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Stylish Country Home Decor with Modern Design

Stylish Country Home Decor with Modern Design

Adding a Contemporary touch to Country Home Decor Design

Country style home decor

Elegant, classy example of modern yet country style home decor

Incorporating popular home decor trends with an interior theme is a common practice for decorators and design professionals. Each layout is a reflection of your personality, dreams and aspirations. It’s more than furnishing your residence with your favorite style or a fond accent. When interior decorating the house, generating the perfect scenery adds substance and depth. A gorgeous combination to accomplish such an elegant feel is country home decor with contemporary modern design.

Decorating the house with modern gifts and finds create a pretty, cozy room. Adding a splash of country style home decor to the surface creates an interior master piece. With a country home decor theme you’re bringing antiques, vintage appeal and a dose of crafty aura to the area. This classy and fashionable design  collection is guaranteed to transform your home. A huge modern design trend that goes great to decorate with vintage country home decor is floral print nature themes. Upholstered sofas, love seats and wing chairs with flower print fabric are the perfect accents to style any room. Due to their nature persona yet upscale character it’s easy to create any country style decorating modern layout. Brass and bronze themed living rooms are another great contemporary style to incorporate with country home decor ideas. Decorating the house with undertones and shades of brown adds instant elegance, warmth and intimacy. A great way to display both vibes throughout the entire room is with antique bronze accents such as vases, wall clocks and mirrors to represent modern elegance. While chestnut and sandy brown furniture items such as a sofa, large throw pillows and tables show the country decorative side.

country home decor items

Intimate example of country home decor splashed with modern design. Courtesy of “Country Sampler” magazine.

Another popular home decorating trend that works great with country style design is modish sixties theme decor. Taking a stylish noir theme room with black and white attractions and blending it with artistic items is a great way to resonate your home. An example of this look is grand, classy furniture accompanied with zig zag printed accessories (i.e. rugs, throws, wall paper) topped with neutral toned antique collectibles. Other fabulous, intimate trendy home decor choices that will go smooth with country living design is water colors, ethnic prints and metallic accessories. Be inspired to dazzle your home with charm and quality when you experience the allure of southern home decor embraced with modern finds.

country style throw pillows

Modern country decor throw pillow set great for southern style.


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