being tall enough in height and wide enough in width these are the perfect choice. Take your favorite cylinder shaped glass and decorate it to now become one of your beloved vases by adding a ribbon around it. You can also paint these cylinder shaped glasses. The look you give your vase once you paint is solely up to your style and inspiration. You can give them a solid based color, two-tone color or fancy pattern like the previous vase idea mentioned. Another way to really personalize your now cylinder shaped vase is to glue your favorite picture around it. Take your favorite family portrait, a picture of yourself, etc and glue it around the entire perimeter of your cylinder shaped glass. You now have an intimate, personal decorative glass vase like no other. Similar to mason jars, creating diy vases with cylinder shaped glasses gives you endless possibilities.  You can go modern, romantic, earthy, artisan, etc. when you create vases out of these items.


Cylinder glasses perfect for diy vases and designing

6) Arts and Crafts Decorating Ideas for DIY Vases

This option is arts and crafts lovers paradise. If you are a fan of blending home decorating with arts and crafts you probably love every diy vase idea mentioned so far. However, this idea is specifically for artisan inspired interior decorators. If you want your home to look crafty and artistic on purpose this next creative tip is just for you. To create an artisan style diy vase you can use just about any size or shape cup, glass, bowl or jar. As long as the item you select can hold flowers or common items that vases hold. Now that you have your jar or glass of your choice the best way to give it an artistic look is to glue accessories onto it. To make this look stylish and contemporary you should have a certain theme in mind of what you’re going to glue on the vase. For example, glue a variety of buttons on your vase. This says arts and crafts yet it still has a theme and it’s still cohesive. You can also glue pebbles on your new vase. Depending on what type and color these pebbles are this will give your home an earth tone look. You can glue small seashells on your jar that’s now transformed into a vase. This gives your home an artistic and ocean theme vibe. If you have super strong glue you can even glue marbles onto your vase. This screams exotic, upscale and mystery.

7) Home Style Ceramic DIY Vases

This next choice isn’t as fast as the previous diy vase ideas mentioned. However, if you have extra time on your hands it’s a great option to go with. Create your own ceramic diy vases. In order to complete this style you have to have a special oven to cook the ceramic vase. Some interior decorators already have one. If you don’t have one you can always take a ceramic class. There the instructor will guide you every step of the way. The great thing about this option is the opportunity to create versatility with your vases. A ceramic vase you can literally handcraft to be any shape, size or texture. If you want to go for an unique, exotic look you can shape your vase to drift to one size. You can shape your vase to be skinny at the bottom and large at the top. You can even shape your vase opening to be wide and abstract. Then when it comes to painting your ceramic diy vase once again the options are endless. You can go with funky patterns. You can go with a solid, smooth color. You can go with a collage of colors. Once again the options are endless.

8) Different Shape DIY Vases to Compliment the Home

With any type of design and decorating shapes and sizes are very important. A particular shape or size can literally make or break what you’re trying to get your room to say. They have a voice of their own. With most vase lovers desiring variety and versatility, shapes and sizes are very important. When creating your own diy vase don’t just go with the common circular shape. Try squares, rectangles and even triangles. What can you use to accomplish these multiple shapes? You can use a square shaped glass bathroom soap dispenser. You can use a triangle shaped, glass candy dish jar. The options and possibilities are full. Now that you have your jar and shape of your choice simply paint over them and you now have an original vase.

9) Wine Bottles for Perfect DIY Flower Vase Idea


Small, mini wine bottle handcrafted great for diy vases

As we briefly mentioned before empty wine bottles are excellent for diy decorative vases. Their size, shape and width have such a striking resemblance to standard vases. If you have empty wine bottles, why not save them and transform them into a magnificent vase. Most of our crackle finish vases here at Charisma are wine bottles and are created through recycled art. You can create the crackle finish look like ourselves with your wine bottles. You can create a more standard vase look by painting the wine jars a solid color. You can even glue your favorite picture on these wine bottles like the cylinder glass idea described earlier. You can also delicately wrap a bundle of yarn around your wine bottle. This gives your vase an artisan look. It also gives a cloth-like texture to the vase. It’s original, adorable and echoes intimacy.

10) Adding Jewelry as a Way to Decorate a Vase

If you are a jewelry lover then you’ll fall absolutely in love with this next idea. Whether you choose a wine bottle, mason jar or cylinder glass as the base for your vase try adding jewelry to it. You can take and glue jewelry beads onto the item one by one. Or you can take a beaded necklace or bracelet and firmly wrap it around the vase. You can even dazzle the vase by wrapping multiple bracelets or necklaces around it. This really provides elegance, personality and charm into any room of your home. With jewelry being the main accessory on your vase you can go with an artisan, antique, modern or mysterious look. It all depends on your jewelry style and bead patterns.


These 10 quick and easy ideas will allow you to accomplish a gorgeous look in your home that will appear as if it took days to complete. Now you can look no further than your own kitchen or basement the next time you want to jazz up your accents by adding a custom vase.


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