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winter home decor

10 Amazing Winter Home Decor DIY Projects to Add Comfort

Beautiful Winter Home Decor DIY Projects for Comfort and Style

With the winter season just around the corner now is the perfect time to bring comfort into your home. Making sure your residence reflects the current season is a must for all home owners. During the wintertime you want your home to be cozy and inviting. However, many home decorators believe this requires a lot of money. They also believe this has to be completed by purchasing brand new experience decor. Neither one is exactly true. This can be a relatively easy goal to accomplish. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money purchasing brand new items. Here are 10 amazing winter home decor diy projects and ideas to add comfort.

1. Decorative Throw Pillows for Winter

winter throw pillows
A gorgeous, handcrafted throw pillow perfect for adding comfort and elegance to your home.

One of the best ways to make your home cozy and warm during the winter is with decorative throw pillows. Although throw pillows are great for every season. During the winter they add a special touch of comfort, intimacy and warmth. To make a fun diy home decor project with throw pillows you can simply make a standard 3 to 5 count set. Or you can spruce it up by handcrafting your own custom throw pillow set with plenty of accessories. It all depends on the type of winter home decor style you’re going for. If you want to go for the chic, handcrafted home decor vibe you would want to add details and accessories to your pillow. This could be a nice, fluffy fabric trim around each throw pillow. You could add large buttons. Or you could add small yet potent accessories such as beads and feathers. If you want to go for a more modern home decor look, you can always create standard square size throw pillows. For a simple yet fun tutorial on how to create a lovely diy throw pillow you can always watch the Youtube video below.

Sew a pillow in 2 ways

2. Fireplace Decor

Another fun and stylish winter home decor project is styling the fireplace and mantel. Nothing screams “Wintertime is here” like a nice, beautifully designed fireplace. The fireplace itself symbolizes the warmth and coziness of the home during the winter. If you want it to stand out be sure to decorate it. Styling the fireplace is truly one of the most popular winter living room ideas. This is because the fireplace can literally be the center of your living room. It has the potential to become the heart of your living room areal. To style your fireplace or mantel add common winter accents to it such as:

winter home decor
A very elegant and cozy decorated fireplace mantel styled with winter home decor items such as a candle, flower pot, picture frame and more
  • Candles
  • Small portraits
  • Knick Knacks
  • Winter ornaments
  • Trim

3. Decorative Vases for the Winter

decorative vase
Decorative vases are beautiful winter home decor accents to style your residence with. They help add character, charm and comfort.

Decorative vases are great for sprucing up your home during the winter. They have such a strong presence about them. They can add a distinct type of home decor style to your living quarters. Some may not realize how powerful decorative vases can be. However, they are due to their sophisticated aura and timeless appeal. No matter what type of decorating theme you go for you can always add a vase to the equation. Some of the best home decoration ideas involve vases. The best way to allow decorative vases to compliment your winter home decor theme is to go for larger size vases in a smaller quantity amount. Meaning you don’t want to have no more than 3 vases in one area. You may want to add a vase to each end of the fireplace or sofa. You can also use them as a winter porch decoration. Meaning add a vase to each side of your front door.

4. DIY Winter Candles

A very popular winter home decor accent are candles. These are also common amongst diy lovers. If you’re looking to style your home this winter with a fun diy project, you’ll really enjoy working with candles. The reason candles are one of the most loved winter decoration ideas is because of the coziness they add. Remember the key to designing a beautiful home during the winter season is to make it cozy and comfortable. Candles are perfect for adding comfort and warmth. They can also be added to just about any room or area in the home. If you want to design your home with candles yet remain on a budget completing a diy project is a great option. There are plenty of video tutorials and step by step guides on how to create your own diy candles. You can also follow instructions on a candle making kit. These can be purchased at just about any art and crafts store such as Jo-Ann, Michaels and more.

Candles are sensual and elegant accents perfect for creating a winter home decor diy project.

5. Decorative Wall Decor

Decorative wall decor is another great way to add style and glamour to your home for the winter. Wall decor tends to be a sought after winter home decor trend because it helps to add character and comfort. With wall decorations you can instantly add life to your residence. It’s no longer bland and longing to make a statement. Wall decor can also give the rooms in your home a more intimate, family orientated space. One of the best decorative wall decor items to hang for the winter are picture frames. Of course to top off these frames add a lovely portrait inside. This will automatically transform your house into a home. The other great thing about wall picture frames are their easily diy accessibility. There are so many decorative picture frames you can create as a diy project. You can handcrafted your own wooden decorative picture frames and paint over them as a diy idea. Other wall decor diy ideas you can add to your home this winter season are:

wall art picture frames
Decorative wall picture frames such as this lovely accent are wonderful for creating a winter home decor design.
  • Wall art
  • Wall decals
  • Decorative hanging plates
  • Decorative wall hooks

6. Decorative Centerpieces

winter home decor diy
A beautiful and sophisticated winter home decor centerpiece handcrafted to compliment your dining or living room table.

One of the best modern home decor ideas to utilize this winter are decorative centerpieces. This accent is great for diy lovers who also have a passion for elegant home decor styling. If you want your home to have an elegant and classy presence while at the same time incorporating a diy project, then be sure to add centerpieces. Centerpieces are small yet dominant accents that add sophistication and style. They can be used in the dining room or as one of the main living room decorating ideas. The best way to accomplish a diy centerpiece is to first select which type of centerpiece you’re going to create. What type of look are you going for? What type of material will it be made out of? A handcrafted, diy centerpiece is a great alternative for upscale home decorating ideas on a budget. Some of the most common diy centerpieces are made out of wood, ceramic, porcelain or glass. Below is an amazing video of how to create a diy centerpiece out of wooden logs.

How to make a centerpiece

7. Winter Coasters

A smaller yet adorable winter home decor accent that would make a great diy project are coasters. As you get comfortable in your home this winter season while sipping hot chocolate next to your fireplace, you’ll need a nice coaster to place your mug on. Why not make a fun diy project out of it and create some winter coasters? To create your own coaster for the winter here are a list of the items needed:

Simple yet modern and classy winter home decor coasters a fun diy project for adding comfort to the home.
  • Material you plan to make coaster out of (cork, glass, ceramic, etc.)
  • Material to top coaster (fabric, paint gloss, glass, etc.)
  • Gorilla or craft glue
  • Shears
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paint
  • Paint brush

8. Throw Blankets

A cozy home decor item to add to your home this winter are throw blankets and quilts. Whether you have a fondness for modern, contemporary home decor. Whether you’re in love with upscale and elegant home decor. Or even if you have a special love for shabby chic home decor. A warm throw blanket or quilt is always a great accessory to add. Nothing says our home is welcoming and comfortable like a beautiful throw blanket. The best location to add this treasure is on your living room sofa. However, it’s not the only location. You can add a quilt or throw blanket to your favorite dining room chair, den area or bedroom. If you’re already experienced in sewing you can make your own throw blanket in no time. However, even if you don’t have sewing experience it’s very easy to learn to make. Below is the link to a fabulous article that gives you a step by step guide on how to create your own diy throw blanket.

A warm and comfortable sofa area topped with a winter diy throw blanket

35 Creative DIY Throws and Blankets

9. Winter Table Runner

Add elegance and comfort to your living room area with a diy table runner. This stylish and upscale accent can be added to your home in a matter of an hour or so. It’s one of the easiest diy home decor accents to create. Once finished it’ll go perfect with your dining room table set or on your dinner table. All you need to create a diy winter table runner are:

Handcrafted and DIY inspired winter table runner perfect for adding coziness and warmth to your home.
  • 1-2 yards of fabric of your choice
  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing thread
  • Ruler
  • Shears
  • Accessories (tassels, trim, ribbon, etc.)

The best way to accomplish a winter home design with your table runner is to focus on the fabric of your choice. Some great winter fabrics are Velvet, Fleece, Brocade and Bernat Alize

10. Winter Pot Pourri Bowl

Gorgeous and elegant diy potpourri bowl, a marvelous winter home decor accent to design your living quarters with this season.

A beautiful and elegant home decor item to create this winter season is a potpourri bowl. If you’re not familiar with what a potpourri bowl is, it’s a lovely mixture of plant materials designed to create a fragrance. It’s usually made up of dried, natural plants and placed in a bowl. To create your own this winter head over to your nearest art and crafts store or home improvement store to get the items needed for this creation. Most potpourri bowls consist of pine cones, dried flower petals and dried fruits. Some even have items such as cinnamon sticks placed in them. This freshly scented mixture can be placed in any type of bowl as the base. The type of bowl you decide to go with will determine how crafty and diy you want to make it. You can decorate the outer area of the bowl with winter tone glitter colors, you can hand paint or you can add accessories to it. A diy potpourri bowl is also perfect for an outdoor winter decorating idea. Place this lovely accent on your front porch for a warm, welcoming tone.

These simple yet gorgeous winter home decor diy accents are guaranteed to add comfort and elegance. Now your home will have the coziness and charm it needs just in time for this up and coming winter season. By the time you finish these amazing diy projects many will be in awe of your style, layout and living quarters. Be sure to add at least one of these diy winter ideas to your home and witness a magical transformation.

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