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Spice Up Your House with Splashes of Bright Hues

Spice Up Your House with Splashes of Bright Hues

Relaxing freely and spending time in the most extravagant way is something that everyone feels like to do in the home. So, you should make your home look vibrant and welcoming. What can make your house look lively other than some bright shades of hues? Add color to some portions of your house and give the entire interior décor an appealing look. Gone are the days when you have to stick to the boring beige. Now, you can have kaleidoscope of different shades in your home.

Dive in Blue
If it is bleak outside, it doesn’t mean that you cannot perk up your own space. For instance, adding a splash of cobalt blue color on the wall can make the photo frames and white cabinetry pop out. Balance the brightness with some warm accents by adding some fresh vegetables in the bowl or putting an orange vase in the decoration area.
Be in the Green
A home office is concerned with efficiency. So, you must choose such colors for this lace that will convey energy. You can keep the energy level high by combining contrasting hues like orange, espresso and apple green. Funky chair and multicolored folders for files will make the space even more attractive.

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                                                                            Green with Bright Color Combination can Enhance the Look
Dazzling Rainbow
Have you ever thought that books can create an astonishing style statement? You can group objects of similar hues to drive the attention to the cluttered bookcase. Keep the boldest colors at the bottom, middle and top of the shelves. The neutral color objects will take the spaces in between.
Orange Crush
You can make your entryway inviting by painting it with rich tones of orange which inevitably catch your attention the moment you will step into the house. You can enhance the whole decoration by placing a mirror on that wall and painting the opposite wall with another warm color such as deep yellow. Placing a floral furniture in front of the wall harmonize with your color scheme.

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                                                                                     Orange Shade Catches the Eyes Instantly
Revolutionary Red
When it is about renovating your bedroom, think of the bright color. Bright red shade can bring a dramatic look to your bedroom even if it is applied on one wall. To complement this bright shade, you can adorn the bed with bedding and pillow having black splashes, add a black and white lampshade or put a white stand beside the bed. Right tune of moss with the red will mellow the whole interior décor.
Aqualicious Lounge

If you want to give your living room a serenelook, you can make a combo of two tranquil shades such as celery and aqua. Graphic printed rugs can create an overwhelming visual impact. The walls of the living room should be painted with light shades than you usually do. This decoration will echo a different vibe without appearing matchy-matchy.

Not only paints, there are certain advanced construction materials are also there these days which can add color to your home. For instance, beams made from fiberglass are the modern constructional products which are available in different colors. They can also help in adding some bright splashes to your home renovation.

Guest Post By: James Patrick


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